Far-left students demand 'racist murderer Kyle Rittenhouse' be expelled from university, funds from campus police diverted to them
Liberal students at Arizona State University are demanding school administrators take action against Kyle Rittenhouse, who has been attending the school as an online student.
Biden Using  Veteran Suicide As Sick Pretext To Target Gun Dealers
The Biden administration is using the tragedy of veteran suicides to push additional gun control.
Kyle’s Law: How To Stop Abusive Politically-Motivated Prosecutions In Self-Defense Cases
It’s time to compel prosecutors to have skin in the game, to have something to lose if they bring a laughably weak, yet horribly destructive, felony prosecution in a clear case of self-defense, like happened to Kyle Rittenhouse.
When the Progressive Left Joins the Far Right in Supporting Second Amendment Rights
As I watched the Rittenhouse and McMichael trial broadcasts, I could not help thinking of a case before the Supreme Court right now, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, in which the petitioners have challenged a 110-year old law that requires New Yorkers to demonstrate proper cause if they want a permit to carry a concealed gun.
Gun Control Is A Political Loser, But Gun Grabbers Just Can’t Help Themselves
Two major polls came out this past week that show decreasing support for gun control among the American public.
Two court cases just blew apart the BLM narrative on justice in America
Those seeking to divide America over skin color have just been dealt two massive blows against their race hustling narrative. Justice does exist for people of color in the United States.
A Shooting Becomes Hate Crime When It Further’s the Approved Narrative
When is a racial hate crime not a racial hate crime? When it doesn’t advance the left’s, and the Democrats’, narrative.
Gun Control Groups Grasp At Straws Over Rittenhouse Verdict
Gun-control groups have gone apoplectic over the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wis. Looking at their statements, social media and reactions, gun control is no longer just gun control.
Police Could Take Guns from Troops Accused of Domestic Violence Under Proposed Law
Civilian courts and police could confiscate the firearms of service members accused of domestic violence by military authorities under a proposed law being considered by Congress.
Dangerous Cities and Strict Gun Control
Gun control is still a waste of money and time.
Guns Used More for Defensive Use Than Crimes
Following research on defensive gun uses, data has shown guns are more prevalent for defensive use rather than crimes.
Building a List: The ATF Has Gathered Millions of Records on US Gun Owners As Biden Administration Looks to Crackdown on Firearms
A stunning report by the Washington Free Beacon has revealed how the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms has amassed over 50 million records on US gun owners during Biden’s short time as president.
Ammunition Shortage Affecting Deer Season in Wisconsin
The ammunition shortage has been attributed to everything from the widespread increases in gun ownership during 2020 to pandemic supply chain constraints to consolidation among ammunition manufacturers to this year’s State Department sanctions on Russian ammunition.
Mob rule: How the racial unrest blighting America is being fueled
The mainstream media’s warped support for ‘progressive’ firestarters rather than firefighters lies behind much of the violence.
Kyle Rittenhouse Sits Down for First Interview Since Acquittal
Last night, Kyle Rittenhouse sat down with Tucker Carlson for his first post-acquittal interview.
Ted Nugent offers Kyle Rittenhouse a lifetime supply of ammo
Ted Nugent wants to give Kyle Rittenhouse an unlimited supply of ammunition for the rest of his life.
Thugs with guns demand money from food delivery man, but victim is a concealed carrier who pulls his own gun, shoots one crook dead and wounds another.
Food Delivery Man Carrying More Than Meals
Kyle Rittenhouse Awarded AR-15 for Defense of Gun Rights
One of country’s most outspoken voices in defense of the Second Amendment has labeled Kyle Rittenhouse a “warrior for gun owners” in giving him a gift.
Beto O’Rourke doubles down on vow to ‘take your AR-15, your AK-47’
Former Democratic Rep. Beto O’Rourke, who’s running for governor of Texas, said Sunday that his campaign is not going to be about Joe Biden” as he blasted the president’s lack of “urgency” on immigration. 
5 dead, 40 others injured during Waukesha attack; person of interest in custody as bystanders recall night of terror: 'His sweet little innocent face was purple'
At least five people are dead and 40 others injured after a red SUV drove into a revelers and performers at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on Sunday night.
Kyle Rittenhouse acquitted of all charges in Kenosha shooting
Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted Friday on all charges in the shootings that killed two men and injured a third during last year’s violence in Kenosha, Wisc
NRA will ask Youngkin to remove gun control advocate Lori Haas from state's crime panel
With a Republican soon to take over the Executive Mansion, the National Rifle Association is seeking to remove a prominent gun control advocate from the state’s crime board.
Rittenhouse Attorneys: Prosecutors Knew Who ‘Jump Kick Man’ Was
Defense attorneys for 18-year-old defendant Kyle Rittenhouse told Fox News on Thursday that the mysterious “jump kick man” had been identified — and that prosecutors had known his identity all along, but had not brought him to testify.
Gallup: More Americans Turning Away From Gun Control as Crime, Gun Ownership Rise
Americans’ support for stricter gun-control measures has fallen to its lowest level since 2014, according to a poll released Wednesday by Gallup.
Pennsylvania House passes bill to allow permitless concealed gun carry
A bill to allow people to carry concealed weapons without a permit was passed by a divided Pennsylvania House on Tuesday, but it faces a veto threat from the governor.

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