As companies cut ties with guns, firearms inventors turn to crowd funding for investment
"There is a cancer brewing in corporate America. And, and the remedy, the, is a healthy dose of the free market. And that’s why we started Gun Dynamics," said Larry Ward, the chief marketing officer of Gun Dynamics, in an interview.
NRA Challenges Andrew Cuomo in Court
The National Rifle Association of America has filed a lawsuit against the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS), New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and DFS Superintendent Maria T. Vullo alleging violations of the Association’s First Amendment rights.
As law enforcement raced to a Klamath home this morning in response to a 911 call, a man broke into the residence on Gensaw Road in Klamath and killed the person inside, said Del Norte County Sheriff Commander Bill Steven.
Son Kills Home Invader While Mom Is on the Phone With 911
A son shot and killed a home invader while his mother was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher.
CDC Can't Be Trusted on Guns; Here's Why
Few who read this magazine are likely to be unaware of the anti-gun leanings of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which for years has worked to treat firearm ownership like it’s a disease that needs to be eradicated. But newly discovered polling by the CDC shows just how far the agency is willing to go to hide evidence of the positive aspects of gun ownership.
Kennedy's Departure Probably Will Give Us a Court More Inclined to Defend Gun Rights
Although Anthony Kennedy joined all three decisions in which the Supreme Court has upheld the constitutional right to keep and bear arms, his retirement probably means the Court will be less reluctant to define the contours of that right. In the decade since the Court first ruled that a law was inconsistent with the Second Amendment, it has passed up almost every opportunity to resolve lingering questions about which forms of gun control are constitutional. It seems clear that Kennedy bears much of the responsibility for that reticence.
Oliver North wants to double NRA's membership, warns Republicans about 'far left'
Well-known conservative Oliver North, the incoming president of the National Rifle Association, will be speaking in Pocatello on Friday evening as part of his goal to double the NRA's membership.
Oregon Supreme Court shoots down gun control measure ballot title, suggests modifications
The Oregon Supreme Court voted against the proposed ballot title for an assault weapons ban ballot initiative Wednesday. The court referred it to the attorney general for modification.
Gun rights advocates pen initiative for November ballot
A local group of gun activists have recently submitted an initiative to the Yamhill County Clerk's Office to protect their Second Amendment rights.

Gun Advocates Sue Cincinnati and Columbus

Gun Advocates Sue Cincinnati and Columbus
Ohio gun advocates sued Cincinnati and Columbus this week, claiming city laws banning “trigger activators” — bump stocks — on guns are unconstitutional.
Ohio gun rights could expand under so-called ‘stand your ground’ law
Ohio lawmakers are closer than ever to passing a so-called “stand your ground” bill that would expand gun rights by relaxing a person’s duty to retreat before using lethal force in self-defense.
Corporate America increasingly avoids gun-industry business
After high-profile mass shootings, corporate America has taken a stand against the firearms industry amid a lack of action by lawmakers on gun control. Payment processing firms are limiting transactions, Bank of America stopped providing financing to companies that make AR-style guns, and retailers like Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods imposed age restrictions on gun purchases.
Homeowner shoots, kills person trying to break into home
LAS VEGAS - Metro Police investigated a shooting at 2854 La Canada Street near E. Vegas Valley Drive and S. Maryland Parkway. According to Metro, around 11:00 a.m., a call came in to police about a person who had been shot.

GD Sneak Peek

GD Sneak Peek
Here is a little teaser to what will be coming your way in the next few months on
Faced With Threats of Harassment, Trump Administration Officials Urged to Carry Guns
The Washington Examiner is reporting that, “Facing a new wave of potentially dangerous threats, called for by a top Democratic lawmaker, legal and gun experts are calling on top Trump aides to get their concealed carry permit and back it up with a pistol.” That’s good advice for anyone in a city with a crime
Extremely Persistent Home Invader Gets Shot by Quick-Acting Homeowner
At 5:42am Sunday morning in a Salt Lake City suburb, a stranger started pounding vigorously on a homeowner’s front door. The family was startled, but chose to simply not answer the door. At that point, walking away would’ve been a lifesaving move for 24-year-old Christian Chichia. But criminals rarely do the smart thing. Instead of moving
An Interview With Mark Smith, Author of #Duped – How the Anti-gun Lobby Exploits the Parkland School Shooting-and How Gun Owners Can Fight Back
Since Parkland, the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex along with their willing stenographers in the media have launched an all-out assault on Second Amendment rights. Armed with a few telegenic teenage sock puppets who are all too willing to grab for their chance at fame, we’ve seen new gun control bills debated and sometimes passed...
Superhero concealed firearm carrier who stopped Walmart shooting speaks out (VIDEO)
A pastor who carries a concealed weapon stepped up to stop an armed gunman in a Washington Walmart and, grieving for the victims of the tragic event, stands by his actions.
Illinois Court Strikes Down School Zone Gun Ban as Unconstitutional
In People of Illinois vs Green, an Illinois appelate court struck down a state law banning guns within 1,000 feet of a school. The court relied on a previous decision that struck down a ban on guns within 1,000 feet of a park. Quovadis Green was observed across the street from a school. He was wearing...
Crowdfunding Project: SIRCA TEC SLF-X Pisol
I learned about this firearm project from a firearms dedicated crowdfunding website called Gun Dynamics. By browsing their website you can find several gun-related campaigns but one of the most significant and interesting projects is definitely the crowdfunding campaign
9mm Handgun puts down Charging Bear
Phil Shoemaker, an experienced Alaskan hunting and fishing guide, was guiding a couple of clients on a salmon fishing trip in the Becharof National Wildlife Refuge in southwestern Alaska.
Gun review: The reliable, subcompact Walther PPQ SC (VIDEO)
Walther Arms presents a serious contender for both range and concealed carry use with its PPQ SC, the subcompact interpretation of its PPQ series pistols.
It’s Official: America Now Has More Guns Than People
We did it! According to a decade-long survey of gun ownership around the world, the United States now has more firearms than people, about 1.2 guns for every man, woman and child. It’s always appalled civilian disarmament types and their media stenographers that Americans love their guns so much, so expect this news – that Americ
California bill would track gun part sales, require vendor licensing
An Assembly bill now in the Senate would regulate “firearm precursor parts” sold in California through licensing, reporting and background checks.

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