Dagny Dagger AP Ammo


Legally-unrestricted armor-penetrating handgun ammunition made open-source and DIY-friendly.

GOAL $ 30000

The first Atlas Arms concept in development, the Dagny Dagger project will develop a new type of legally-unrestricted handgun ammunition, which in 9mm Luger is easily able to penetrate all soft body armor and some rifle-rated hard armor. This will allow citizens the first legal access to armor-penetrating bullets since 1986.

The projectiles are designed to be more readily home-manufactured than traditional AP ammo, and all research and data including Ghost Gunner code will be released open-source. The work will begin on 9mm Luger with future plans for Dagny Dagger loadings in 10mm/.40SW, 5.56, .308, and possibly 5.7.

The Dagger will also debut APHP (Armor-Penetrating Hollow Point) bullets, a novel projectile design which boasts superior armor penetration while expanding and fragmenting in soft, unarmored targets for multirole performance. Visit AtlasArms.org for more info.

Project Team

Austin Jones -- Aerospace Engineer
Cofounder of 20/20 Armor, Austin has previous experience in start-up enterprise, application of experimental technology, and soft body “armor”. In addition, design work on micrometeoroid shielding for soft-bodied spacecraft has contributed to in-depth knowledge of the principals and technologies employed in textile-based ballistic protection. He’s an ethically-principled engineer who harbors love for Liberty, individual creation, his fellow man, and the spontaneity of life. Austin considers himself a follower of Christ by second birth and Okie by first, and after these, a citizen of Earth.

Mike Crumling -- Gunsmith
Mike is an independant gunsmith with an interest in homemade firearms. He made headlines and international news when he built structural cartridges for use in 3D-printed firearms, and has continued to design new models of 3D-printed and home-built weapons.

Lauren -- Scientist
Lauren is an astronomical data scientist whose professional work involves data processing and analysis to infer object properties and characteristics, a useful skill for informing design direction. She also fills a critical role as the company’s secretary.

George -- Materials Engineer
George is a mechanical materials engineer at a plant dealing in aerospace and medical components such as engines and prosthetics. Like these projectiles, such applications require very special compositions and properties for high-performance service in demanding conditions and restrictive environments. 

Social Media

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Q: Where do the company and project names come from?
A: A long, beautiful, and romantic classic novel Atlas Shrugged, and the main heroine, Dagny Taggart. Read it.

Q: Is this legal?
A: Yes. We are in contact with the ATF and submit prototypes for compliance confirmation. No federal law restricts the manufacture and sale of ammunition of this form.

Q: When do you expect to be finished with research and development?
A: Six months after the campaign is fully-funded, dependant on ATF reply times.

Q: How much will the ammunition cost?
A: Initially, costs will be comparable to high-grade defensive or match ammunition, around $2/loaded cartridge, before an expected fall to around $1 after some market scaling, comparable to most general hollow point ammunition. Obviously home manufacture can reduce these costs.

Q: What about the safety of X?
A:  for {−∞<X<∞}, Liberty>Security.

Q: Can I help the project in addition to funding and spreading the word?
A: Possibly. Atlas Arms could use some more like-minded, principled professionals at low or no cost to improve and hasten development of this and other projects. Email us.

*We cannot send ammunition where illegal, and will not send to known violent persons. Atlas Arms reserves the right to deny ammunition to anyone we believe intends to initiate violence. No one involved in this project believes in offensive violence toward anyone and we condemn any victimizing crime committed by anyone with any weapon.

For Customer Support or more information on this campaign please contact ATLAS ARMS at:

Atlas Arms

Help Fund this Campaign

Credit Card needs to be valid for at least 3 months.

Funding Favors

As a token of appreciation for supporting this effort, these favors are complimentary for sizable donations:

$20Special news and updates
You will be added to the Atlas Arms email list to receive special updates on the status of the project, in addition to receiving published research and code in advance of the general public.

$50Bullet keychain + $20 favor
Show others your support with an uncharged cartridge keychain sporting a non-traditional casing (special updates to come on this) and one-of-a-kind bullet.

$100Box of Dagny Dagger AP Cartridges* + $50 favor
Voucher for a box of a final-design, pre-production batch just for our backers

$500Phone call (>10 minutes) + 5X $100 favor
Austin will call to thank you and converse on whatever you want for at least 10 minutes.

$1000Video call (>1 hour) + 10X $100 favor
A grand is a lot of money and deserves special recognition. You’ve got us on video for an hour. What would you like to discuss?

$5000Paid visit to see project development + negotiable other perks
We’ll fly you out, show you the operation, and enjoy a fillet at a fine local steakhouse.

**Payments made through Gun Dynamics are not directly tax deductable. If you would like to use the tax deduction please email us at dagny@atlasarms.org for a tax deductable receipt after you have made your pledge.

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