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XTech Tactical and Gun Dynamics Team up to Launch Smart Laser

After over two years of development, XTech Tactical’s Smart Laser is fully developed and a small batch of production units are in hand and te

Crowdfunding Project: SIRCA TEC SLF-X Pistol

I learned about this firearm project from a firearms dedicated crowdfunding website called Gun Dynamics. By browsing their website you can fi

Gun Dynamics Stands With Tucker Carlson

Enough! We have had enough of the hateful, well funded and orchestrated smear campaigns designed to silence conservative voices. Tucker Carls

XTech Tactical & Gun Dynamics Team up to Launch Smart Laser

After over two years of development, XTech Tactical’s Smart Laser is fully developed, and a small batch of production units are in hand and t

Gun Dynamics News

Mayor Lightfoot engages in policy feud over gun violence with Preckwinkle

CHICAGO — Two political powerhouses engaged in a policy feud over one of Chicago's most pressing challenges, gun violence.

Former NYPD Officer Sues Gunmaker Over Faulty Handguns

Honor Defense, a Georgia gunmaker dogged by complaints of faulty pistols, has been sued by a former police officer who claims one of its weap

‘This Is War’: ‘Borat’ Director Encourages Left to Arm Selves Against ‘Maga People’

Borat director Larry Charles took to Twitter Monday and compared Trump supporters — or as he described them, “Maga people” — to the violent,

Chicago Mayor Delusional About City’s Violence

​Chicago has become something of a joke among the gun rights crowd. After all, if gun control worked, Chicago would likely be some kind of Ut

HIRED THUGS Gangs of China-backed ‘triad’ mobsters batter Hong Kong democracy protesters with metal poles

SUSPECTED triad gangsters brutally attacked pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, beating them with steel pipes and metal poles.

2 Republican senators introduce resolution to label antifa as domestic terrorists

​Sens. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) have introduced a nonbinding resolution that would label antifascist activists known as an

Long Beach Customs Officer Pleads Guilty To Trafficking Machine Guns

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – A U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer who had more than 250 guns in his Santa Fe Springs home when it was raided

Ban Fire: 'Appalling' arson attack on Japanese animation studio kills at least 33

TOKYO (Reuters) - A man shouted “die” as he doused an animation studio with fuel and set it ablaze in Japan on Thursday, public broadcaster N

Colorado’s Magazine Ban Is The Latest Gun Control Failure

Six years ago, after the Aurora theater massacre, Colorado governor John Hickenlooper signed several pieces of gun control legislation into l

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