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XTech Tactical and Gun Dynamics Team up to Launch Smart Laser

After over two years of development, XTech Tactical’s Smart Laser is fully developed and a small batch of production units are in hand and te

Crowdfunding Project: SIRCA TEC SLF-X Pistol

I learned about this firearm project from a firearms dedicated crowdfunding website called Gun Dynamics. By browsing their website you can fi

Gun Dynamics Stands With Tucker Carlson

Enough! We have had enough of the hateful, well funded and orchestrated smear campaigns designed to silence conservative voices. Tucker Carls

XTech Tactical & Gun Dynamics Team up to Launch Smart Laser

After over two years of development, XTech Tactical’s Smart Laser is fully developed, and a small batch of production units are in hand and t

Gun Dynamics News

Murphy signs ‘smart gun’ bill, calls for more gun control

Gov. Phil Murphy signed into law a smart gun bill requiring every New Jersey gun dealer to offer a personalized handgun model which can only

WATCH – Father Who Killed Intrusion Suspect: ‘I Had No Other Choice’

​A father who shot and killed an intrusion suspect at an Anderson County, South Carolina, residence says he had “no other choice” but to prot

Twitter Bans Free Speech Champion Lindsay Shepherd For “Abusing” Trans Activist

Twitter exposes its double standards by allowing a transgender activist to hurl misogynistic insults at a woman, whom the platform banned for

Twitter exec: ‘Jail,’ ‘impeachment’ for Trump, calls social media chief ‘racist d--k’

​A senior Twitter manager who has called for jailing and impeaching President Trump and slammed the White House social media chief with four-

Big Tech 'censorship'? Republican lawmakers ask FTC to probe allegations of bias

Two prominent Republican lawmakers asked the Federal Trade Commission Monday to investigate how big tech companies curate their content, citi

Faith Goldy: Antifa Terrorism—The Coming Civil War

“Armed Civil War In Current Year America.” Even as hyperbole, it makes for a sexy headline. So why won’t the failing news media — so desperat

Peter Thiel says FBI, CIA should probe Google

Peter Thiel, billionaire investor and Facebook board member, on Sunday night said that Google should be federally investigated for allegedly

Facebook Embeds 'Hidden Codes' To Track Who Sees And Shares Your Photos

Facebook has become synonymous with privacy violations in the year since Cambridge Analytica came to light. Now in the same week that details

Watch: Man ambushed, gunned down while trying to flee attackers

​Dramatic surveillance video shows a Bronx man being ambushed inside an apartment building lobby by two thugs — one of whom fatally shot him

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