RELEASE: Introducing the TrigFit ST1911 Trigger System

For Immediate Release
April 26, 2018
Contact: Joshua Delano
Phone: 832-910-7307

Introducing the TrigFit ST1911 Trigger System

Three Triggers in One for the Iconic 1911 American Handgun
BETHEL, CT – Engineered to optimize accuracy and comfort, TrigFit is proud to introduce its new ST1911 3-in-1 trigger technology custom designed for the legendary 1911 handgun.

The ST1911 trigger was developed while working with a submission team for the US Army’s XM-17 modular handgun system competition. One of the competition's primary objectives was to identify superior handgun technology that makes handgun reconfiguration easy for soldiers. While the TrigFit ST1911 trigger system was never formally submitted to the competition, it shines among military members and gun enthusiasts as it provides 1911 handgun operators the ability to customize trigger length quickly and simply.

Prior to the creation of TrigFit's ST1911, only four sizes of aftermarket 1911 triggers were available on the market: short, medium, long and extra-long. Typically, stock 1911s come from the factory with a long trigger assembly which fails to provide many shooters with the trigger pull they desire. And unless one has access to all trigger options, it can be a challenging to identify which fits most comfortably. For the first time ever, TrigFit's ST1911 solves this problem – our “let the trigger adjust to fit the finger” technology allows 1911 owners to custom adjust their trigger to any length with a single unit. Out of the box, the TrigFit ST1911 trigger is configured in its shortest and can be adjusted to the extra-long trigger configuration with just 10 rotations of the adjustment key. A mark on the adjustment key allows users to easily monitor trigger length during the calibration process. Once the key is removed, the TrigFit ST1911 trigger is automatically pressure-locked securely in place.
The TrigFit ST1911 design allows it to drop smoothly into most 1911 frames without any custom fitting, although  TrigFit does recommend that owners have a certified gunsmith install their ST1911 trigger assemblies. For those interested in self-installing the ST1911, TrigFit has an easy to follow, step-by-step instructional video available on our product page. TrigFit does offer custom design ST1911 services for competition shooters as well.

What makes the ST1911 so effective and fun is the platform's patent pending “Echo Calibration” technology which provides the shooter with the ability to adjust the ST1911 to his or her finger in real time. This allows 1911s fitted with the TrigFit ST1911 trigger to be passed from hand to hand while allowing each shooter to custom adjust the trigger to a comfortable position. Experts and novices alike enjoy the discovery process of calibrating their ST1911s to their desired length. When it comes to shooting consistent tight groups proper finger position is everything. In live fire events TrigFit found that the ST1911 trigger improved groupings by 10% to 30% depending on the skill level of the shooter.

TrigFit has fired over 2,500 rounds through our ST1911 beta triggers and are production ready. TrigFit invites you to visit our Crowdfunding campaign at Gun Dynamics
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