Illinois Becomes 9th State In Union To Ban Dozens Of Firearms
Illinois Democrat Governor J.B. Pritzker signed legislation Tuesday banning the manufacture or possession of dozens of rapid-fire rifles and pistols, .50-caliber guns, and some attachments, which went into effect immediately.
West Virginia: Campus Self-Defense Act Introduced
Today, Senator Rupie Phillips introduced Senate Bill 10, the Campus Self-Defense Act, to ensure that law-abiding adults are not stripped of their right to self-defense when they cross an arbitrary boundary onto a college campus.
Virginia city declares itself a Second Amendment sanctuary
The high water mark for the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement in Virginia came back in late 2019 and early 2020, when in a matter of weeks more than 100 towns, cities, and counties across the commonwealth approved resolutions vowing not to enforce any new gun control measures imposed by either the federal or state governments.
Illinois Legislature Passes AR-15, Ammo Magazine Ban
With just one day left to spare in the state’s lame duck session, Illinois legislators have sent a ban on so-called assault weapons to Governor J.B. Pritzker’s (D.) desk.
First Anti-Gun Bill Filed in New Mexico Legislature: Magazine Ban Legislation
In what is just the first of many attacks on your Second Amendment rights expected during this upcoming legislative session, Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero (D-ABQ) on Monday filed House Bill 50 (HB0050 (, legislation making it a felony to possess, use, manufacture, import, purchase, sell, loan, borrow or transfer a magazine or similar device capable of holding 10 or more rounds of ammunition in the state.
Wyoming man's lawsuit a major move for gun rights
The lawsuit is an effort to restore his gun rights to a degree that will allow him to build an M-16. It's a valiant effort, but will it go anywhere?
Supreme Court Allows New York Gun-Carry Law to Remain in Place During Appeal
The Supreme Court has decided not to intervene in the case against New York’s latest gun-carry restrictions. At least, not yet.

Another Strong Year for Gun Sales

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Another Strong Year for Gun Sales
According to a recent story by Stephen Gutowski at The Reload, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) reported that 2022 saw 16.4 million queries run through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) that were related to firearms.
The shady reality behind Illinois assault weapon ban bill
It seems some sneaky stuff happened in Illinois in order to get their assault weapon ban on the verge of passage.
Overwhelming Majority of Americans Believe Gun Ownership is Good for Society 
Americans still largely believe in the Second Amendment. 
Federal court strikes down Trump-era bump stock ban
A court has ruled against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives' ban on bump stocks, finding the agency acted without congressional authorization.
Gun Owners of America Classified 18 Republican Senators as Traitors
Republican Senators who voted for Omnibus bill effectively support gun control.
Olympian Gabby Franco and I chatted almost a full year ago, back at the end of January of 2022. It was great to play catch up with the Olympian turned advocate, and competitive shooter. Franco was als...
Armed bingo hall patrons halt shooting, hold suspect at gunpoint – Bearing Arms
A Florida man (you know it’s a good story when Florida Man plays a starring role) is in jail and facing multiple charges after allegedly assaulting and shooting at two women outside a bingo parl...
Watch: Violence Erupts In Culiacán After El Chapo's Son Arrested
Mexican authorities in the northwestern city of Culiacán arrested the son of the notorious drug lord El Chapo in a Thursday morning operation, according to the NY Times, citing three Mexican government officials.
Brazil Bans Firearms From Capital Ahead of Lula’s Inauguration
Brazilian Supreme Court Judge Alexandre de Moraes issued a temporary firearms ban in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, on ...
Major New Jersey paper calls Second Amendment a ‘curse,’ claims America has ‘fetish with gun culture’
The editorial board of a major New Jersey newspaper trashed the Second Amendment, calling it a "curse" and praised countries like Canada for limiting guns.
Attacks on gun industry ramping up in 2023
With gun ban bills pending in several states, the ATF set to finalize new rules for pistol stabilizing braces (not to mention changing their interpretation of their new regulations on unfinished frame...
AP Poll: Americans View Guns as Low Priority Headed into 2023
The public is now less interested in Congress working on guns than it was last year.
Illinois: Lame Duck Legislative Session Convenes Today
Today, the Illinois General Assembly convenes for the lame duck session. It is possible that they will consider legislation to disarm law-abiding Illinois residents. House Bill 5855 bans many commonly-owned firearms that are popular for self-defense, competition, and recreation.
Private Residents in California Can Now Sue Firearms Manufacturers
On January 1, 2023, California’s SB 1327 went into effect, which gives private residents the power to file lawsuits against gunmakers who violate the state’s so-called “assault weapons” prohibition or ban on gun sales to individuals under the age of 21.

New year, old threats to 2A rights

New year, old threats to 2A rights
We’re back with the first Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co of 2023, and I’m delighted that my friend and fellow 2A advocate Mark Walters is with us to talk about the biggest challenges and opportunities facing gun owners in the new year.
New AL law to allow concealed guns without state permit effective Jan. 1
Alabama on Jan. 1 will become the latest state to allow people to carry a concealed handgun without a state permit that requires a background check.
Total media blackout of the scariest Second Amendment story of 2022
Stephen Gutowski at The Reload, one of the rare honest voices in firearms-related journalism, published some bombshell revelations two weeks ago.
Analysis: What Massachusetts Gun Sales Data Tells Us About How and Why Americans Buy Guns
Since the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and the proposed “assault weapons” ban passed by the US House of Representatives earlier this year, gun researchers have noted a substantial increase in gun sales.

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