GD's own Larry Ward on PBS

After the latest shooting tragedies, co-founder and CMO of Gun Dynamics Larry Ward appeared on PBS to discuss gun control.

Well most of him did…

In a segment that aired on Monday, August 5th, PBS gave their viewers a heavily edited version of a “debate” that took place between Mr. Ward and Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action.

In a blatant act of malfeasance, Mr. Ward revealed that PBS heavily edited his interview leaving out several of his answers, including:
  •  “I brought up the LEFT LEANING, Elizabeth Warren, Antifa, Gun Control, Open Border, Socialist Ideology of the Dayton shooter at the same time I brought up the left blaming Trump. They left Trump, cut the other part.”
  • “I stated that the Mayor of Dayton said at least 100 lives would have been lost had there not been a good guy with a gun on the scene, which meant 91 LIVES WERE SAVED.”
  • “They also cut a few other points, but these points were too devastating to their gun control agenda, so they CENSORED me and the truth.”
The edits are not hard to spot. At 3:04 you can see that Mr. Ward’s screen was abruptly cut less than a second after his answer and returns to Watts. At the 9:06 mark, Ward seemed poised to retort but again his screen was cut.

Perhaps most important, Larry asked if Watts or the interviewer could show how many shootings would have been stopped by background checks and she couldn't answer. The answer, of course, is zero, and it was cut.

If we surrender the Second Amendment, the first will not be far behind. The modern media regularly demonstrates how they are the enemy of the people. They cannot be trusted, period.

A media that lies to you and a government that promises your safety, but refuses to secure the border, are two good reasons why we will never give up our right to bear arms.  

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