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GD In the News

GD Joins Outlaw Eyewear as a proud supporter of Navy Special Operations Foundation and its 5k Memorial Run/Walk in San Diego

Gun Dynamics is a proud supporter of Navy Special Operations Foundation and its 5k Memorial Run/Walk in San Diego at Liberty Station on May

Triple Barrel Shotgun! at SHOT SHOW RANGE DAY 2020

This thing was just AWESOME! A Triple Barrel Shotgun! From the hunting possibilities to the plain coolness this triple barrel shotgun was a u

GD's own Larry Ward on PBS

After the latest shooting tragedies, co-founder and CMO of Gun Dynamics Larry Ward appeared on PBS to discuss gun control.

GD Co-founder Larry Ward on NPR

Gun Dynamics' own Larry Ward on NPR discussing shootings and gun control.

Gun Dynamics News

Both Parties Approve a Bill that Includes “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Orders for Military Personnel

Michael Hammond, the legislative counsel for Gun Owners of America, made an update to GOA members informing them about a new gun grab that Co

Biden Promises Stricter Gun Control

Democratic candidate Joe Biden promised Tuesday to enact stricter gun control measures, citing policies that have already failed.

A year after Gilroy shooting: San Jose mayor’s plan to require gun owners carry insurance is at a halt

A year after a gunman opened fire at the beloved Gilroy Garlic Festival, killing two San Jose children, little progress has been made on San

Nolte – Seattle Protesters Turned Away When Confronted by Armed Residents: ‘That’s Why You Are Peaceful’

Left-wing protesters were chased off by armed residents in the Seattle suburbs … and it was glorious.

Soros Boosts St. Louis Prosecutor After Indictment of Gun-Toting Couple

Liberal billionaire George Soros is redoubling his efforts to reelect the St. Louis prosecutor who brought felony charges against a couple fo

Younger Voters No Longer Focused On Guns

Immediately after Parkland, the media heralded the young as the way forward on gun control.

Limiting Gun Rights While Defunding Police Is a Recipe for Disaster

If gun-control advocates get their way, law-enforcement officers and ordinary citizens alike will be powerless to stop violent crime.

14 people shot across NYC in latest surge of gunplay

At least 14 people were shot across New York City during yet another surge of gunplay that stretched into early Tuesday, cops said.

July Breaks Gun Sales Record

One of the country's leading gun makers saw earnings triple as gun sales once again shattered previous records for the month of July.

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