The P119 FIRM is the first and only illumination device that allows you to light your path without losing your muzzle to target advantage.

The P119 FIRM effectively reduces the Warfighters tactical signature while enabling them a covert illumination for their footpath. It further allows them to maintain the muzzle to target advantage which increases human performance by eliminating unnecessary movement from the low ready (weapon pointed at the ground to illuminate the footpath) to the ready, capable of engaging an immediate threat. It also allows the initial entry operator to hold a high ready (weapon pointed upward at about a 45-degree angle) thereby illuminating a doorknob or hinges for rapid forced entry.

With over five years of research and development the P119 FIRM is ready to be offered to you through this Gun Dynamics campaign.

GOAL $ 75000

~Images are renderings. Final product will be very similar.
~Yes we will offer left side FIRM as well.
~Photographs are of prototypes with a smooth texture.

The P119 FIRM by Punt N Puckle LLC is the first and only dedicated footpath illumination device.                        

The forward visor allows you to keep your muzzle-to-target advantage providing illumination to your footpath yet limits your observable light signature. This offers unobstructed downward illumination to eliminate shadows that may hinder a clear view of your path.

The P119 FIRM is NOT a HIGH candlepower light source. It is a covert tactical lighting asset.  It has been developed to provide enough light to help you navigate but is not supposed to be an extremely high-intensity light. That would defeat its purpose, we are trying to be tactical and undetected, right.                   

The P119 is water and dust resistant (IP52) but should not be submerged.

David has over 10 years of engineering experience in various fields. He designed the FIRM from the ground up. He had the early prototype models molds 3D printed so he could hand injection mold to test design after design. Since these molds were 3D printed the prototypes we have do not have a texture on them. We hope to incorporate the texture when we have the production molds produced.
The bases and covers will be produced 100% in Oklahoma and the boards will be 100% produced in Arizona.

100% American made!

When we begin production the first 500 customers will be eligible for 20% off their next FIRM after the Gun Dynamics campaign is fully funded and we begin our next phase. Our initial production units will be black cover and base. We will offer three lighting options: TAC, LEO-R and TRKR. TAC is IR and white light, LEO-R is red light and white light while the Tracker is UV light and white light as well as left side-mounted versions.

The P119 FIRM Tactical utilizes a series of LEDs mounted at a downward angle from boresight, an angle best suited to view the operator’s footpath while conducting operations. The operation of the device allows the user to choose the illumination desired with two pushbuttons. The primary (forward) button, (operated by the strong index finger) activates the secondary light while the rear button (operated by the middle finger) is the visible/white LED. This front/rear activation design is deliberate as the forward strong/primary finger in a stressful situation would be most likely to involuntarily activate in a reactionary (i.e. kneejerk) situation therefore would be less likely to give away the operators' position to an opposing force. The FIRM also has a built-in trimmable visor to limit the light signature. This visor is engineered to cast light approximately 5-8 feet in front of the operator. The user can trim this visor to adapt it to the optimal signature they prefer, whether they desire more light to either side or forward. The LED’s are purposely set slightly off-center to the inner edge to provide more illumination to the strong direction of movement.

*There is a slight delay built into the circuit to help eliminate accidental activation. The operator must make a deliberate push to activate.

The operation of the buttons is as follows:

  • Pushing the front button once activates the secondary light source.
  • Pushing the front button again or pushing the rear button cancels the secondary light source.
  • Pushing the rear button activates the Visible light source.
  • Pushing the rear button again or pushing the front button cancels the Visible light source.
*To prevent an undesired battery drain it is recommended to cycle the visible light on and then off to ensure IR LED’s are not activated at the end of use.
** The FIRM TRKR emits Ultraviolet Radiation. When in UV operation the FIRM TRKR radiates intense UV light. Exposure to UV radiation can be harmful to your health. Protect your eyes and skin during use and do not look directly at this light. Do not operate anything using UV light unless you have had the proper safety training. DO NOT PERMIT CHILDREN OR UNTRAINED PERSONNEL TO OPERATE THIS DEVICE.


For Customer Support or more information on this campaign please contact PUNT N' PUCKLE at:

Punt & Puckle LLC
PO Box 893243
OKC, OK 73189

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