The ST1911 Reaper Trigger:
Finger position is everything


The Reaper technology custom fits the trigger to the shooter's pad for the perfect press optimizing accuracy.

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What is the ST1911 Reaper Trigger?

REAPERArguably the single most important factor to consistently shooting tight groups is proper trigger pad alignment.

Most shooters compensate for this by fitting the finger to the trigger to achieve a straight press.  But this puts the shooter in a slightly awkward grip which impacts accuracy. 

For the first time in history, a 1911 shooter can custom fit the trigger to their trigger pad.  The Reaper trigger allows the 1911 shooter to adjust the trigger length as little as 100th of an inch to optimize his or her straight trigger press.  Not only optimizing trigger pad position but the shooter's overall grip position.

From short to extra-long the Reaper’s precision length adjustment guarantees a perfect fit for everyone’s trigger finger

Reaper owners can adjust the length of the trigger with the turn of the Reaper hex key right at the range.  Shooters are amazed to experience in real-time the impact that trigger length has on their groupings.

The data provided by the Reaper can be applied to how you configure other none 1911 handguns and long guns as well.

Why will the ST1911 make you a better shooter?

After months of testing our testers have found that the ST1911 improves their groupings 10 to 30 percent depending on the shooters current skill level.

When it comes to marksmanship fundamentals, trigger control is one of the most important. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to shoot good groups with a pistol that doesn’t fit your hand. The proper positioning of your finger on the trigger is imperative for consistently accurate shooting.

The ST1911 allows you to fine tune this critical positioning right at the primary spot the cushioned area of the fingerprint located at the top of your index finger.

No longer do you need to fit your finger to the trigger. You can now fit the trigger to your finger.

How to calibrate your ST1911 Trigger

The experience
Finding your sweet spot with the ST1911 trigger is surprisingly fun and insightful. For the first time you will be able to shoot your 1911 and adjust the trigger length until your groups are tight. GD sponsored a live fire event for enthusiasts to experience the ST1911 trigger. The participants were amazed to discover during the “trigger tuning” process how the different trigger positions affected their accuracy.

The process

Tuning the Reaper trigger for optimized accuracy

We recommend starting with the Reaper in short position and shooting a mag.  Then put the hex key in and rotate 2 times and shoot another mag.  Repeat two more times until the Reaper is at extra-long.  This will provide you with a hands-on, real-time test of the impact trigger length has on your accuracy.  During this process be aware of at which point your groupings are the tightest.  Once you have completed the exercise go back to where your groupings were the tightest and fine-tune that position until optimized.  This is a highly informative experience. We have seen 100’s of people think that they were short trigger shooters discover that they were in fact longer trigger ones and vice versa.  This knowledge can be applied to non-1911 handguns and long guns.

Trigfit recommends that you re-calibrate your ST 1911 every 750 rounds.

Semi-short Trigger position: Keep it in the starting position
Medium Trigger position: 5 full rotations of hex key
Long Trigger position: 7 full rotations of hex key
Extra-Long Trigger position: 10 full rotations of hex key


Track record so far
With over 4000 Reapers in the field, we have had only 2 returns (both were on a ridiculously cheap 1911 out of Asia that used a different trigger bow) and Zero failures.

If the Reaper does not improve your shooting return it for a full refund, we will give you 12 months to decide.

100% American made by a 3rd generation family-owned machine shop that takes great pride in their work.   Every trigger is hand-assembled and tested.

Currently, we are in final negotiations with a large 1911 manufacturer to license the Reaper so buy it now before the prices go up. 




How to install the ST1911 Trigger

The ST1911 was designed to be installed exactly like a traditional 1911 trigger. We recommend that only a qualified gunsmith install the ST1911.

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