Illegal Alien Arrested Before Virginia Gun Rally
The three men had obtained guns and discussed traveling to Virginia for protests against new gun control measures, officials said.
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam declares weapons ban ahead of Richmond gun rights rally
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam declared a temporary state of emergency in Richmond — banning guns and all other weapons from Capitol Square ahead of a scheduled gun rights rally that has already drawn “credible threats.”
TSA discovered record 4,432 firearms at airport checkpoints in 2019
The U.S. Transportation Security Administration announced Wednesday that officers caught the highest number of guns at airport checkpoints nationwide in 2019.
Gun groups: Virginia Democrats want violence to disrupt, ‘smear’ gun control protest
Second Amendment groups heading a planned protest and rally of potentially 130,000 supporters Monday in Richmond, Virginia, are warning members to be on the lookout for agitators “invited” by gun control advocates to stir up violence and discredit their effort.
Uber driver pulls gun on passenger who allegedly tried to take control of car: Police
The passenger was arrested for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct.

Design of AR-15 could derail charges tied to popular rifle

Design of AR-15 could derail charges tied to popular rifle
DALLAS (AP) — A subtle design feature of the AR-15 rifle has raised a technical legal question that is derailing cases against people who are charged with illegally buying and selling the gun’s parts or building the weapon.
Virginia Democratic Gov. Northam will declare emergency to ban guns from Capitol Square ahead of pro-2A rally
Proposed gun bans are what caused the protests
Texas church shooting 'protector' Jack Wilson receives first-ever Governor’s Medal of Courage
AUSTIN, Texas – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott honored Monday the man who stopped a gunman at the West Freeway Church of Christ near Fort Worth last month.
VA Committee Approves Gun Bills On Party Line Vote
After a chaotic morning at the state capitol in Richmond, and despite huge turnout from thousands of gun owners, Virginia Democrats approved a number of gun control bills in a key committee hearing Monday.
VA Dems Drop AR-15 Confiscation After 1000s of NRA Members Show
Virginia Democrats withdrew an AR-15 confiscation bill Monday after thousands of NRA members showed up to oppose new gun controls.
Gun applications in New York Jewish community spike to nearly 1,000%
Applications for gun permits are surging in New York’s Rockland County after five Orthodox Jews were stabbed at a Hanukkah celebration at a local rabbi’s home.
Several firearms bills proposed at Washington Legislature
When lawmakers return to Olympia on Monday for the 2020 legislative session, they’ll take up a list of bills that aim to prevent gun violence, ranging from bans on certain types of weapons to an increase in training and background checks.
Virginia democrats propose law blocking cops, active military from carrying guns
It seems as though every day brings us something new out of Virginia relating to their now Democrat-led legislators and gun laws.
Michael Bloomberg Is Open to Spending $1 Billion to Defeat Trump
The Democratic presidential candidate said he would spend big even if the nominee was someone he had sharp differences with, like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.
NRA Handing Out 30-Round Mags in VA to Fight Northam Gun Ban
The NRA will be handing out 1,000 30-round magazines in the Virginia Capitol City of Richmond Monday as part of the fight against Gov. Ralph Northam’s (D) gun grab.
Vermont Bill Criminalizing Cell Phone Use for Anyone Under 21 Is a Brilliant Troll
The proposal is parodying, not endorsing, the nanny state.
12 Shot, 5 Fatally In Gun Controlled- Baltimore On Saturday
Police responded to multiple shootings throughout Saturday in Baltimore that left four people dead.

Governor to again seek red flag law

Governor to again seek red flag law
LAS CRUCES – Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is calling on state lawmakers to pass a red flag law during this legislative session, saying it would save lives in New Mexico.
Indiana State Senator Tries To Bring Virginia Anti-Gun Legislation To Midwest
Pushing for more government control while pushing for less citizen protection is a dangerous, despotic mix
Democrat Bill Mandates Licensing of All Virginia AR-15 Owners
A bill from Delegate Mark Levine (D) mandates all Virginia AR-15 owners acquire a license of ownership from the state.
Exclusive: A ‘Program of Discrimination’: Kickstarter Refuses to Help Company Making Child Locks for Guns
When Dave Hellekson invented the Pumalock Interrupter, he hoped to fund his new venture by launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. While the popular website prohibits funding for “weapon accessories,” Helleckson’s quick-access gun lock is, by definition, not an accessory.
VIDEO: As Gun Grab Looms, Virginia Dems Call 2A Supporters ‘Crazy’, ‘Gun Nuts’, ‘Little Kids’
Virginia Democrats openly disparaged supporters of the Second Amendment.
Bloomberg's gun control group helps city sue firearms-maker
A gun-control advocacy group founded by Democratic presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg is helping Kansas City, Mo., with lawsuits accusing a gun manufacturer and local dealers of failing to live up to their legal responsibilities to curb weapons-trafficking.
Burglary suspect found dead in road after shootout with gun shop owner
HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — A burglary at a gun shop led to the shooting death of one of the suspects, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.
GOESER: Gun Control Hurts People Like Me
The night of my husband’s death, I had been informed that the Metro Nashville Police Department offers a Victim Intervention Program for victims of violent crime. This is a free counseling service offered to those Nashville residents affected by violent crime, and it is available for as long as you need it.

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