Rahm Emanuel: Hey, Let’s Strip Gun Owners of Due-Process Rights
In another case of poll-driven confirmation bias, Democrats have overestimated the popularity of their gun-control efforts as another House bill is reportedly “dead on arrival” in the Senate.
Democrats Urge Biden for Weapon Restrictions Following Boulder Shooting
Hundreds of Democrats have urged President Biden to ban assault-style firearms following a shooting at a Kings Soopers grocery store last week. The push comes from a group of over 100 Democratic senators and House representatives urging Biden in a letter to reform gun laws.
The War To Save The Second Amendment Moves To States
Even as some lawmakers in Washington, D.C., have pushed for new gun control measures at the federal level, some state legislators are drafting their own respective laws – some adding new gun control measures while others are seeking to protect the Second Amendment.
Gun-Rights Advocates Want Feds to Look at Prosecuting Hunter Biden
Biden accused of lying about drug addiction to pass background check
Arkansas senators declare federal gun laws null and void within state borders
The gun-loving contingent of the Arkansas Senate notched a big win Wednesday, passing a doozy of a bill that declares federal gun laws null and void within state borders.
Woman dead, six others injured after ‘mass stabbing’ at library – where’s all of the media coverage?
NORTH VANCOUVER, BC – One woman is dead and six others injured following a stabbing attack at Lynn Valley Library in North Vancouver on Saturday afternoon.
Man accused of mercilessly beating Asian woman in Manhattan was paroled after murdering his mother
The jailbreak agenda rolls on
Hillary Clinton Declares ‘Shameless’ Republicans Are ‘Gun Worshipers’
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Republicans “gun worshipers,” who are “shameless” because of their “huge advantage” due to the filibuster.
The Bump Stock Ban Highlights the Danger of Letting Bureaucrats Invent Crimes
Two years ago, peaceful, law-abiding gun owners across the country became felons overnight, thanks to the Trump administration's ban on bump stocks.
Second Amendment in Bipartisan Line of Fire
Gun control was already a Biden administration priority before the recent shootings in Georgia, Colorado, and Virginia.
Democrats Face Gun Legislation Dilemma as Support for House Background Check Bill Breaks Down
Senate Democrats punted on taking up House gun-control bills on Friday, acknowledging that the restrictions put forward by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) were "dead on arrival," according to senior Senate aides.
Biden Plans To Take Executive Action On Gun Control Measures
The White House is confirming that President Joe Biden intends to push ahead with plans to increase gun control laws via executive order.
The Truth About the Boulder Massacre
In coverage of the March 22 Boulder, CO. supermarket massacre, The New York Times was true to form (All the News That’s Fit to Spin), reporting that “investigators were trying to determine what motivated a 21-year-old man” charged with 10 murders.
57% Of Americans Disapprove Of Biden’s Handling Of Gun Laws
Americans are breaking with Joe Biden over key issues within his administration. An ABC News/ISPOS poll released Sunday found a majority of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling gun violence nationwide.
Oregon man pulls gun on Antifa mob who trashed cars to stop ‘Freedom Rally’
Dramatic video shows the moment a man pulls a gun on Antifa protesters as they clashed with demonstrators taking part in a “Freedom Rally” near the Oregon state Capitol on Sunday.
Report: Frustrated Gun Controllers Dig in for ‘Long Game’
As the days turn into weeks since since the Atlanta-area shootings, and nearly a week has passed since Boulder, frustrated gun control activists say they are digging in for the “long game.”
Ammunition Collective and 7.62 x 39 Available soon
We now have a unique opportunity to create an "Ammunition Collective" that will not only address the ammo shortages that we all have been dealing with but also provide better pricing when the ammunition market goes back to normal.  This all began when GD was approached to sell some ammunition and we will make our traditional 3% on the sales.  If the sales go well the group with the ammunition is willing to allow GD to sell more ammunition at better pricing. 
Colorado shooting suspect passed background check during gun purchase
The man accused of killing people near and inside a Boulder, Colorado, grocery store passed a background check.
Despite Democrats pushing for universal background checks, report shows they do little to stop mass shootings
WASHINGTON, DC- “Never let a crisis go to waste.”
Democrats Introduce Gun Registration Bill – The First Step in Gun Confiscation Laws
Joseph Stalin’s firearms registration and confiscation was a tremendous success for the Socialist state.
Mr. President, Most Gun Owners Aren’t As Reckless As Hunter Biden
Most gun owners aren't lying on background check forms and dumping our firearms willy-nilly in trash cans by schools. Even if we were, none of Biden's anti-gun pipe dreams would stop us.
After Atlanta and Colorado mass shootings, Texas GOP leaders double down on protecting gun owners
Gov. Greg Abbott said Tuesday there is an even greater urgency this legislative session to pass laws expanding gun rights because of Joe Biden’s presidency.
9th Circuit Court rules that states can restrict people from openly carrying guns in public
'Tens of millions of Americans have been told, for the first time ever, that they have no right to carry a firearm'.
Secret Service reportedly got involved in bizarre gun case involving Hunter Biden
The Secret Service intervened in an investigation into a 2018 incident involving Hunter Biden and his girlfriend at the time — his former sister-in-law, Hallie — in which she took his gun and tossed it into the trash, thinking he was going to kill himself with it, according to a report.
Oregon Gun Bill Would Create Unnavigable Minefield Of Felony Traps For Concealed Handgun License Holders
Scenario: You have a Concealed Handgun License in Oregon. You have no criminal record. You’re an average person going about your day. Let’s say one of your parents is having health issues, so you travel across the state to help them out for a few days.

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