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GD In the News

GD Joins Outlaw Eyewear as a proud supporter of Navy Special Operations Foundation and its 5k Memorial Run/Walk in San Diego

Gun Dynamics is a proud supporter of Navy Special Operations Foundation and its 5k Memorial Run/Walk in San Diego at Liberty Station on May

Triple Barrel Shotgun! at SHOT SHOW RANGE DAY 2020

This thing was just AWESOME! A Triple Barrel Shotgun! From the hunting possibilities to the plain coolness this triple barrel shotgun was a u

GD's own Larry Ward on PBS

After the latest shooting tragedies, co-founder and CMO of Gun Dynamics Larry Ward appeared on PBS to discuss gun control.

GD Co-founder Larry Ward on NPR

Gun Dynamics' own Larry Ward on NPR discussing shootings and gun control.

Gun Dynamics News

Are Virginia Democrats Playing Political Games With Lobby Day?

You may remember the massive turnout by gun owners in Richmond, Virginia back in January of this year, when tens of thousands of folks surrou

Welcome to ‘de-funded police’: Las Vegas Metro PD Cold Case Sex Assault Unit could be slashed.

LAS VEGAS, NV – It could have been officer error in dealing with the chain of custody; a district attorney who did not prosecute; a DNA testi

Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden and his gun-grabbing, open-borders, soft-on-China advisers

Here's a question for you: What does Joe Biden believe? What are his plans for our country?

In Seattle, 34 more officers ditch the force as city slashes police budget for a second time

An additional 34 police officers have exited the Seattle Police Department since October as the city council voted to slash the police budget

NYC crime surge thanks to riots, police reform: retired NYPD detective

New York City has deteriorated into a lawless state of crime thanks to recent “riots,” budget cuts and police reform, a retired NYPD detectiv

Closed for Covid: Gun Permit Office Dragged Into Philadelphia Court

PHILADELPHIA (CN) — A federal judge heard arguments Monday afternoon that Philadelphia trampled gun rights after a resurgence of Covid-19 cas

Biden Border Rush Has Begun

The number of migrants and asylum seekers attempting to enter the United States is increasing rapidly as foreign nationals anticipate the pos

Media Warns Of “Battle” Over Gun Control In Texas

The state of Texas was going to be another Virginia. Anti-gunners were convinced they could flip the state blue just like they had in the Old

Wauwatosa Mall Shooting Took Place In Gun-Free Zone

A shooting at a mall in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin over the weekend left eight people injured and a 15-year old in police custody after he initiall

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