An Interview With Mark Smith, Author of #Duped – How the Anti-gun Lobby Exploits the Parkland School Shooting-and How Gun Owners Can Fight Back

Since Parkland, the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex along with their willing stenographers in the media have launched an all-out assault on Second Amendment rights. Armed with a few telegenic teenage sock puppets who are all too willing to grab for their chance at fame, we’ve seen new gun control bills debated and sometimes passed, including bump fire stock bans, raising the age to buy long guns and “red flag” laws.

Alarmed by what he was seeing, attorney and author Mark Smith decided to shed a little light on what’s at play here and has penned a new book, #Duped – How the Anti-gun Lobby Exploits the Parkland School Shooting-and How Gun Owners Can Fight Back. We asked Mr. Smith a few questions about his new book.

Q: Why did you write #Duped?

A: The war on guns has moved from a cold war to a hot war. The mainstream media’s relentless celebration of the handful of Parkland high school kids who voiced support for gun control helped me realize this. The global elites have declared all-out class warfare on gun owners and the Second Amendment. As a gun owner, I felt my rights and the rights of every law-abiding American were under attack. This motivated me to act.

#Duped pulls back the curtain to reveal the real agenda of the gun grabbers and gives readers the intellectual ammunition to fight back against the lies and myths about guns perpetrated by the anti-gun lobby and by the mainstream media.

That guns save lives is not a rhetorical ploy, but a fact. If guns did not protect and save lives, then the world’s one percenters and political elites would not surround themselves with men with guns.

It is important to lay blame at the feet of the real villains. If we focus on distractions and not the real cause of the problem, then we miss another opportunity to adopt solutions that will help prevent another tragic shooting and save lives. Blaming an inanimate object for human criminality is not only silly, but self-defeating; it distracts us from the real causes of violence, i.e., criminals, crazies, cartels, and terrorists.

It is wrong to accuse and punish law-abiding Americans who had nothing to do with the Parkland shooting (or any other school shooting), while deliberately deflecting attention away from those people whose failures allowed Nicolas Cruz’s killing spree to occur.

Guns are not the problem. They are a big part of the solution.
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