The Perfect Sight Alignment Trainer

BY Engler and Associates, Inc.

The Perfect Sight Alignment Trainer is a new tool that can help you train beginning students in the fundamentals of shooting, especially in the concepts of sight alignment and sight picture, and it’s available through Gun Dynamics.  It’s a tool that can be effective for any new shooter, regardless of age.

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For someone who has never actually shot a firearm, one of the biggest mysteries is how to make their shots hit the center of the target. The fundamental skills of shooting include Aiming, Breath Control, Hold Control, Trigger Control, and Follow Though. The Perfect Sight Alignment Trainer can be used as a tool for demonstrating all of these except Trigger Control.

An excellent teaching technique is to break the process down into individual functions.  By focusing on a complex process one skill at a time, students are able to learn faster. The Perfect Sight Alignment Trainer enables you to do just that.

Some new shooters may be apprehensive about the experience, especially if they have never had any exposure to firearms.  They don’t know what to expect, but they want to learn how to shoot.  Using a training tool that doesn’t look like a firearm helps put them at ease, which can make the learning process easier.  Being able to actually hold the tool up to see how the fundamentals work can be a powerful learning aid.

The Perfect Sight Alignment Trainer is modular, so it can be adapted to simulate a variety of firearm sight combinations.  It is lightweight and portable, so it can be easily transported for use in remote locations, and it has been used to successfully train hundreds of new shooters over the past several years.  It’s available in a variety of colors in finishes, ranging from basic black to deluxe versions made of fine hardwoods such as walnut and oak.  Custom finishes and materials may be ordered on request.


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