Now The NRA’s Responsible For Capitol Mob?
I know opinions are mixed about what happened on January 6th at the Capitol. Some people are all behind what happened and think it didn’t go far enough, but a lot more people think it was stupid and did more damage than good.
National Guard soldiers ordered home by governors amid outrage over being moved to Capitol parking garage
National Guard says USCP ordered troops to move rest area, but acting chief is pushing back
Biden Skips Guns in Day One Executive Orders
White House has yet to make good on Biden campaign pledge for gun restrictions
Antifa in Seattle and Portland Smash Property, Oppose Biden, Police: ‘We Are Ungovernable’
Far-left activists vandalized buildings and clashed with police in the Pacific Northwest on Jan. 20, voicing their opposition to the government, law enforcement, and the freshly sworn-in President Joe Biden, with some carrying signs reading, “We are ungovernable.”
The Resistance To Biden’s Gun Control Agenda Has Already Begun
Now that Joe Biden’s officially been sworn in as president, it’s the Right that gets to #resist over the next four years, and several states are already taking steps to do exactly that in response to Biden’s call for a ban on modern sporting rifles, commonly-owned magazines, and a host of other restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms.
Capitol Rioter Accused of Beating Cops Says He Didn’t Vote in 2020, Was ‘Not Here for Trump’
A Maryland man accused of beating police officers during the Capitol riot that took place on January 6 previously confessed that he was not at the protest for former President Trump.
Activist demands ‘army of citizen detectives’ monitor and report Trump supporters, calling them domestic terrorists
The following article contains editorial content written by a retired police officer and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.
Texas Governor Abbott Wants Texas to Be a “Second Amendment Sanctuary”
The Texas GOP needs to get its act together and start passing pro-2A legislation
Montana House Passes Bill with Constitutional Carry
U.S.A. –-( The Montana House of Representatives has passed major gun law legislation, HB102, by more than a 2-1 margin, 66 for, 31 against.
WY Bill Would End Most “Gun-Free Zones” In The State
While Democrats in Washington, D.C. and deep-blue states like California and New York are already getting to work on implementing their gun control agenda, lawmakers in states that are traditionally much more supportive of our right to keep and bear arms aren’t laying down and giving up. Instead, they’re using the current legislative sessions to strengthen and support the Second Amendment.
Gunman caught on camera firing into home amid break-in attempt. But homeowner has a gun as well — and wins shootout.
One never knows when a gun will come in handy
Laura Loomer Has Been Banned From Owning a Firearm
Loomer’s case is a sneak preview of the Orwellian state that is upon us
Peaceful Lobby Day Pro-Gun Rally In Richmond, Va.
Virginia gun rights advocates demonstrated peacefully outside of the state Capitol amid their annual Lobby Day protest. On Monday, dozens of protesters gathered in downtown Richmond to challenge recently passed gun control legislation.

Where Things Stand At The Federal Level

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Where Things Stand At The Federal Level
United States/Washington DC – -( There is no sugar-coating it: Second Amendment supporters are in a tough spot at the federal level.
Response To SAF's Nationwide 2A Campaign Huge Extended 2nd Week
Public response to the Second Amendment Foundation’s nationwide television advertising campaign has been so positive, the organization announced it will extend and expand the campaign for another week.
Caravans of gun-rights activists converge peacefully in Richmond amid calls to end open carry
RICHMOND, Va (WRIC)- As threats of armed protests loom over state capitals nationwide, caravans of gun-rights activists from across the Commonwealth converged peacefully in Richmond on Monday.
Fed Rule Bars Banks From Targeting Gun Manufacturers
Admin rebukes Obama-era Operation Choke Point
Anti-Gun Provisions Passed in 2021 Consolidated Appropriations Act
Unfortunately for American gun owners, some favors were granted to gun-ban groups via provisions deep within the measure.
De-Platforming of Gun Sites Is a Dark Harbinger
U.S.A. -( Throughout history, censorship has occurred whenever government or private groups attempt to impose their political or moral values on others. One would imagine that this could never happen in the freest and prosperous country in the history of the world.

NRA Flees New York for Texas

NRA Flees New York for Texas
Gun group to end 150-year relationship with NY
If Legislators Won’t Demand Their Own Gun Rights, Will They Defend Ours?
If U.S. Representatives won’t protect their own right to carry a firearm, do you think they’ll protect yours?

Biden’s Gun Control Push Will Further Divide Us

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Biden’s Gun Control Push Will Further Divide Us
Tensions are high. Coming together and having meaningful dialogue seem impossible. People are tired of politics creeping into everyday life. Worst of all, self-righteous "unifiers" uninterested in unity continue to fan the flames of division. 
Shooting, homicide surge came after ‘reforms’ NY’s leaders said would cut crime
In March 2019, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, alongside House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, took a victory lap after the Empire State passed its “red-flag” gun law, meant to facilitate the confiscation of firearms from people deemed a risk to themselves or others.

Mailchimp Boots Gun-Rights Group

Mailchimp Boots Gun-Rights Group
Tech company cancels Second Amendment group's subscription without explanation.
Identity of the Policeman Who Shot and Killed Ashli Babbitt Still Unknown Despite DC Mandating Transparency in Police Related Shootings
The identity of the policeman who shot Ashli Babbitt is still unknown after more than a week since the shooting.  This goes against a recent measure passed in DC mandating more transparency in police shootings.

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