How Bernie Sanders Fell in Line on Gun Control

How Bernie Sanders Fell in Line on Gun Control
Bernie Sanders has campaigned on his reputation as an outsider to become the Democratic presidential frontrunner
Married off-duty cops foil armed robbery on 'date night'
A pair of married off-duty police officers on a date night foiled an armed robbery at a fried chicken restaurant.
Virginia assault weapon ban fails
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's push to ban the sale of assault weapons has failed after members of his own party balked at the proposal.
Virginia Democrats pass draconian, ineffective bill banning ‘assault weapons’
It’s no longer hyperbole: Virginia Democrats want to take your gun rights.
States Announce 2020 Campus Carry Legislation
As legislative assemblies get underway for 2020, six states have announced some form of legislation to repeal bans on defensive concealed carry for campus patrons.
VEXIT: Could Some Virginia Counties Secede Over Gun Control?
The West Virginia state legislature has proposed a bill to admit some Virginia counties to the Mountain State, as Virginia threatens to limit its citizens’ second amendment rights.
Virginia Gun Sales Soar as Dems Push New Restrictions
The number of gun sales in Virginia nearly doubled last month as the Democrat-controlled state government advanced several new gun-control bills.
Elizabeth Warren introduces sweeping gun safety bill with licensing, universal background checks, and an assault-weapons ban
Senator Elizabeth Warren on Thursday introduced comprehensive and aggressive gun safety legislation, including a federal gun licensing system, universal background checks, and a ban on military-style assault weapons, to address what she called the “deadly crisis” of gun violence.
Mike Bloomberg vs. the Imaginary All-Powerful Gun Lobby
Mike Bloomberg’s Super Bowl ad combined two standard elements of contemporary anti-gun rhetoric: emotionalism and falsehoods.
Mini Mike's Claim About 'Children' Killed by 'Gun Violence' Is Off by 73%
Such inflammatory exaggeration seems designed to avoid a substantive discussion of the presidential candidate's gun control proposals.
Fully Armed Rally-Goers Enter Kentucky’s Capitol Building
Armed gun owners rallied in Kentucky entering the state’s capitol building in Frankfort on Friday.

Triple Barrel Shotgun! at SHOT SHOW RANGE DAY 2020

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Triple Barrel Shotgun! at SHOT SHOW RANGE DAY 2020
This thing was just AWESOME! A Triple Barrel Shotgun! From the hunting possibilities to the plain coolness this triple barrel shotgun was a unique gun we got the chance to shoot at SHOT Show Range Day 2020.
Warrant issued for woman who tried to use red flag law to disarm officer
Susan Holmes, the mother who unsuccessfully tried to use Colorado's Red Flag gun law to disarm the officer who killed her son, is wanted for perjury.
Gun Control VA Democrat Fails Breathalyzer While Driving, Let Go with Warning
Virginia House Delegate Chris Hurst (D) blew a .085 on a blood-alcohol breathalyzer Saturday night but was let off with a warning.
When Your Doctor Asks If You Own a Gun, Say This...
I went to the doctor this morning – nothing urgent, just a checkup for a mid-40s guy who hasn’t been to the doctor in years, but when they gave me that ubiquitous survey about my lifestyle (Do you smoke? How often do you drink?), I was looking for one particular question:
Gun legislation advances with state senate committee vote
A proposal advanced Tuesday in the New Mexico state Legislature that would allow law enforcement officials or family members to seek court orders to seize firearms temporarily from people deemed a threat to themselves or others.
Virginia Gun Owners Have Just Begun Their Fight
On today’s program, I’m back in Farmville, Virginia (and hopefully coronavirus free after spending a few days at SHOT Show last week) and joined by’s Kurt Schlichter to talk about his recent column, “Peaceful Insurgency Tips For Virginia Patriots.”
Six More Gun Control Measures Advancing In VA House
With little debate and public testimony, the Virginia legislature’s House Public Safety Committee approved nearly a dozen gun control bills targeting six specific areas of legal gun ownership on Friday, sending the bills to the floor of the full House for passage.

Virginia House committee passes gun control measures

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Virginia House committee passes gun control measures
RICHMOND, Va. (AP/WHSV) — Democrats in the Virginia House of Delegates are advancing a package of gun-control measures less than a week after tens of thousands of pro-gun advocates from around the country rallied at the state Capitol.
The Majority of Virginia Homicides Come from Only Two Metro Areas
In most times and places, crime tends to be a highly localized phenomenon.
Gun Control Group’s New Report Undercuts Their Own Agenda
A new report out by the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence suggests that mistrust of police is a major driver of violent crime, and their conclusions don’t bode well for the types of gun control laws that Giffords and other groups want to impose on the American people.
It’s going to get a lot easier to export some firearms from the US due to a new Trump administration rule
The movement in jurisdiction of certain firearms sales from the State Department to Commerce Department means U.S. manufacturers will have fewer registration requirements in order to obtain an export license.

Pizza delivery driver fights back, shoots 3 of 4 would-be robbers, police say

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Pizza delivery driver fights back, shoots 3 of 4 would-be robbers, police say
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Police are investigating after a pizza delivery driver shot three of four people who they said ambushed him and tried to rob him overnight outside an east Charlotte apartment complex.
Civil War II: Gun control could push Virginia counties to join West Virginia
West Virginia lawmakers are scrambling to let rural Virginia counties join the Mountain State amid conservative voter anger with the new Democratic majority in Richmond and its push for gun control and other liberal initiatives.
Virginia Democrats Push Legislation to Make Criticism of Government Officials a Criminal Offense
This is naked tyranny.

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