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Across the country, Americans are up in arms about spiraling crime rates. Minnesota is one state that has been hit with an explosion of criminal activity in the wake of the George Floyd riots and the attacks on law enforcement that followed. You might think that even liberal politicians would understand that voters want them to get tough on crime, but in my state at least, you would be wrong.
A brutal murder in highlights what leftists are doing to America
Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. It also has some of the worst gun crime in the country. However, if you needed a reminder that it's people, not guns, who kill, on Saturday night, two thugs killed a man the old-fashioned way: they beat him to death.
Lack of Armed Deterrent Ensures More Violence and Destruction
Smash-and-grab thieves attack stores around the country, California security guard shot dead as crime rages.” Fox News reports. “A former police officer was shot and killed while protecting a news crew reporting on a smash-and-grab incident.”
New Jersey Democrats Pass Bill Requiring Database of Handgun Ammo Purchasers
Democrats in New Jersey’s General Assembly passed legislation that requires gun dealers to create and maintain a database of handgun ammunition purchasers.
Virginia: Gov. Northam Wants $27 Million for Anti-Gun Propaganda
Last Friday, lame-duck Governor Ralph Northam announced that his proposed two-year state budget will include allocating $27.4 million of your taxpayer dollars towards anti-gun propaganda. IMG NRA-ILA

Newsom's gun-control stunt – good TV, bad law

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Newsom's gun-control stunt – good TV, bad law
California Gov. Gavin Newsom thrilled many this weekend by saying that his administration will model a new law on the Texas abortion ban, letting private citizens sue anyone who makes or sells assault weapons or ghost guns.
14-Year-Old Son of Pizza Store Employee Shoots Alleged Robber in Face
The 14-year-old son of an employee of Philadelphia’s BOLD Pizza shot a suspect in the face Thursday as the suspect was allegedly strangling the employee.
Los Angeles Man Shoots and Kills One of Three Armed Robbers After Grabbing His Gun
Gun grabbers aren’t all bad. Not when the one doing the grabbing is the would-be victim of a robbery on the streets of Los Angles.
Winchester Ammunition Awarded $13 Million Contract
The Army awarded Winchester Ammunition a $13 million dollar contract to develop manufacturing processes for the 7.62 round.
Michigan Democrats Introduce Bill Banning Ammo Mags Larger Than 10 Rounds
Michigan Democrats have introduced gun control legislation to ban ammunition magazines larger than ten rounds in the wake of the November 30, Oxford High School shooting.
Could Constitutional Carry Reach a Tipping Point?
A new bill proposed by Republican Representative Anthony Sabatini is getting pushback from some Republicans.
Activists Shoot Themselves in the Foot Over Ammo Ban
Sometimes the best thing to do when activists attack is to let their arguments fall under their own weight. That’s what happened when Environmental Health News (EHN) published a series on traditional ammunition.
‘Progressive’ Prosecutors Think Criminals are the Real Victims and Gun Control is for Civilians
Gun control is for civilians, not criminals. The criminal justice system should view criminals as victims. These are the guiding lights of Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon.
Pair of burglars force their way into home in middle of the day. But homeowner grabs his gun and shoots them both, sending duo running for help.
Once again we have a tale to share about crooks who perhaps figured they could pull off a crime with no danger to themselves — and once again we find that yet another "victim" took preventive measures by exercising the Second Amendment and getting armed.
Oops: Bloomberg News Anti-Gun Editorial Makes the Case for ‘Shall Issue’ Carry Permits
A nationally syndicated editorial attempted to persuade readers on the merits of New York’s problematic “may issue” handgun permit law and why the U.S. Supreme Court should leave it intact. But they made a better case for why the law should be struck down.
NBC News Rats Out More of the Gun Community
A sad fact about gun control politics is that if you are cynical enough you can darn near see the future.
Gun Control Prevents Citizens From Defending Themselves In An Increasingly Dangerous America
For many Americans, the last 24 months or so have likely comprised the most difficult span of time they’ve ever faced.
Knesset okays minimum sentences for possession, trafficking of illegal weapons
New law mandates a sentence of at least one-quarter of maximum term; justice minister hails legislation, opposition laments window for judges’ discretion
Philadelphia’s Soros-Backed District Attorney Tells Citizens, Visitors Not to Worry About Violent Crime
Philadelphia’s District Attorney is pushing back on the notion that violence is on the rise, despite the more than 500 people murdered so far this year — insisting that there is a gun violence crisis, but not “a crisis of violence” in the city.
NJ Gun Bill Includes Mandatory Re-Education & Forced Labor with Anti-Gun Groups
NJ Senate Bill 3757 is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee on Thursday, December 09, 2021, at 1:00 PM. This so-called gun “safe storage” bill eviscerates the Constitutional Right to self-defense inside the home as explicitly recognized as by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Heller case.
Lessons Learned From The Rittenhouse Situation
Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong.
Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) shut down a Democrat gun control push
Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) shut down a Democrat gun control push Thursday, saying it would not prevent shootings but would hamper the law-abiding in exercising Second Amendment rights.
Bigoted San Francisco Restaurant Apologizes After Booting Three Uniformed Cops…Because Guns
San Francisco’s Hilda and Jesse restaurant refused service to three of San Francisco’s finest this past Friday…because of their sidearms. What’s more, the new North Beach restaurant proudly stood behind the virtue-signaling decision of their bigoted staff in an Instagram post that caught fire.
Full List of American War Weapons Lost In Afghanistan
No one has done more to strengthen the ability of the Taliban in their mission to perpetrate evil on the World than Joe Biden.
George Soros' network of woke DA's he has bankrolled in cities across the US
Billionaire Democrat donor George Soros has bankrolled District Attorneys in America's most crime ravaged cities, where criminals are being allowed to walk out of jail on low cash bonds or aren't even being charged.

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