Absolute Zero |0| "Dreadnought" Scope Mount System

BY Clawmounts Mfg Inc.

Clawmounts Mfg Inc. presents the Absolute Zero (AZ) "Dreadnought" series. AZ allows a shooter to instantly change a weapon's sighting system to meet changing circumstances. Adaptation in the blink of an eye. Advanced yet simple, AZ is self locking with no cumbersome levers or screws, the fastest mount in the world.

GOAL $ 35000

Clawmounts Mfg Inc. specializes in true Quick detach (QD) mount systems, from traditional European claw mounts for fine custom rifles to rugged sniper rifle types, we have already established an exclusive reputation.

 In order to expand the market we had to design something better. Our criteria were- simple to produce, simple to operate, precise, robust, adaptable to any weapon, adaptable to any optic and most importantly, interchangeable.  The technology is better than all types of quick detach that have come before at a price point accessible to the average enthusiast.
 There has been little significant innovation in scope mounts for decades, while optics technology has become much more advanced. The interface between the sighting system and the weapon is a critical detail.  The market has settled for what is out there. 
Current detachable mounts are not true QD, not as fast, not as strong, require a fine motor skill, and are not interchangeable. There is also an element of distrust in current designs because many don’t return to zero as advertised and are cumbersome to operate, especially under duress. In most cases they are simply left on the weapon and never removed. This means that the customer is paying for a promise unfulfilled.  
We are offering a mount with capabilities well beyond extant designs. A brutally strong, precise, interchangeable and adaptable platform requiring the simplest of gross motor skills. One downward motion to lock that can also be operated silently and in the dark.  
Designed, patented and built in the United States, we tapped into hundreds of years of cumulative manufacturing experience to bring value and unheard of sighting flexibility to the shooter. The Absolute Zero mount system it is not only an innovation in its own market but is an example of American manufacturing prowess, drive and know how. 

Other adaptations of the system are intended to bring similar efficiencies to markets outside of the firearms industry and help restore American competitiveness through innovation.  

Check out the original version of our scope mount system

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