California Announces Office Of Gun Violence Prevention
California’s Democratic Attorney General Rob Bonta announced the Office of Gun Violence Prevention (OGVP) on Wednesday, making California the first state to establish such a group.
Poll: Majority of Texans Reject ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban
“Hell no.” That’s what Texans appear to be saying about the idea of banning AR-15s and AK-47s, according to a new poll. 50 percent of likely voters told Spectrum News and Siena College they oppose efforts to ban “assault-style” weapons, a term the poll did not define but is generally understood to include the rifles.

USPS spied on pro-gun protestors

USPS spied on pro-gun protestors
The United States Postal Service, or USPS, isn’t the topic of a lot of discussion here at Bearing Arms. That’s because, well, there’s generally not much reason to talk about them.
Anti-2A activists already complaining about ATF's new
It’s been nearly a month since the ATF’s new rules regarding unserialized firearms took effect, and already gun control activists are complaining that the firearms industry is doing an end run around the regulations when it fact it looks like most companies are actually complying with them.
LA mayoral candidate Karen Bass insists gun storage, registration '100% legal' in debate
During Wednesday night's Los Angeles mayoral debate, Rep. Karen Bass insisted that guns stolen from her home in a burglary were properly kept, and accused opponent Rick Caruso of ‘desperation’ for asking about it.
Republicans Turn Up Heat on Credit Card Companies Over New Gun Store Code
The red state backlash to major credit card companies deciding to insert themselves in the American gun debate is starting to pick up. Two dozen Republican attorneys general sent to a letter to Visa, Mastercard, and American Express on Tuesday warning executives against following through with a plan to adopt a new merchant code to categorize firearm sales.
Federal Judge Strikes Down Gun Ban for Felony Indictments
Those charged with a felony by a grand jury may not be deprived of their Second Amendment rights before conviction, a federal judge has ruled.
Claims that Stand Your Ground for whites only don't hold up
The state of Georgia is one of many states with Stand Your Ground laws in effect. These laws mean you don’t have to try and run from an attacker. You can, instead, respond to protect your life without putting it at greater risk trying to get away.
NYC's gun-free zones don't 'make sense' with experts calling strategy 'low-hanging fruit'
Law enforcement experts are raising their eyebrows over New York City’s "gun free zone" law, which established a perimeter lined with laminated signs prohibiting the public from carrying firearms within, as one longtime police executive said the new legislation doesn’t "make sense" and is "extremely confusing."
GOP congressman introduces bill to license
Rep. Chris Jacobs isn’t running for re-election this year, in large part because of the backlash the New York Republican received when he announced his support for a ban on modern sporting rifles shortly after the shooting at the Tops grocery store in Buffalo earlier this year.
New Gun Store Tracking Code Deputizes Private Firms To Do Government's Bidding
Government officials continue deputizing private businesses to implement restrictive policies that can't win traction through the political process or are forbidden by the Constitution. The latest target is gun rights.
Cruz confronted on airplane over school safety; Texas senator replies, 'You're a partisan'
Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz was heckled on a flight Thursday over gun control and school safety policies, prompting the senator to call the heckler "a partisan."
More Than 100 House Republicans Demand Answers From Credit Card Giants Categorizing Sales At Gun Stores
More than 100 House Republicans are demanding answers from major credit card companies over the controversial decision to categorize gun sales.
New York historical reenactments canceled over fear participants will be thrown in jail over strict gun laws
Multiple historical reenactments in New York have been canceled out of fear participants could be thrown in jail for breaking the state’s new gun laws.
NYC's Adams says DeSantis, Abbott trying to deflect from guns
Last week, Florida Gov. Rob DeSantis put 50 illegal immigrants on a plane for Martha’s Vineyard. The elite liberal enclave reacted about like you’d expect, of course, and many on the right are at risk of injuring themselves from all the laughing.

Philly Court Upholds City’s Gun Building Ban

Philly Court Upholds City’s Gun Building Ban
Philadelphia’s total ban on private gun making will go into place. That’s the result of a local judge’s decision not to issue a permanent injunction against it despite requests from a gun-rights group.
Heller spanks DC again: District folds on arbitrary ammunition limitations while carrying
The confetti was hardly swept up from Justice Thomas’s 74th birthday extravaganza and another folk hero of Americana lore, Dick Heller, took a shot at dismembering more of the District of Columbia’s hydra-like laws.
Defensive Gun Use Among Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians, and American Indians
As I mentioned yesterday, there's a new survey aimed at determining patterns of gun ownership and defensive gun use, from Prof. William English at the Georgetown University. It's much larger than most other such surveys, with over 54,000 adult American respondents, of whom over 16,700 personally owned guns.
Credit Card Companies Won’t Respond to Questions on New Gun Store Code as Republicans Demand Answers
The major credit card issuers are staying relatively quiet about their decision to adopt a specialized code for gun retailers. Mastercard and American Express did not respond to multiple requests for comment on their decision-making process.
Poll: Gun control not helping O'Rourke in Texas governor's race
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has led in every head-to-head poll pitting him against Democratic gubernatorial nominee Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke this election cycle, and the streak continues with the release of a new survey of 1,200 registered voters in the Lone Star State.
Strategists weigh implications of abortion, student loan handout, gun control on upcoming midterms
The Democratic Party is seeking to hold on to its majority in the House this fall as the midterm elections approach and several candidates from the party place focus on issues they feel will motivate their base to turn out and vote, but some strategists suggest those issues will do little to impact the results as Americans remain focused on the economy.
Gun-Rights Groups Take Aim at New York’s Latest Carry Restrictions
Advocates are betting the Empire State’s new “sensitive places” restrictions will be sensitive to a legal challenge. The Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) and Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) filed suit against New York State Police Superintendent Kevin Bruen in federal court on Tuesday.
When President Joe Biden announced he was going to direct the ATF to enact new rules on unserialized firearms–so-called ghost guns–many heralded it as the end of this horrible scourge that is plaguing our cities.
Youth sports league in North Carolina flooded with nationwide support after local 'bullying' over rifle raffle
A nonprofit organization in North Carolina that faced local backlash for raffling off a rifle to raise money for young athletes and cheerleaders was inundated with support nationwide following coverage on Fox News Digital.
BRAVE NEW WORLD? Credit Card Companies To Use Special Code To Track Gun Purchases
The Gateway Pundit previously reported that the mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, along with other elected officials and state pension fund trustees, have requested that major credit card companies implement a weapon code for the purchase of firearms and ammunition.

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