11 Examples of Defensive Gun Use Highlight Importance of Second Amendment in New Year
Just one month into 2022, it became clear that the new year hasn’t brought relief from the unprecedented spikes in violent crime in many cities since the summer of 2020.
How The M61A2 Vulcan Can Shoot 6,600 Bullets In 60 Seconds
The M61A2 Vulcan is a legend for a very simple and easy to understand reason: it can put a lot of lead on a target very, very quickly: It isn’t possible with the human eye to see a bullet as it leaves the muzzle of a gun, but in the case of the General Dynamics M61A2 20mm rotary cannon
‘Squad’ Member Cori Bush Employs Pro-Gun Private Security Firm
Rep. Cori Bush (D., Mo.), a leading socialist member of Congress who wants to defund the police, spent tens of thousands of dollars on a right-wing private security firm that promotes the Second Amendment.
13 States And Washington DC Back Mexican Govt's Lawsuit Against US Gun Manufacturers
Having failed to sufficiently capitalize on mass shootings and other gun violence, Democrats are now supporting an end-run effort to cripple manufacturers and distributors of firearms by challenging their existing immunity from lawsuits, and then seeking to hold them liable for crimes committed with their products.
Biden calls Glock handgun with 40-round mag a 'weapon of war' in gun control remarks
President Joe Biden referred to the Glock .45 handgun, a popular firearm available in the civilian market, as a "weapon of war" during a recent gun control announcement.
Biden's 'guns first' approach to violent crime ignores basic facts
Over 92% of violent crimes in America do not involve firearms
Lawmakers Investigate Biden Admin Over Database Containing One Billion Gun Sale Records
ATF will 'sweep up records of every gun sale in America,’ GOP lawmakers warn
Biden: We Can't
President Biden met with New York officials including Mayor Eric Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul at NYPD headquarters on Thursday, where he focused on gun control and said out loud that we can not "defund the police."

Constitutional carry bill advances in Georgia

Constitutional carry bill advances in Georgia
The state legislature in Georgia advanced a constitutional carry bill that would remove the license requirement for residents to carry a handgun in public.
Kyle Rittenhouse Rifle to be Destroyed; Dominick Black Rifle Returned
The legal disposition of the rifle used by Kyle Rittenhouse in self-defense, during the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, has been settled.
ATF Admits To Secret Database Of
What always proceeds gun confiscation historically? A Registry.
Good guy with a gun neutralizes assailant who was reportedly stabbing woman outside Texas gas station
A Texas man stepped into a terrifying domestic situation unfolding outside a Waco gas station and quickly incapacitated a suspect who was allegedly repeatedly stabbing a woman.
Chuck Schumer announces $1.5B push for Interstate Gun Task Force
Sen. Chuck Schumer on Sunday pushed the federal government to give New York at least $1.5 billion to help get illegal guns off the streets.
NY Dem Councilwoman Still Wants To Abolish Police After Cop Killings in Neighborhood
A New York City councilwoman is still pushing to abolish the police days after a shooting in her Harlem neighborhood left two NYPD cops dead.
Carjackings Skyrocket by 510% in Democrat-Run Cities amid Soft-on-Crime Policies
Crime wave fanned by Criminal reform systems pushed by Democrats
Fight Crime: Arm America’s Citizens
America’s surge in grotesque, random mayhem has become a coast-to-coast crime epic.
Boom: 5.4M first-time gun buyers, 33% women, blacks up 44%
First-time gun buyers continued to flood into firearms stores last year, broadening the once male and white market with women, blacks, Asians, and Hispanics.
Texas Suppressor Manufacturers Say New State Law Failed to Sidestep National Firearms Act
Until Paxton seeks a court judgment that the new bill is constitutional, the law can't change the suppressor purchase process.
Biden to meet with New York mayor on gun crime
President Biden will travel to New York City next Thursday to meet with newly elected Mayor Eric Adams (D) and discuss efforts to combat gun crime.

ATF raids Amish farmer, seizes guns

ATF raids Amish farmer, seizes guns
So far no arrests have been made and authorities are keeping mum about a raid on a property in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Amish country around Lancaster, but the local paper has some intriguing suggestions about what’s going on, and it sure looks like the BATFE is getting ready to accuse an Amish farmer of being an unlicensed gun retailer.
Crime: CNN Buys Into Liberal Pols' Focus on Guns, Not Criminals
Liberals like to mock people offering "thoughts and prayers" in response to deadly shootings. But liberals themselves invariably trot out a largely useless approach to such tragedies. They focus on guns, not the criminals who use them.

How The Great Ammo Shortage Of 2022 Went Global

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How The Great Ammo Shortage Of 2022 Went Global
From Alaska to Australia: Shooters Feeling Pain of Ammo Shortage: 1945 has extensively covered ammunition shortages in the United States but now the problem is spreading to at least one other country. Australia is seeing empty shelves and high prices, while people in the United
1st in nation: San Jose mayor wants to force gun owners to have liability insurance
SAN JOSE, Calif. - The San José City Council will vote Tuesday on requiring every household with a gun owner to have liability insurance coverage for their firearms and pay an annual fee – which would make San Jose the first city or state in the nation with such gun violence reduction proposals. 
Ninth Circuit Trump Appointed Judge Lampoons His Entire Circuit Over Its Treatment of the Second Amendment
As a rule, few things are less likely to be the source of humor than court decisions. Sometimes there are excellent puns or low-key snark, but you don’t find belly-laugh material. Usually.

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