Mayor Lightfoot engages in policy feud over gun violence with Preckwinkle
CHICAGO — Two political powerhouses engaged in a policy feud over one of Chicago's most pressing challenges, gun violence.
Former NYPD Officer Sues Gunmaker Over Faulty Handguns
Honor Defense, a Georgia gunmaker dogged by complaints of faulty pistols, has been sued by a former police officer who claims one of its weapons malfunctioned and caused him serious injury.
Long Beach Customs Officer Pleads Guilty To Trafficking Machine Guns
LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – A U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer who had more than 250 guns in his Santa Fe Springs home when it was raided earlier this year pleaded guilty Wednesday to federal gun trafficking and tax evasion charges.
‘This Is War’: ‘Borat’ Director Encourages Left to Arm Selves Against ‘Maga People’
Borat director Larry Charles took to Twitter Monday and compared Trump supporters — or as he described them, “Maga people” — to the violent, pro-China “triad” mob who attacked peaceful pro-democracy protesters Sunday night and essentially encouraged far-left agitators to arm themselves for “war.”
Chicago Mayor Delusional About City’s Violence
​Chicago has become something of a joke among the gun rights crowd. After all, if gun control worked, Chicago would likely be some kind of Utopia.
HIRED THUGS Gangs of China-backed ‘triad’ mobsters batter Hong Kong democracy protesters with metal poles
SUSPECTED triad gangsters brutally attacked pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, beating them with steel pipes and metal poles.
2 Republican senators introduce resolution to label antifa as domestic terrorists
​Sens. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) have introduced a nonbinding resolution that would label antifascist activists known as antifa as “domestic terrorists,” according to the Washington Post.
Liberals cheer as antifa violence escalates
In the early hours on Saturday, police in Tacoma, Wash., rushed to the local Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility. An armed man was firebombing the building and nearby vehicles. Police killed him in a shootout after he attempted to set off a large propane tank connected to the facility.
Ban Fire: 'Appalling' arson attack on Japanese animation studio kills at least 33
TOKYO (Reuters) - A man shouted “die” as he doused an animation studio with fuel and set it ablaze in Japan on Thursday, public broadcaster NHK said, killing at least 33 people in the nation’s worst mass murder in nearly two decades.
Colorado’s Magazine Ban Is The Latest Gun Control Failure
Six years ago, after the Aurora theater massacre, Colorado governor John Hickenlooper signed several pieces of gun control legislation into law.
Facebook lifts ban on spreading 3D printed gun blueprints
Facebook will allow some users to spread and promote blueprints for 3D printed firearms on its services, potentially opening the door to sales of untraceable "ghost guns".
Homeowner shoots armed burglar in South Seattle
SEATTLE -- Seattle Police are investigating after a homeowner shoots a burglar outside of her home in the South Park neighborhood.
Murphy signs ‘smart gun’ bill, calls for more gun control
Gov. Phil Murphy signed into law a smart gun bill requiring every New Jersey gun dealer to offer a personalized handgun model which can only be fired by its designated owner.
Facebook Embeds 'Hidden Codes' To Track Who Sees And Shares Your Photos
Facebook has become synonymous with privacy violations in the year since Cambridge Analytica came to light. Now in the same week that details of the record $5 billion FTC fine emerged, an Australian cyber researcher has reopened a years-old debate as to whether the social media giant is embedding "hidden codes" in photos uploaded by users onto the site.
WATCH – Father Who Killed Intrusion Suspect: ‘I Had No Other Choice’
​A father who shot and killed an intrusion suspect at an Anderson County, South Carolina, residence says he had “no other choice” but to protect his daughter, wife, and mother-in-law.
Twitter Bans Free Speech Champion Lindsay Shepherd For “Abusing” Trans Activist
Twitter exposes its double standards by allowing a transgender activist to hurl misogynistic insults at a woman, whom the platform banned for responding.
Watch: Man ambushed, gunned down while trying to flee attackers
​Dramatic surveillance video shows a Bronx man being ambushed inside an apartment building lobby by two thugs — one of whom fatally shot him in the back as he attempted to flee, cops said.
Twitter exec: ‘Jail,’ ‘impeachment’ for Trump, calls social media chief ‘racist d--k’
​A senior Twitter manager who has called for jailing and impeaching President Trump and slammed the White House social media chief with four-letter slurs is raising concerns that the platform isn’t serious about policing hate posts.
American Masterclass with Historian David Barton | Louder With Crowder- The Second Amendment
Historian David Barton sets the record straight and answers some of the most frequently asked questions about the Second Amendment.
Cars significantly more dangerous than guns in New York, new data shows
New York is the safest big city in the country — unless you’re near a car. Motor vehicles are significantly deadlier than guns in New York, new NYPD data shows. Crashes involving cars, vans, trucks and buses killed 111 people on city streets during the first six months of 2019, public data shows.
Big Tech 'censorship'? Republican lawmakers ask FTC to probe allegations of bias
Two prominent Republican lawmakers asked the Federal Trade Commission Monday to investigate how big tech companies curate their content, citing the “enormous influence” wielded by Twitter, Facebook and Google.
Faith Goldy: Antifa Terrorism—The Coming Civil War
“Armed Civil War In Current Year America.” Even as hyperbole, it makes for a sexy headline. So why won’t the failing news media — so desperate for ratings and clicks—talk about the story that’s a far fetch from fake news? Antifa has declared war on America’s border agents and the pro-open border press has declared a media blackout on the details.
Pinterest And Twitter Are Trying To Censor Live Action, A Pro-Life Group
Lila Rose, president of Live Action, was in the White House on Thursday to talk about censorship and Big Tech’s attempts to mute the spread of pro-life information with President Donald Trump.
AR-15 Repels Four Armed Intrusion Suspects, Killing Two
A homeowner with an AR-15 killed two of four intrusion suspects Wednesday night, one of whom was wearing a “Jason” mask.
Facebook’s Recent Algorithm Changes Are Laying Waste To Conservative And Liberal Outlets
Facebook recently changed its algorithms to steer focus away from explicitly political content, but now that alteration is laying waste to conservative and liberal outlets.

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