Largest-Ever Survey of Gun Owners Finds Diversity Increasing, Carrying Common, and More Than 1.6 Million Defensive Uses Per Year
A survey of 16,708 gun owners provides updated answers to some of the most pressing questions surrounding guns in America. The National Firearms Survey, conducted in 2021 and updated earlier this year, examines the breadth of gun ownership and the use of guns throughout the country.
The Supreme Court's Ruling in Bruen Was a Big Win for Gun Rights
Gun rights advocates scored a major victory in June when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 6–3 that "the Second and Fourteenth Amendments protect an individual's right to carry a handgun for self-defense outside the home."
Credit card companies cave to lawmaker demands
New York lawmakers and anti-gun activists wanted credit card companies to start requiring a special code for gun purchases. They said it was so the companies could flag “suspicious” gun purchases.
Gun Rights Group Amends Lawsuit To Lower Tennessee Constitutional Carry Age To 18+ After Texas Victory
A gun rights group filed an amended complaint Wednesday in its lawsuit seeking to lower the age requirement of Tennessee’s constitutional carry law to adults age 18 and older.
A New Study Suggests That Black Southerners' Access to Firearms Reduced Lynchings
In her 1892 pamphlet Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in All Its Phases, the journalist Ida B. Wells argued that firearms were an essential tool in preventing the deadly white supremacist violence that she chronicled.
Smith & Wesson’s sales plunge to lowest level in 13 years, stock falls toward 2-year low
Smith & Wesson Brands Inc. reported its lowest quarterly sales total in more than 13 years Thursday, sending shares lower in after-hours trading, as gun demand cools from an early pandemic surge.
Gun Groups Ask Federal Court to Block California’s Onerous Litigation Law
An attempt by California lawmakers to limit challenges to their gun laws is now being… challenged in court.
Houston mayor pushes gun control for Texas
In the United States, we typically know how political lines fall. Big cities tend to support things like gun control while rural areas don’t. The higher the percentage of a state’s population lives in those bigger cities, the higher the likelihood that the state isn’t real big on supporting the Second Amendment.
Arizona man shot in the head at family party credits his concealed carry for saving lives: ‘would have died’
An Arizona man who was shot in the head while attending a Fourth of July party with his family this summer is speaking out about how he was able to thwart the shooter from killing more people with his concealed carry firearm.
New Yorkers Looking To Buy Guns Will Be Subjected to 'Investigations,' Including Door-to-Door Police Interviews of Neighbors
New York City Democratic Mayor Eric Adams has pledged to enact door-to-door investigations, including knocking on the doors of applicant’s neighbors, before issuing gun permits to Big Apple residents.
Fatal mass stabbing evidence of what we already know
Proponents of freedom and liberty often cite the fact that prohibitionists need to demonize the acts, and actors, versus the tools used in inflicting harm or completing some sort of attack.
ATT Meeting Confirms Worst Fears for International Gun Control
Amidst ongoing wars in Ukraine and Yemen, China posturing in the Taiwan Strait, and increasing instability in the Horn of Africa, the 111 States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) met last month for their 8th Conference of States Parties to the ATT in Geneva, Switzerland.
Law-Abiding Gun Owners Ignored by Media, Maligned by Politicians
In celebration of New York’s new gun control law taking effect on September 1, Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul claimed: “This whole concept that a good guy with a gun will stop the bad guys with a gun, it doesn’t hold up. And the data bears this out, so that theory is over.”
FBI secretly forced some to give up their gun rights
The FBI hasn’t been an organization that garners a great deal of respect from anyone who isn’t on the left in a while. Even many on that side of things look at what the bureau has done recently with suspicion as well.
Two Gun Control Bills Fail on Final Day of 2022 California Legislative Session
A bill restricting concealed carry rights, Senate Bill 918 by Sen. Anthony Portantino (D-La Cañada Flintridge), was dead in early August, until it was moved out Assembly Appropriations with 32 pages of 185 new amendments.
NYPD to assume carrying gun unlawfully until proven otherwise
The state of New York has made it very clear that they don’t value your right to keep and bear arms. While gun ownership and even carrying a firearm is a fundamental right, one protected by our Constitution, New York isn’t exactly a fan.
California gun control law stays unenforceable after Democrat lawmakers fail key vote
Democratic lawmakers in California failed to replace an existing gun control bill that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional Thursday, leaving the state's concealed carry regulations unenforceable.
Gov. Hochul declares 'theory' of ‘good guy with a gun’ stopping armed 'bad guys' is over
Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul declared at an event celebrating the implementation of stricter gun laws that the "theory" of "a good guy with a gun" stopping "bad guys" with guns is over in the Empire State.
More than 15K
How often should “red flag” laws be used? For most of the readers of Bearing Arms, the answer is “zero”, but it might surprise you to learn that even supporters of Extreme Risk Protection Orders can’t say just how frequently they should be initiated… though several told the Associated Press that they’re not being used enough.
Restrictive Gun-Carry Replacement Law, Gun Tax Bill Fails in California
Prospective gun carriers in the Golden State are breathing a sigh of relief Thursday morning. California lawmakers failed Wednesday night to get SB 918, a wide-ranging bill restricting concealed carry rights, across the finish line. The bill fell two votes short of the two-thirds majority support it needed to clear the legislature.
New York ‘gun free’ zones go into effect
A federal judge let a sweeping New York gun law move forward Wednesday night hours before the regulations took effect. Judge Glenn Suddaby said the plaintiffs — including gun rights organizations and an upstate resident — did not have standing to bring the legal action.

Bill introduced to disarm IRS

Bill introduced to disarm IRS
The relationship between IRS agents and them being armed goes way back. Keeping in the back of our minds that the IRS was responsible for upholding prohibition, it was those agents tasked with taking down all the gangsters.
NRA Board Moves to Keep Dissident Member Off Ballot
Another critic of National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre is being pushed out of the organization. Judge Philip Journey, who has been at the center of several efforts to remove current NRA leadership, has not been renominated to appear on the ballot for next year’s board election.
President Biden's Apparently Incorrect Claim That AR-15 Bullets Travel 5 Times Faster Than Others
Here's the exact quote: Do you realize the bullet out of an AR-15 travels five times as rapidly as a bullet shot out of any other gun …?
Operation Reticent Recall: ATF up to new shenanigans
One of our favorite three letter agencies is at it again. A recent report by attorney Dillon Harris of the Prince Law Offices noted that the ATF has been sending out new nasty grams to alleged customers that may have purchased Forced Reset Triggers and or so-called solvent traps.

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