You can oppose the Second Amendment if you like, but you can’t rewrite history.
History has told international defense companies that it’s hard to play ball in the United States, but as the Army looks to modernize rapidly, both U.S. and international companies are finding that partnering to bring readily available advanced technology and weapon systems into the U.S. is a win-win for both sides.
Doris Wise, the founder of “Jews Can Shoot,” an offshoot of the former Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors organization, told Breitbart News on Monday that the best response to Saturday’s synagogue shooting is for Jews to arm themselves.
De-platforming Gab should send shivers down everyone's spine. Gun Dynamics has been warning about Mega Corporate Boardrooms "legislating" to circumvent our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
From the Long rifle to the AR-15, the story of firearm innovation is inextricably tied to the story of the United States.
Two Virginia residents are suing the U.S. government claiming that a federal law restricting sales of handguns to citizens younger than 21 is unconstitutional.
A solemn but powerful presence was seen in Pittsburgh — as thousands crowded into Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall. So many came that many more were pouring into the streets and huddled together in the rain for a candlelight vigil.
A previously unseen Russian missile spotted being carried by a fighter jet during a test last month is a 'mock-up' of an anti-satellite weapon, U.S. intelligence sources claim.
The Defense Department is looking to industry to help make lasers and other directed energy weapons a major part of the warfighter’s toolkit. But a number of hurdles remain before the systems can be fully fielded.
A male suspect was arrested in Florida on Friday morning in connection with the rash of suspicious packages sent to prominent Democrats nationwide, law enforcement sources confirmed to Fox News.
One gun. One craftsman. That’s the operating philosophy for Roberts Defense, a high-end 1911 handgun maker based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
​The Pentagon's F-35 is conducting attacks, surveillance operations and combat missions with an updated on-board “threat library” of Mission Data Files engineered to identify enemy threats in key regions around the globe.
​The 101 Freeway in Los Angeles County’s Agoura Hills this week was the scene of a bizarre small plane crash. The pilot of the craft, Rob Sandberg of the non-profit Condor Squadron of Van Nuys, was uninjured and walked away from the aircraft before it reportedly burst into flames.
The choice between red dots or low powered variable powered optics typically is a topic that creates some “friendly debate.” I myself wrestle with this question frequently.
​Few police departments are better at confiscating illegal guns than Washington, D.C.'s Metropolitan Police Department. Every day, teams of officers, often driving unmarked cars, scour the streets looking for people who might be carrying a firearm.
The Chinese Air Force is building a mystery missile designed to turn the tables on America's air power advantage.
​With marijuana increasingly legal across the country, a Republican lawmaker is looking to take federal gun regulators out of the equation.
All politics is local, so they say. That phrase, often used by former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill, typically refers to the importance of building local consensus to win a primary election, thereby making a run for office possible.
​New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is finding new allies in his campaign to “bankrupt” the National Rifle Association, as three additional states follow his call to take legal action against the gun-rights group’s insurance program.
While advances in stealth technology, targeting, aerodynamics and computer avionics all continue to progress at alarming speeds, innovations when it comes to bomb configurations have not seen a commensurate technical acceleration, service leaders say.
Five months ago, I found a picture on Instagram of two buff dudes wearing full-combat gear while carrying 180-pound barbells toward a shooting box. It looked more intense than your average two-gun event. After a little digging, I learned the exercise was part of an event at the new Tactical Games.
A Georgia man will spend one year in prison after police discovered a sawed-off shotgun inside his house while responding to a domestic dispute last year.

Seattle Takes Another Chunk From 2A

​A judge in the state of Washington has upheld Seattle’s gun storage law, dismissing a lawsuit filed by Second Amendment supporters on technical grounds. King County Superior Court Judge Barbara Linde ruled Oct. 19 that the plaintiffs lacked standing in suing over a law that had yet to take effect.
Artificial intelligence (AI) software which can think and learn like a human is becoming increasingly capable. It powers things like voice-to-text dictation and automatic translation on your smartphone.
​A recent poll released last week shows that support for banning “assault rifles” has changed over time, waning in recent years.

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