What Cannot Be Remedied Must Be Endured: Evil Gun Control Spreading Nationwide

USA – Despite the fact that no new federal gun control legislation is likely to get through the Republican-held Senate in Washington D.C. (we hope). Various states are advancing new gun laws all over the country, and some are even being endorsed and signed by Republican Governors and lawmakers.

Here in New York our Lord and Master Andrew Cuomo has little to stand in the way of his new gun control measures. A “red flag law” that has the potential to be abused with gun owners losing their firearms and rights with no due process on the basis a teacher or someone who thinks a child in a home is a danger to themselves or others can lead to law enforcement seizing the guns from the adults who have done nothing wrong. Not to mention someone holding a grudge for any reason can make an accusation that a gun owner is “dangerous” without any proof, leading to the seizure of the firearms and then the gun owner having to prove themselves that they are not, to a judge. The overreach here and how badly this violates the Constitutional rights of gun owners is staggering.

Several states have been ramming through these red flag laws, but the scarier part is that there are so many, including gun owners and even the NRA is receptive to red flag laws in one form or another. The NRA, like their first impressions of the ban on bump stocks, were amenable as long as some conditions were followed to how these laws were drafted. This action is called a compromise. I would think that those who handle the legislative issues at the NRA would have learned by now that the liberals who want gun control in America have no desire to compromise. It's an all or nothing game and when those who are tasked with defending our rights decide to fold instead of playing their hand regularly, maybe we should be backing another player.
Source: Ammo Land

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