Teacher Under Fire For Assignment Featuring Kyle Rittenhouse
In a perfect microcosm of today’s outrage culture, a Dallas, Texas high school is apologizing after a teacher listed Kyle Rittenhouse as an option for students to write about in an assignment that focused on the concept of a “hero for the modern age.”
Minneapolis Residents “Terrorized” by Crime Wave; Police “Nowhere to be Seen” After Defunding Push
Minneapolis city councilors are describing their constituents as “terrorized” by a recent violent crime wave that has swept through the city, with the Minneapolis Police “nowhere to be seen.”
Armed woman with concealed carry license stops suspect in fatal supermarket stabbing attack of 85-year-old man
A suspect fatally stabbed an 85-year-old man at a grocery store on Wednesday afternoon — but a quick-thinking woman with a concealed carry pistol stopped the suspect from fleeing the scene of the crime.
Guns Returned In Virginia Red Flag Case
We don’t have any firm numbers on just how many times Virginia’s “red-flag” firearms seizure law has been used since it took effect on July 1st, but one recent case in the northwest part of the state provides ample evidence of the flaws in the new law and how it can be used to harass and cause problems for innocent parties.
ATF Releases New Procedures On Certain Retail And Private-To-Private Transactions
Early this month, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) released two new procedure documents.
Milwaukee man mobbed by BLM activists—arrested for trying to defend his home
Activists in Milwaukee, Wisc. staged a protest at a neighbour's home on Monday, alleging that he was racist.
Teen Killed In North Minneapolis Shooting Was Member Of Republican Candidate’s Outreach Team
MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The 17-year-old boy killed and another man hurt Monday in a north Minneapolis shooting were members of a Republican congressional candidate’s campaign.
Ed Markey: ‘Disarm’ All Police Officers of ‘Weapons of War,’ Ban Tear Gas
Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) on Monday called to “disarm” all police officers of “weapons of war” and demanded a nationwide ban on various nonlethal forms of protection, including tear gas.
Chicago Man Charged With Shooting Five People While Out On Bail For Possessing Firearm As A Felon
A Chicago felon who was being monitored electronically following charges of possessing a stolen firearm as a felon has now been charged with allegedly shooting five people over the weekend, two of whom died.
Charges dropped for man accused of waving gun at protesters
The State Attorney’s office has dropped all charges against a Williston man accused of driving into a crowd of protesters and pointing a handgun at them during a Black Lives Matter march in May.

Swing States See Gun Sales Boom, Activists Look to Capitalize

Swing States See Gun Sales Boom, Activists Look to Capitalize
Former mechanic Shawn Shriver bought a storefront about an hour outside Pittsburgh years ago.
Oregon drivers stopped at gunpoint by groups protecting wildfire ravaged properties from looters: sheriff
Oregon drivers have been illegally stopped at gunpoint by armed groups patrolling evacuation zones over the past week as massive wildfires sweep through the West, destroying more than 1 million acres in the state and displacing hundreds of thousands.

Old Army Defense Fund

Old Army Defense Fund
The Corporate giant Old Navy has delayed our registration of Old Army as a Trademark for use in a 100% Service Disabled Veteran Owned Enterprise.
VIDEO: Riots Erupt In Lancaster After Police Shoot Charging Assailant
Riots erupted in Lancaster, Pennsylvania Sunday after a police officer responding to a domestic disturbance call fatally shot a man charging with a deadly weapon.
Bloomberg Goes All In With $100-Million Bet On Biden
The gun control movement”s favorite sugar daddy is spending big in Florida trying to get Joe Biden into the White House.
Pro-Gun Organization Stands Up for Family Whose Son Was Suspended From School for Holding a Toy Gun
A no compromise Second Amendment organization is coming to the defense of a young student who was suspended for handling a toy gun during a virtual class session.
Straight Outta Marxism: BLM Protesters Take Over Grocery Store to Protest Lack of 'Access' to Grocery Stores
At some point, people will get sick of this. That “capitalism” line is straight from Marxism. BLM founders do admit to being “trained Marxists.”
Two Los Angeles County deputies are fighting for their lives after they were ambushed and shot in the head
LOS ANGELES, CA – Two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies are in critical condition after being ambushed and shot multiple times on Saturday night, September 12th. 
Police Group’s Billboard Warns Against Entering Austin
When police departments get defunded, even if it’s not as extreme a defunding as many would like, there is bound to be some kind of problem.
Richardson gun store owner fakes heart attack, grabs gun to shoot armed robber
RICHARDSON, Texas - A group of armed men robbed a Richardson gun store Thursday, but one of them didn't get away from the scene.
New Jersey Governor’s Plan To Tax Your Second Amendment Rights Into Oblivion
In 1819, Chief Justice John Marshall of the U.S. Supreme Court famously wrote:  “the power to tax involves the power to destroy ….”
Richmond city council votes to ban guns at protests, other events
The city council in Richmond, Va. voted unanimously on Tuesday to pass a ban on firearms on all public property during protests and other events in a move meant to lower the risk of violent confrontations between law enforcement and demonstrators.
Richmond, Virginia Passes Sweeping Ban On Guns In Public
It’s hard to believe that it was less than a year ago when more than 20,000 gun owners took to the streets around the state capitol building in Richmond, Virginia to rally in opposition to Gov. Ralph Northam’s gun control agenda.
Farage Slams ‘Draconian’ Lockdown Laws Which He Claims Won’t Be Respected by BLM Protesters
Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has slammed the government’s new “draconian” lockdown laws, saying that it is hard to justify law-abiding citizens following the new rules when police fail to stop protests and illegal raves.
Trump: ‘If Biden Wins Second Amendment Is Gone’
During a campaign stop in Florida Tuesday, President Trump warned that if Joe Biden is elected in November it will spell the end for the Second Amendment.

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