Minnesota police, rioters clash after Daunte Wright shooting; dozens arrested
Police shot and killed Wright, a 20-year-old Black man, during a traffic stop Sunday.
National Guard deployed as riots break out near Minneapolis after police involved shooting
Hundreds gathered and began attacking police vehicles at the scene of a fatal traffic stop with an officer involved shooting in the Brooklyn Center city of Minnesota Sunday evening.
Biden ATF Nominee Has Long History of Anti-Gun Statements
President Joe Biden's nominee to run the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives mocked gun owners and spread a false Waco siege conspiracy theory in controversial comments.
Supreme Court barrier to Joe Biden’s gun grab
While President Joe Biden pushes for stricter gun control regulations, the Supreme Court is considering several Second Amendment cases with potentially major implications for gun ownership.
Tucker Carlson: Biden wants to take your guns, but leave criminals with theirs
The president reminds us nothing is more dishonest than Democrat gun control advocacy
Gun-controlled Chicago: 3 cops shot last week, one this week, with shootings of police outpacing 2020 already
Update:  Since this article was written, a fourth police officer has been shot within the span of two weeks in Chicago.
NRA Assistant Diverted $40K to Pay For Wedding, Personal Expenses
A longtime assistant to National Rifle Association executive Wayne LaPierre diverted tens of thousands of dollars from the organization to pay for a family wedding, according to testimony at the group's bankruptcy trial Tuesday.
7.62x39 123 available now
We finally have the pricing for the 7.62x39 123 grain brass FMJ Belom ammo and the pricing is...  Watch the video to find out.
Biden declares, ‘No amendment to Constitution is absolute’ as he rolls out gun measures
WASHINGTON — President Biden on Thursday announced a slew of new gun control measures after a recent pair of high-profile mass shootings, and insisted the Second Amendment doesn’t grant an absolute right to own guns.
St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner Loses Appeal to Stay on McCloskey Case
Soros-backed Kim Gardner officially loses her bid to stay on the McCloskey case after being removed from the case in December.
The Great Ammo Shortage Of 2021 Isn’t Go Away
It continues to be a serious seller’s market for ammunition across the United States, and even as manufacturers have ramped up production the supply can’t keep pace with the demand.
The Persistent Stupidity of the Gun Control Movement
What makes a mass shooter capable of emotionless, indiscriminate killing remains largely a mystery. Such a depraved act is not within the normal programming of a human being, not even for most hardened criminals. We may never truly understand all the factors, both physiological and environmental, that turn angry people into mass killers, but there is much we do know and can figure out, if common sense is our guide.
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signs bill to defy any new federal gun control laws
The legislation was drawn up after President Joe Biden assumed office
Biden to unveil long-awaited executive action on guns
President Joe Biden is expected to unveil a long-awaited package of executive actions to curb gun violence Thursday at the White House, according to four people familiar with the plan.
Don’t Believe The Left. Purchasing A Firearm Is Far More Complex Than Voting
“It’s easier to purchase a gun than it is to vote.” It is a talking point the Left has regurgitated since Georgia passed a voter integrity law that requires residents to show proof of identification in exchange for a ballot. While the talking point sounds great on paper, it is rooted in ignorance, lies, or a combo of the two. 
Democrat gun bills clear Delaware Senate, head to House
DOVER, Del. (AP) — The Delaware Senate has approved Democratic proposals to outlaw high-capacity magazines and require anyone wanting to buy a handgun to first take a training course, be fingerprinted and obtain a permit from the state.
Woman With a Gun Stops Man With a Steel Beam From Breaking Into Her Home
From the personal defense files comes the latest broad daylight lesson from the great northwest about armed self defense and the effectiveness of orders of protection in deterring.
BLM activist threatens 'all hell is gonna break loose' if 'George Floyd's murderer is not sentenced'
Model and social media influencer Maya Echols — who boasts nearly a half-million TikTok followers — also said 'don't be surprised when buildings are on fire'
Iowa joins 18 other ‘constitutional carry’ states, says no permit needed to buy or carry handguns
DES MOINES, IA – Governor Kim Reynolds (R-IA) signed House File 756 into law Friday eliminating a requirement that Iowans obtain a permit to acquire or carry handguns. Iowa joins 18 states with similar “constitutional carry” laws.
Black Americans flock to gun stores and clubs: 'I needed to protect myself'
Americans bought a record number of firearms last year. Gun ownership among Black Americans is up 58.2%
Armed Gunmen Appear at Georgia Capitol on Monday – But It’s Ok – They’re with Black Lives Matter
The Big Media is quick to label the events that occurred in Washington D.C. on January 6th as an armed insurrection, when it was not.  But when BLM members bring AK 47’s to the Georgia Capitol, there’s no mention of guns.
Tennessee on the Brink of Strong Constitutional Carry
Tennessee is on the brink of passing a strong Constitutional Carry bill. HB0786 originally relied on the requirements needed for an advanced carry permit in Tennessee.
Wyoming Improvement of Constitutional Carry Likely to Pass
Wyoming is on the cusp of a needed improvement of their Constitutional Carry law. In 2011, Wyoming was only the third state to restore Constitutional Carry.
Record 4.7M FBI Gun Background Checks in March
A month which saw multiple mass shootings -- including high-profile murders in Georgia and Colorado -- also featured a record number of FBI-conducted background checks for firearm purchases, complicating the narrative at a time Democrats are trying to push new gun control legislation.
BREAKING: Police officer, suspect die of injuries after US Capitol attack, suspect identified
A Capitol Hill police officer has died after he was attacked by a knife-wielding man who rammed his car into two officers. He was rushed to hospital, but succumbed to his wounds. The suspect is also dead.

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