The ST1911 Reaper Trigger:
Three Triggers in One.


Engineered to optimize your accuracy. This patent pending design brings a new level of satisfaction to shooting the legendary 1911.

GOAL $ 50000

What is the ST1911 Reaper Trigger?

REAPERTraditionally, most 1911’s come with a long trigger in them when you buy one new. But one size doesn’t fit all.  Most people buy an aftermarket trigger which come in short, medium, long, and extra-long. To have a certified gunsmith install your new trigger costs money and time. With the ST1911 trigger you just have to install it once.

Why will the ST1911 make you a better shooter?

After months of testing our testers have found that the ST1911 improves their groupings 10 to 30 percent depending on the shooters current skill level.

When it comes to marksmanship fundamentals, trigger control is one of the most important. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to shoot good groups with a pistol that doesn’t fit your hand. The proper positioning of your finger on the trigger is imperative for consistently accurate shooting.

The ST1911 allows you to fine tune this critical positioning right at the primary spot the cushioned area of the fingerprint located at the top of your index finger.

No longer do you need to fit your finger to the trigger. You can now fit the trigger to your finger.

How to install the ST1911 Trigger

The ST1911 was designed to be installed exactly as a traditional 1911 trigger. We recommend that only a qualified gunsmith install the ST1911.

How to calibrate your ST1911 Trigger

The experience
Finding your sweet spot with the ST1911 trigger is surprisingly fun and insightful. For the first time you will be able to shoot your 1911 and adjust the trigger length until your groups are tight. GD sponsored a live fire event for enthusiasts to experience the ST1911 trigger. The participants were amazed to discover during the “trigger tuning” process how the different trigger positions affected their accuracy.

The process

When you receive your ST1911 trigger it will be in the short position. To extend the short position, insert the hex key into the adjustment screw located in the center of the front of the trigger. Once you have the hex key inserted turn in a counter clockwise direction to extend the ST1911 trigger. We recommend that you first try the ST1911 in short position then proceed from there. If you already know that you prefer a medium or long trigger here is a chart to calibrate the trigger.

Trigfit recommends that you re-calibrate your ST 1911 every 750 rounds.

Semi-short Trigger position: Keep it in the starting position
Medium Trigger position: 5 full rotations of hex key
Long Trigger position: 7 full rotations of hex key
Extra-Long Trigger position: 10 full rotations of hex key


Current status of the ST1911
We have a number of working units, with thousands of rounds put downrange on our Production ready prototypes. But in order to provide the ST1911 at a reasonable price and keep it 100% made in America, we need to place a 5,000 unit minimum order for the first production run. That's why we're making this special offering to our awesome community. The ST1911 will enhance your 1911 shooting experience and you can say that you backed a technology that you believe in.


TrigFit Timeline Past, Present, Future

ST1911 has been an idea we've been dying to bring to fruition since it was first conceived in 2015. We were developing a submission for the MX17 (Modular Handgun System (MHS) and one of our ideas for modularity was to have an adjustable trigger. The product you're seeing in this project is the result of innumerable hours of iterating and reiterating. We're perfectionists, and we wanted to make sure we got this one right.
Below, you'll see a brief outline of the journey we're on with the ST1911, starting from the first discussion about it to when all of you joined the story (and where we go from here)!

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