NYPD marks 25-year high in taking guns off the street
Cops took 160 guns off New York City streets last week — a record number the department hasn’t seen in a quarter century, NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said Tuesday.
Rioting Continues In Democrat-Run U.S. Cities Over Labor Day Weekend
Over 100 days of rioting and unrest continues in major U.S. cities following the death of George Floyd in May. Labor Day weekend was no exception. 
Smith & Wesson Stepping Up Production to Meet Record Setting Astronomical Demand for New Guns
One of the biggest gun manufacturers in the United States is pledging to step up gun production as demand for new firearms soars to astronomical proportions.
Amid Calls to Defund Police, Portland Forced to Increase Spending by 200 Percent
As protesters in Portland continue to call for defunding the police, the Portland Police Bureau spent nearly $7 million on overtime pay in June and July—200 percent more than the same time frame last year—as officers were dispatched to quell violent anti-police protests.
Antifa Mugshots: Several Portland Rioters Released Without Bail
Portland police arrested dozens of rioters in the city over last weekend’s protests, which were dominated by Antifa activity and continued violence against police officers.

Ammo Shortage Hurting Gun Store Owners

Ammo Shortage Hurting Gun Store Owners
Here at Bearing Arms, we’ve written a ton about how gun sales have skyrocketed this year.
Firearm Prohibitionists Shy Away From Gun Control In Senate Campaign Ads
How unpopular is gun control in states with contested Senate races?

Riots Likely Drove 2020’s Biggest Gun Sales Spike

Riots Likely Drove 2020’s Biggest Gun Sales Spike
In a record-breaking year for gun buying, the biggest spike in firearms purchases came as protests and riots broke out across the nation in June, a Washington Free Beacon analysis of FBI data indicates.
12-year-old suspended after teacher spots toy gun during virtual class
A 12-year-old boy in Colorado got a five-day suspension for flashing a toy gun across his computer screen during an online art class, according to a report.
VIDEO: Seattle cops find machete, mortar, hatchet, spike strips, shields in tent at public park during protest-related cleanup
Seattle police officers found various weapons as well as homemade spike strips and dozens of makeshift shields in a tent at a public park Tuesday morning, police said.
Facebook Censors Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Political Ad with AR-15 Because Ilhan Omar Got Triggered
Facebook has censored a political advertisement from Congressional contender Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia after anti-American socialist Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was triggered by its contents.
“Not Today”: Colorado Gun Owner Stops Carjacking
You never know when your life could be turned upside down by a violent criminal.
Virginia Moves To Lower Penalties For Assaulting Police
A new Virginia proposal is closer to receiving the governor’s signature and making it loud and clear: assaulting a law enforcement officer is now more acceptable to legislators in the Commonwealth
Portland mayor says he’ll move soon, after protests at his condo building
Portland, Ore., Mayor Ted Wheeler says he’s looking for a new place to live.
One In Nine Democrats Among New Gun Buyers
There are a lot of signals for how gun control isn’t the winning issue for Democrats like they thought it would be when the campaigns first kicked off.
Charges Were Dropped Against Man At Portland Riot. He Later Stabbed Multiple People To Death, Police Say.
A man accused of stabbing two people to death in Portland in June was previously arrested during a riot in downtown Portland a week prior to the killings but the charges were dropped when progressive District Attorney Mike Schmidt reportedly decided to not pursue charges.
Colorado Woman Assaults 12-Year-Old Boy Over His Trump Sign, Police Say
A Colorado woman allegedly assaulted a 12-year-old boy Monday over a Trump sign, police say, according to multiple reports.
“Defunding Police” Leads Places Some Don’t Want Us Going
Proponents of “defunding the police” arguing that money should be taken from police budgets and funneled into programs that may, in theory, reduce violence and thus reduce the need for police seem to think they’ve hit on a brilliant idea.
WATCH: Chicago Police Release Wild Video Of Looters Ransacking Store On City’s West Side
Chicago police, in an effort to catch looters and rioters who escaped justice back in May (and, in some cases, again in August) have released a surveillance video showing a group of individuals ransacking a store on the city’s west side.
August Shatters Another Gun Sales Record
August 2020 saw more gun sales than any other August on record as Americans continue to rush to gun stores at a record pace.
More than 36 street gangs in Chicago reportedly vow to shoot on sight any cop who has a weapon drawn in public
The FBI has reportedly told Chicago-area law enforcement to be on the lookout for dangerous gang members just looking for a reason to kill cops. 
Four Young Leftists Sentenced in Court After Hurling Chlorine Bomb at Police Officer, Nearly Killing Him and Detonating 7 Other Bombs
Four young violent leftists were sentenced last week on charges they created a road hazard as a stationary target.
President Trump Defends 17-Year-Old Kyle Rittenhouse: ‘He Probably Would Have Been Killed’ If He Didn’t Shoot
President Donald Trump has consistently refused to denounce 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man who was forced to shoot his way out of a mob attack in Kenosha, Wisc. and is being charged with first-degree murder for defending his rights.
Armed Neighborhood Watch Forms In Wake Of Kenosha Riots
I don’t know what President Trump’s itinerary looks like when he visits Kenosha, Wisconsin today, but maybe he can carve out a few minutes to stop by a neighborhood about ten miles from downtown.
Handgun Permit Requests Overwhelming NC Officials
The number of firearms sold so far in 2020 has likely already surpassed the total purchased in all of 2019, and with handguns outpacing long guns by a nearly two-to-one margin officials in states that require a permit to purchase a revolver or pistol are inundated by applications.

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