Biden announces new military and veteran suicide prevention strategy
The plan includes a new federal focus on improving lethal means safety, which is a voluntary practice to reduce one's suicide risk by limiting access to objects that can be used to cause self-harm, including medications, firearms, or sharp instruments.
SCOTUS Ponders How Second Amendment Cases Should be Decided Going Forward
In addition to deciding whether the Second Amendment protects the right to carry a gun in public, the Supreme Court may be poised to change the way future courts review gun cases altogether.
SCOTUS Second Amendment Hearing Signals Justices Think There Are Too Many Gun Control Laws
The Supreme Court took up its first major Second Amendment case in over a decade on Wednesday
Corporate Media Journalist Reports Gun Company to Secret Service for “Let’s Go Brandon” AR-15
South Carolina gun manufacturer Palmetto State Armory has released a “Let’s Go Brandon” AR-15 lower, with one NBC news writer taking it upon himself to report the product to the Secret Service. The Let’s Go Brandon lower(a part used to build an AR-15 rifle) was retailed on PSA’s website last week.
FBI Spy Video Shows Kyle Rittenhouse Being Chased Down at Kenosha Riot...Which Explains Why You've Never Seen It
For more than a year, prosecutors in the Kyle Rittenhouse case have possessed FBI spy video footage taken by a fixed wing plane flying above the Kenosha riots. Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense attorneys say they only learned of its existence recently.
Majority of Supreme Court appears to think N.Y. gun law is too restrictive
A majority of Supreme Court justices indicated Wednesday that they believe Americans generally have a right to carry a handgun outside the home for self-defense and that a New York law requiring special justification for getting such a permit is too restrictive.
Pritzker declares gun violence a public health crisis in Illinois
(The Center Square) – Gov. J.B. Pritzker has declared gun violence in Illinois a public health crisis with an executive order.
Gun Sales Continue Climbing as 2021 Set to Eclipse Every Year but 1
Gun sales in 2021 are close to being higher than any year but one, with two months left to go, according to newly released data.
Canadian Gun Confiscation Effort Already Overbudget Before Collecting Any Guns
The Canadian “assault weapon” confiscation plan is struggling to get off the ground.
Retired police captain being robbed shoots, kills criminal – now the robber’s mom is demanding ‘justice’
According to reports, the mother of a young man who was fatally shot by a retired Oakland police captain agrees that her son was wrong for robbing the man, but is now questioning whether the use of deadly force was necessary. 
Rittenhouse Defense Team Implodes Hours Before Jury Selection
Mere hours before jury selection began in the self-defense trial of Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin, a key defense attorney who put together a “dream team” of jury selection experts announced he was off the case. Robert Barnes says the change in the defense team means someone is “deliberately sabotaging Kyle’s defense.”
Queens District Attorney Giving $25 Per Rifle at Gun Buyback
Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz is holding a “Cash for Guns” buyback Saturday, where those turning in rifles will receive $25.
What Will Virginia’s Gubernatorial Election Mean for the Second Amendment?
Two years ago, Second Amendment supporters suffered a serious reverse in the 2019 off-year elections in Virginia.
Two homeowners fire up Second Amendment, turn the tables on intruders who pointed guns at them in Texas, Pennsylvania
A pair of homeowners in separate incidents in Texas and Pennsylvania last week managed to turn the tables on intruders who pointed guns at them — and they both harnessed the Second Amendment to do it.
Gun dealers struggle with ammunition shortages
MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin gun dealers continue to struggle with keeping shelves stocked with ammunition.
Homemade Shotguns At Columbus “Buyback” Gun Turn-In
A few years ago, “ghost gun” homemade shotguns were appearing at gun “buyback” turn-in events, as makers of the simple shotguns cashed in on the money to be had.
Ohio House committee passes bill allowing for concealed carry of guns without training
An Ohio House committee passed legislation Thursday that would allow most Ohioans who are 21 years of age and up to lawfully carry a concealed firearm.
Supreme Court to hear case challenging restrictions on gun permits
If the Supreme Court strikes down the NY law as unconstitutional, it would be the most consequential win for gun-rights activists since 2008.
The racist roots and impact of gun control policies
After his home was bombed in 1956, Martin Luther King Jr. applied for a permit to carry a gun. Despite the potentially deadly threats that King faced as a leader of the Montgomery, Alabama, bus boycott, the county sheriff, Mac Sim Butler, said no.
Vermont gun group leader says Alec Baldwin ‘broke every single rule of basic firearm safety’
Alec Baldwin may want to lie even lower if he’s still in Vermont.
One of the Big Lies In the Kyle Rittenhouse Case
Kyle Rittenhouse's trial is set to start on November 1 and the charges range from murder to attempted murder for his role in killing two people and injuring another with an AR-15 during the Kenosha riots.
Democrats Keep Pushing to Eliminate American's Due Process Rights, Extreme Risk Protection Orders
Everyone wants to stop dangerous people from getting guns. To some, the obvious solution lies in Red Flag laws, also called Extreme Risk Protection Orders, that enable easy confiscation.
Michigan gun owners argue for exemption to background checks
A gun rights group told the Sixth Circuit that Michigan's requirements for a concealed handgun permit meet federal standards and should exempt residents from background checks when they buy guns at trade shows.

Cybercriminals claim to have hacked the NRA

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Cybercriminals claim to have hacked the NRA
A ransomware group that experts say is based in Russia has posted what it claims are 13 National Rifle Association files to the dark web.
Rittenhouse Self-Defense Argument Bolstered By Judge's Decision
Next Monday, Illinois teen Kyle Rittenhouse is scheduled to go on trial for the deaths of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber along with the wounding of Gaige Grosskreutz last August as riots and looting were erupting across Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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