DC Firm Working On Behalf of Foreign Country Demands Changes in Op-Ed
A prominent Washington, D.C., law firm has been working on behalf of the Qatari-owned broadcasting network Al Jazeera, prompting questions from a congressional office as to whether the firm has disclosed this relationship under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).
This Silicon Valley CEO defends censorship in a bizarre interview conducted by an activist.
Supreme Court refuses to consider whether Second Amendment protects gun silencers
​WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court refused Monday to decide if the Second Amendment protects gun silencers such as the one used in last month's Virginia Beach shooting that killed 12 people.

California goes further down regulatory road

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California goes further down regulatory road
California ammunition providers are seeing a spike in sales ahead of a new state law that will clamp down on individuals trying to buy ammo.
US Jewish community looks to defend itself as attacks rise
It is at a shooting range in the hills overlooking Los Angeles that a team of AFP reporters met recently with Raziel Cohen, dubbed the "Tactical Rabbi," who was sporting a 9mm pistol on his hip and carrying a semi-automatic rifle over his shoulder.

Watch – Dana Loesch on the 2020 hopefuls

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Watch – Dana Loesch on the 2020 hopefuls
See: Dana Loesch's response to Swalwell’s Mandatory Gun Buybacks.
30 Colorado sheriffs join opposition to gun magazine ban facing challenge in state Supreme Court
The sheriffs and other groups filed a brief to the Colorado Supreme Court opposing the law.

Demonetized After Pressure

Demonetized After Pressure
Youtube purged this conservative comedian and commentator after being labeled a "homophobe".

There is no app for that

There is no app for that
Guideline 1.1.3 is a terrible blow to 2a online freedom.
YouTube to Remove Thousands of Videos Pushing Extreme Views
YouTube announced plans on Wednesday to remove thousands of videos and channels that advocate neo-Nazism, white supremacy and other bigoted ideologies in an attempt to clean up extremism and hate speech on its popular service.
Are ‘Red-Flag’ Laws a Rare Agreement on Gun Control?
A Republican lawmaker in Pennsylvania wants to make his state the second with a GOP-controlled legislature to pass a “red flag” law that allows seizure of weapons from people deemed dangerous.

Big Tech Is Big Brother

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Big Tech Is Big Brother
George Orwell's fictionalized world where Big Brother reigns supreme is no longer a figment of the imagination, but a prophetic vision of present-day threats. Brent Bozell, founder of the Media Research Center, explains how and why Big Tech is making Orwell’s 1984 a 21st century reality.
Trump: British Hospitals Are a ‘Sea of Blood. Everybody Is Being Stabbed’
President Donald Trump has said British hospitals are a “sea of blood” due to the rate of stabbings and knife crime across the country.
Mom of 4 holds intruder at gunpoint for a terrifying 13 minutes until police arrive
A Tampa Bay mother held an intruder in her home at gunpoint for a terrifying 13 minutes until police arrived at the scene. Lauren Richards, a mother of four, initially made a call reporting a suspicious person on her property 21 minutes before police arrived.
Trump says he will have 'serious look' at banning silencers on guns because he doesn't like 'idea' of them as he defends right to own semi-automatic weapons that can be a 'tremendous amount of fun'
​President Trump has said he is considering banning gun silencers but defended the right to own semi-automatic rifles as people 'have a tremendous amount of fun' using them for sport.
Four Dead In Australian Rampage Shooting. So Much For Gun Control
As president, Barack Obama claimed that mass shootings were a uniquely American issue, that these shootings don’t happen in other countries.
Supreme Court to decide to hear US Army vet’s ‘unconstitutional’ gun suppressor this week after national controversy
The fate of a disabled U.S. Army veteran convicted of possessing an untaxed firearm suppressor is in the hands of the Supreme Court, which is slated to decide whether or not to accept his petition this Thursday.
'Coward of Broward' sheriff's deputy arrested for inaction during Parkland mass shooting
​The former school resource officer widely branded as a coward for failing to intervene during the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting has been arrested for failing to act during the massacre.
Virginia governor announces special session on gun control
​VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) — Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam announced Tuesday he will summon lawmakers back to the state Capitol to consider a package of gun-control legislation, saying last week’s mass shooting in Virginia Beach calls for “votes and laws, not thoughts and prayers.”
Anti-gun protester throws cup of 'red liquid' at Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz as social media users praise 'milkshaking' of Republican lawmaker
​A Florida congressman who frequently appears on television supporting President Trump was struck by a plastic cup full of liquid as he left a town hall on Saturday.
READ IT YOURSELF: NRA exposes Kirsten Gillibrand as hypocrite with letter she wrote praising NRA, guns
During her Fox News town hall Sunday, she called the NRA the 'worst organization in this country'
Boystown: Crowd takes over Halsted Street, dances on cars;
A crowd of at least two dozen men and women overtook Halsted Street in Boystown early Saturday, dancing on cars and obstructing traffic as video cameras rolled and one onlooker proudly screamed, “We f*cking sh*t up!”
Hong Kong braces for big crowds and high emotions as June 4 vigil for Tiananmen crackdown coincides with anger over extradition proposal
Organizers expect as many as 180,000 people, equal to ‘peak levels’ June 4 Museum swamped with visitors – including many from the mainland
Big tech faces antitrust crackdown from House Judiciary
While no companies are named, any investigation will inevitably touch on Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple.
Chicago has most violent weekend this year: 52 shot, 10 dead
Days after officials touted a slight decrease in crime, Chicago saw its most violent weekend of the year, with 52 people reportedly shot -- including 10 fatally.

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