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The gun community is under siege. Gun Dynamics vows to provide a place where gun-related inventors can promote their dreams.

GOAL $ 25000

The Situation

Crowdfunding is a groundbreaking way for new innovators to bring their ideas to the masses. If firearm-related products do not have a place to be showcased it puts the gun industry at a severe disadvantage. Being denied access to the major crowdfunding platforms serves as another example of the market blacklisting being incurred by our industry. At GD we decided to do something about it and if you believe in what we are doing please join us.

What is Gun Dynamics?

GD was founded by 4 pro-gun enthusiasts in response to all the censorship toward the gun community by traditional crowdfunding platforms.  Our intent is to create a place where firearm-focused entrepreneurs can freely launch their projects and gun enthusiasts can back and buy the latest technologies from companies large and small. If you have a project to launch please contact us.

Moving forward

It seems every day now another company is putting limits on how we can find and purchase gun products.

GD’s mission is to become a hub for the gun community providing a network of services and support to help the future John Browning’s develop their ideas. This includes gun-friendly design shops, PR groups, website services, banks, law firms, and business advisors. Anyone interested in using or joining our network is welcome to contact us.

Promoting the lifestyle

GD has created “The Gun Tales Project” where people can learn and share stories and events about the people and places that make up this great community. We are currently filming interviews with some of the gun community's finest.  If you have a good story to tell or a favorite range, store, person, and/or company that you would like GD to do a piece on we’d like to know, please submit your stories to us here.

The Gun Tales Project will include a “How a Firearm Saved My Life” gallery where we ask people to submit videos of how a firearm protected them.  If you would like to submit a personal video or a written story about how a firearm saved your life, please send it to  It is our mission that The Gun Tales Project will show the world the good that guns do for millions of people every day.

The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil constitution, are worth defending against all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks".
~ Samuel Adams

Join the GD community


We the People

We have the oldest written Constitution in the world and many have sacrificed their lives defending it. GD invites you to join us to protect the gun community from unfair blacklisting of gun companies and in GD’s opinion, flat-out market profiling. Our beloved Constitution provides anyone the right to turn their backs on a community that has made them hundreds of millions of dollars. Fortunately, our Constitution also provides all of us the right to do something about it. 

Supporting the cause

If you can assist us in our cause, we promise to pursue, support and promote the best up-and-coming gun-related technologies being developed in a garage near you. Additionally, we pledge to provide entertaining content to showcase how awesome this community is. If you have some cool content that you’d like to share send it over

Become a Funding Father or Mother

On April 19th 1776, 243 years ago, a British major yelled, “Throw down your arms! Ye villains, ye rebels.” The heavily outnumbered militiamen had just been ordered by their commander to disperse when a shot rang out. The shot heard round the world. Well 243 years later a major segment of our fellow citizens are coming and telling us to do the very same thing.

Larry lopata Larry Lopata, creator of, poses for a portrait during the annual National Rifle Association (NRA) convention in Dallas, Texas, U.S., May 5, 2018. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

"The gun owner is one of the pillars of this great nation. Without armed citizens willing to sacrifice everything for freedom, this land that we love would be just another colony".
~ Gun enthusiast and Gun Dynamics Founder Larry Lopata

If everyone can give a little we can do a lot.

All donations and buy-ins are appreciated and your names will be added to our Digital Minutemen/women list of modern patriots.

**Bronze, Silver and Gold Challenge coins are color only and contain no precious metals. 

For Customer Support or more information on this campaign please contact Gun Dynamics at:

Gun Dynamics
211 Greenwood Ave, STE150
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Receive a ST1911 trigger and our 'Of the people, By the people, For the people' T-shirt and have your name added to our Funding Fathers Wall.



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