Old School Hunting: European Black Powder Fan Still Putting Meat on the Table with Flintlocks (VIDEO)
A Hungarian front-loader enthusiast takes to the field near Budapest to bag geese, stag and wild boar in some traditional hunting. The Cap and Ball channel first heads out for geese in a snow-covered field by a lake accompanied with a 20-gauge frizzen double barrel flintlock shotgun.
The Army's M1 Abrams Tank Is About To Get Even Deadlier
This system, integrated onto Apache Attack helicopters, uses infrared sensors to ID a “muzzle flash” or heat signature from an enemy weapon. The location of enemy fire could then be determined by a gateway processor on board the helicopter able to quickly geolocate the attack.
Virginia’s Democrat Governor Unveils News Anti-Gun Package Targeting Citizen’s Rights
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam has unveiled his proposal for sweeping new gun control for the Commonwealth. The Democrat sensing an opening introduced seven new measures at a press conference ahead of the new legislative session.
Brownells Brings Retro Vibe with BRN-605 Carbine (VIDEOS)
​Brownells expands its throwback, retro series with the new BRN-605 carbine. The BRN-605 is chambered in 5.56 NATO and built on a XBRN161E lower paired with carry-handle upper.
Six States That Restrict Second Amendment Rights of 18-20-Year-Olds
​With Washington state’s semiautomatic rifle purchase ban now in place at least six states restrict the Second Amendment rights of 18-20-year-olds.
Second Amendment advocates fight back against Boulder's gun ban and certification ordinance
A Second Amendment advocate fighting against a Constitutionally questionable gun ban and certification ordinance in the city of Boulder say he and his daughter have been targeted and bullied as his case winds through the court system.
Pelosi claims gavel vowing focus on gun legislation, Dreamers, 'checks and balances'
​Speaker Nancy Pelosi, reclaiming the gavel on Thursday, described her party's majority in the House of Representatives as part of a "new dawn" -- and outlined an agenda that includes expanded gun background checks, protections for some illegal immigrants, and a check on the Trump administration's power.
Curious Balkan Boom Stick: The Albanian SKS (VIDEO)
​A Soviet Russian-designed weapon with its roots in WWII, the Chinese helped tiny Albania roll their own SKS rifles in the 1960s and 70s after they both stopped talking to Moscow. Eric and Chad with IV8888 touch on this oddball 7.62x39mm carbine in the above video.
Wash. bans anyone under 21 from buying rifles
Washington on Tuesday joined a handful of other states that ban anyone under 21 from buying a semi-automatic assault rifle after voters passed a sweeping firearms measure in November that has drawn a court challenge from gun-rights advocates.
Reshaping America to Foreign Ideologies, an Attack on Guns & Freedom
“Ilhan Omar will be sworn into the U.S. House of Representatives at a time when liberal-leaning newcomers like her are pushing for more influence in shaping the party’s agenda,” the Star Tribune reports.
Gun Groups Seeks Supreme Court Review In Challenge Of Calif. Handgun Statute
The Second Amendment Foundation and Calguns Foundation have petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court for a review of their challenge to California’s “Unsafe Handgun Act,” a part of that state’s penal code that violates the Second Amendment by banning handguns of the kind in common use for traditional lawful purposes.
Palmetto State Armory Releases Gen 2 in KS-47 Series (VIDEO)
​Palmetto State Armory broadens its KS-47 offerings, launching the Gen 2 series designed to accept MIL-SPEC AR-15 furniture.
Do Democrat Voters Care That Their Policies Kill?
Here is a contradiction. Democrats say they care for the underprivileged. In reality, we see the policies adopted by the Democrat party actually hurting the underprivileged. Sometimes these Democrat policies go so far as to kill the underprivileged.
New state laws for the new year: California limits gun rights, minimum wages increase
​Several new state laws are set to take effect on New Year's Day, including unprecedented minimum wage hikes, equal pay requirements and new abortion statutes -- and in California, the legislation will curb gun rights, reduce criminal sentences and force publicly held corporations to elevate women to senior positions.
Decree by Brazil’s New President Keeps His Campaign Promise to Expand Gun Rights
​Brazil’s new president, Jair Bolsonaro (shown), who assumed his office on Tuesday, made many campaign promises. He supported his country’s national sovereignty and opposed abortion, affirmative action, and drug liberalization, while supporting closer relations with the United States and Israel.
Duckworth’s AR-15 Screed Merely Proves The Left Is Lying About Gun Control
​Last Thursday the Washington Post published an impassioned appeal from Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) imploring Americans to ban guns. You might think that hearing a senator from Illinois sing the praises of gun control laws to the rest of the country would border on high satire if only it weren’t so tragic a subject.
Armed Washington State Residents Stop Nail Gun Thieves
On the afternoon of 22 December, 2018, two young men decided to steal from a Coastal Farm & Ranch store in Marysville, Washington. Marysville is a town of about 60,000 population 35 miles north of Seattle.
Group Warns Government Shutdown May Thicken Red Tape on NFA Items
​A firearm trade group specializing in items such as suppressors, machine guns and short barreled rifles say the lapse in appropriations for some federal government operations is affecting paperwork.
New Public Shooting Range Sees Over 44,000 Visitors in First Year (VIDEO)
​A Missouri Department of Conservation shooting range opened outside of St. Louis has been very busy. The new August A. Busch Shooting Range in Defiance hosted 44,419 shooters during its first year of operation since it opened last October, MDC announced this month.
Restricting gun ownership leads to increased crime: Letter
​“Electron-spin-resonance transistors for quantum computing in silicon-germanium heterostructures” should not be discussed by those who do not understand the subject.
Pelosi won't easily shoot down gun rights
Most will not be surprised that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) – who plans to return as Speaker in the next House – has declared that gun control will be a priority in the next Congress.
Guns Owners of America Files Suit Over Federal Bump Stock Ban
A pro-gun group on Wednesday joined forces with a popular YouTube gun blogger to take the federal government to court over a pending ban on bump stocks.
New York Times Wants To Have Credit Card Companies Monitor Sales Of Guns And Ammo. What Could Ever Go Wrong?
The New York Times ran an article today that opens a new front in the progressive dream of restricting and eventually banning gun ownership. The story is headlined How Banks Unwittingly Finance Mass Shootings.
Why the Second Amendment Should Be Promoted In Chicago (or ANY Urban Area)
When we talk about the future of the Second Amendment, it is correct to note that the suburbs could be decisive. But there is another area which could be ripe for Second Amendment supporters to make gains – and which could help offset any gains made by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and other anti-Second Amendment extremists.
Texas Democrat Introduces Bill to Remove Ban on “Brass” Knucks
Texas law currently bans a number of weapons. Representative Joe Moody proposes to remove “brass” knuckles from the list of banned weapons in section 46.05 (a). Here is the list of banned weapons.

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