Man opens fire inside Oklahoma restaurant before 'armed citizen' shoots, kills him, police say
A man “opened fire” Thursday in an Oklahoma restaurant, leaving at least four people injured, before he was fatally shot by a bystander, police said.
USCCA Advocates for Stronger School Security Through Concealed Carry Rights
As the national debate continues on how best to protect America’s schools, the United States Concealed Carry Association has long been advocating for trained faculty members to be able to defend their classrooms through concealed carry, and Tim Schmidt of the USCCA weighed in recentl
Gear Review: StealthGear USA Scorpion appendix carry holster
StealthGear USA first made waves in the holster world with its Ventcore style holsters. Since then the company has continued to innovate on that platform, offering multiple products to satisfy a plethora of consumers.
Louisiana Legislature Approves Bulletproof Backpacks
The bill would provide schoolchildren will the option of another layer of protection.
Tucker Carlson Blasts Politician for Obscene Anti-NRA Ad
New Mexico congressional candidate Pat Davis uses a campaign ad to say, “(Expletive) the NRA”—and Fox commentator challenges him, not just for the obscenity, but for blaming the NRA.
A beautiful water-cooled Swedish machine gun in the hands of The Gunny and Co. (VIDEO)
Exhibition shooter Kirsten Joy Weiss joins the iconic R. Lee Ermey to talk about and fire the rarely-seen Swedish Kulspruta m/36.
Bear Shot After Breaking Into North Carolina Home – Defensive Gun Use of the Day
rare home invasion by one of North Carolina’s black bears started when the animal ‘broke through a garage door’ and began dragging food out of a deep freeze in the garage, reports the Highlander newspaper.” Not rare enough, evidently.
Armed Citizens Get Credit for Stopping Shootings
The FBI's “Active Shooter Incidents in the United States in 2016 and 2017” report says civilians stopped eight violent rampages.
School resource officer takes down gunman at Illinois high school
Law enforcement in Dixon, Illinois praised a local school resource officer for taking down an armed intruder early Wednesday.
Gun Dynamics Mentioned on Field Sports Channel [VIDEO]
A brief mention of our Gun Dynamics Website on an international program....
Survivor who refuses to be a victim: ‘You can’t make excuses’ (VIDEO)
Following a creepy break-in that left her unsettled, Tomi Ledford changed her lifestyle, got some training, and got a gun.
Dr. Victor Chen: Why the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Should Matter to All Americans
Last week, we ran a post by Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownerhip’s Victor Chen, MD, on why the right to keep and bear arms is important to the bay area psychiatrist. Here is part two of Dr. Chen’s essay on why the RKBA is important for all Americans. 
'Things could have gone much worse': Former student is shot by officer during gunfire exchange at Dixon High School
Officials say a police officer working at Dixon High School shot and wounded a former student who fired a gun at him.
Larry Lopata: Gun-Friendly Crowdfunding Site Launches
He wants to create a 3-in-1 trigger for the 1911 for people with different hand sizes.
[NRA 2018] Why Everyone Should Learn to “Shoot Like a Girl”
Nestled in the very far, back corner of the NRA 2018 showroom, one might worry that the “Shoot Like a Girl” (SLG2) booth would resemble a barren wasteland…and they would be incorrect.
A family outing with the venerable Browning BL 22 rimfire cowboy gun (VIDEO)
A simple and arguably elegant little lever-action carbine that has been popular for a half-century, the BL 22 only seems to get better with age.
BACK TO SUBGUNS? US Army Releases RFI for Sub Compact Weapons
The US Army’s PEO Soldier – Project Manager Soldier Weapons has issued an Request for Information (RFI) to obtain industry feedback on possible submissions to Sub Compact Weapons (SCW) evaluations. The specification details offered by the Project Manager Soldier Weapons (PMSW) are scant and extremely broad. Describing potential SCWs as being select fire weapons, chambered in
No Changes to What Ruger Makes and Sells to Law Abiding Citizens, Despite Shareholder Proposal
At the recent Annual Meeting of the Ruger Stockholders, a shareholder’s activist proposal – a thinly disguised call for gun control – was passed despite a recommendation against passage from the Ruger Board of Directors. Below is Ruger’s formal response to the resolution.
Walther shipping new 9mm PPS M2 pistols standard with RMSc optic (VIDEO)
alther had their updated PPS M2 at the NRA Annual Meeting in Dallas last week and said the factory RMSc package is now shipping to retailers.
78-Year-Old Junkyard Owner Fights Off Two Robbers With a Revolver – DGU of the Day
Last week, two men came to Bobby Ray Osborne’s junkyard asking about a car he had for sale. This week then came back looking to rob him. “I was putting up a pretty good fight to be 78,” Bobby Ray Osborne said. Kentucky State Police say the two men jumped Osborne Tuesday morning, and they...
New Jersey Housing Developer Bans Guns In Rental Properties!
Another “nobody is trying to take your guns” success story. It has come to our attention that a housing development group called RPM Development Group is prohibiting their tenants from owning firearms. You have two choices: keep your gun(s) or become homeless. A new low for the anti-gun bigots!
Golob, Liptak among new faces on NRA Board of Directors
Among the 26 people sworn in to serve new terms on the National Rifle Association’s board over the weekend was IPSC champion Julie Golob and Magpul exec Duane Liptak
Media Ignore Pro-Gun Student Action
“Stand for the Second” walkout gets little coverage, certainly when compared to coverage of the gun control protest in March.
New Auto-Ordnance custom 1911s draw a crowd in Dallas (PHOTOS)
World War II-themed “Victory Girls” 1911s and others on hand at Auto-Ordnance’s booth impressed visitors to the 147th NRA Show last week.
NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits Draws Record Crowd
More than 87,000 attended the gathering in Dallas May 4-6.

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