RELEASE: Brand new handgun technology, SIRCA SLF-X at Gun Dynamics

For Immediate Release
April 27, 2018
Contact: Joshua Delano
Phone: 832-910-7307

Brand new handgun technology, SIRCA SLF-X at Gun Dynamics
BETHEL, CT – SIRCA TEC is developing a brand new handgun technology called the SIRCA SLF-X.  The mission is to deliver a handgun with high caliber stopping power and with low caliber muzzle climb.  Drawing on Newton’s laws of motion, the technology is a patented split slide configuration that redirects part of the recoil energy of the rear slide to drive the front slide forward. The SIRCA SLF-X is based on a blowback system to generate the action and when that front slide impacts the frame it creates a downward force that naturally stabilizes the firearm.  This not only creates a smoother action but also measurably reduces muzzle climb and allows for superior target reacquisition. It truly is a satisfying weapon the fire.

By using a split slide configuration, SIRCA TEC discovered that they could make slides of high-grade aluminum instead of steel, this significantly reduces the overall weight of the firearm.  The Company's current prototype – a full sized 9mm handgun featuring all-aluminum slides and frame – weighs little more than a pound unloaded making the SLF-X nearly 1/3 pounds lighter than the popular Glock 19.
Isaac Newton meets Handgun Technology: The SIRCA SLF-X

SIRCA TEC's dual-slide system creates a casing ejection port at the apex of a round being fired. This configuration means the slides only travel half the distance of a traditional handgun to eject the casing and chamber the following round. Testing has shown that the SIRCA SLF-X has a cycle rate that is twice as fast as current semi-automatic handguns.

The SIRCA SLF-X provides a brand new firing experience yet preserves the controls and actions of a traditional semi-automatic handgun leaving the shooter's muscle memory unhindered.  Those who have tested the SIRCA SLF-X agree it is an amazing feeling to have the muzzle literally push itself back down into firing position after each shot – they've said it makes shooting a 9mm projectile feel like an air pistol. To date, thousands of rounds have been put through our current prototype and we're confident we'll produce the best configuration based upon our tests and experience.

SIRCA TEC is launching a crowdfunding campaign through Gun Dynamics to secure funding for the final pre-production prototypes to be machined.  If you would like to be a part of history you can help us by supporting the final phase of development. To make the SIRCA SLF-X a production-ready firearm, please visit our campaign and make a pledge right here. Interested investors may also contact us via our website or by calling 646-522-2214.

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