Ruger™ 10/22 HC3R Tactical Pack Gen II

BY HC Mags
The HC3R™ magazine solves the problems of high capacity 10/22® magazines which shooters around the world have been tolerating. No more busting your thumbs loading up magazines, no more unreliable feeding, and no more impossible to clean mags fouling up your range day. The patented design of the HC3R™ magazine makes it the first of its kind to bring high capacity together with reliability, easy loading and cartridge storage in a single, high quality unit. Now also available together with our durable, Tactical Pack case which offers extra stripper clips, speedloader,
GOAL $ 60000

Tactical Pack:
Includes Gen II HC3R™ Magazine, 5 Gen II Stripper Clips, Speedloader, 2 take-down tools, and the case!

If you are from a legal area of IL, please call to order. Stores up to 545 rounds with magazine & stripper clips loaded to capacity.

Organized and ready-to-go for ease of use in the field.
Durable thermo-formed zip-up case High density one-piece EVA closed cell foam, precisely cut to fit all of the HC3R accessories Adjustable shoulder carrying-strap.
Additional handle Inside-lid zipper pocket for paper targets (not included).
Six pockets for 50-round ammo-boxes (not included) to store under stripper clips.

Does not include ammo or targets
Includes HC3R™ Magazine, 5 Stripper Clips, Speedloader, 2 take-down tools, and the case!


No more busting your thumbs loading up magazines, no more unreliable feeding, and no more impossible-to-clean mags fouling up your range day.

The mag is now Gen II. Get yours today! New Ruger-style feeder lip New, larger thumb-assist

Mag comes with one new stripper clip, with ammo retainer flat spring Our HC3R™ magazine solves the common problems with the high-capacity Ruger® 10/22® magazines you're used to.

The great features of the patented HC3R™ Ruger® 10/22® magazine:
Thumb-assist, for ease of manual reloading.
Ammo pocket to hold an additional 20 rounds onboard Removable Stripper Clip that allows those 20 rounds to be loaded in seconds.
Stainless steel feeding lips.
Assembled with stainless fasteners.
High impact formulated composite resin body, not glued plastic.
Reliable single stack magazine.
Easy to strip down and clean.
Capable of holding 45 rounds > 25 round capacity to shoot now, 20 more in ammo pocket.



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