Shunned by corporations, U.S. gun entrepreneurs launch start-ups
While much of corporate America has turned its back on firearms-related business...
Live stream: NRA-ILA Leadership Forum
The National Rifle Association’s 2018 Leadership Forum kicked off in Dallas, Texas on Friday with anticipated speeches from President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and more.
Detroit Women Can Learn to Shoot for Free
Gun safety and handling of a 9 mm semi-automatic will be the focus of the seventh annual Legally Armed in Detroit shooting class.
New From AAC: Ti-Raid 30 Suppressors

Is this the only user-serviceable .30 cal can on the market? Full-auto rated, too. Nice to see some new and interesting stuff coming out of AAC. We’ll get our hands on one soon! In the meantime, AAC’s press release follows . . . Engineered for Hard Use and Hellfire Full Auto Abuse The AAC Ti-Raid […]

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The world’s first crowdfunding website for firearms and firearms-related products,, has announced a new project that’s open for crowdfunding: the ST1911 by TrigFit.

Brownells’ Retro Rifle

Brownells’ Retro Rifle
Grabbing one of the first Brownells Retro Rifles was being transported back in time and thinking I could have been in the same room as firearms’ Hall of Famers and pioneers Eugene Stoner and Jim Sullivan as they inspected their first production rifles.
Georgetown Students Call for Arming Campus Police
The school administration has been called to ensure student safety on campus.
Students in 400 schools walk out of class to support 2nd Amendment
Thousands of students in as many as 400 schools are walking out of their classes Wednesday to join 16-minute rallies in support of the Second Amendment.

Banks, Credit-Card Companies Explore Ways to Monitor Gun Purchases

Banks, Credit-Card Companies Explore Ways to Monitor Gun Purchases
Banks and credit-card companies are discussing ways to identify purchases of guns in their payment systems, a move that could be a prelude to restricting such transactions, according to people familiar with the talks.
Concealed Carry: “It’s My Right!”
Unless you were already treading down the career path of Anglo-American jurisprudence, you probably didn’t give much thought to American law beyond speed limits, drinking ages, and (perhaps) age of consent for romantic entanglements. But once you strap on a hunk of iron and get through the preliminaries of how to use it, your thoughts […]
Gear Review: Top aftermarket sights for Glock 19
Glock is known for its “perfection” but despite holding a top spot among concealed carrier favorites, the Glock 19 has at least one weakness. Of course, we’re referring to the sights. Noticeably lacking, the G19’s sights are usually one of the first features to get the hook, often replaced with more robust and functional options. With a bevy of aftermarket goodies floating around, it can be tough to decide which ones are worth the investment.
NRA Endorses 2nd Amendment Lawsuit Filed by Ammunition Depot and CRPA
Ammunition Depot stands up for America’s Second Amendment Rights and access to ammunition.
TrigFit ST1911 offers three triggers in one for the 1911 platform
TrigFit kickstarts the new ST1911 3-in-1 trigger designed for the 1911 platform, introducing the new patent pending creation on crowdfunding site Gun Dynamics.
Founded in response to the firearm product blackouts held up by all major crowdfunding platforms, Gun Dynamics exists to provide firearm innovators and inventors a platform to showcase their products and raise capital within a community of engaged gun enthusiasts.
Following the 243rd anniversary of the "shot heard around the world," Gun Dynamics (GD) has created a new revolution in the American firearms space.
Website Promises a New Revolution in American Firearms
​On the 243rd anniversary of the "shot heard around the world," which ignited the American Revolution, Gun Dynamics announced the start of a new revolution in response to firearm boycotts enabled by major crowdfunding platforms.
‘Bold’ Woman Chases Off Armed Memphis Robber on Video – Defensive Gun Use of the Day
“’She’s bold,’ the uncle said. ‘She ain’t scared of nothing.’” It’s hard to argue with un-named uncle whose visiting relative was approached by a stranger who asked to use a phone and then for a ride before robbing the man. The woman’s uncle, on condition of anonymity, told the local Fox affiliate that she and […]
Guns Save Life Files Lawsuit Against Illinois Village
Second group challenges Deerfield Village for criminalizing “assault weapons”.
Hornady Won’t Sell to NY State Agencies After Comptroller Threatens Banks Over Gun Business
We recently noted the thinly-veiled threat that New York State comptroller Thomas J. DiNapoli made when he sent a friendly letter to most of the nation’s largest financial institutions. In it, he hinted — wink, wink — that it could be bad for their business if they continue to facilitate transactions that involve firearms
Mission First Tactical Enters Muzzle Device Market with new EVOLVE Add-Ons
Muzzle brakes, compensators, hybrids and flash hiders, made in America with a Lifetime Warranty, from Mission First Tactical for mission serious shooters
Michael Hammond: Trump Bump Stock Regulation Could Ban Millions of Semi-Automatic Rifles
Inevitably, there comes a time when every president is driven by an anti-gun media to lash out at the Second Amendment.
Dick’s Employee Quits Over Gun Decision
When Dick’s Sporting Goods announced it would cease all sales of “assault-style rifles” and “high-capacity magazines” (you know these items as AR-15s and standard-capacity magazines, respectively), and would no longer sell firearms to anyone under 21, reactions among sportsmen and Second Amendment advocates ranged from disappointment to derision.
Student Sues Reno School District After Being Told to Cover Pro-Gun Rights T-Shirt
G.M. is a student at Kendyl Depoali Middle School in Reno, Nevada, and the unidentified yoot has found himself in trouble recently for his pro-gun attire. The school, part of the Washoe County School District has a strict, broad no-weapons dress code. Because guns. As reports, The boy was disciplined twice for wearing pro-gun clothing, according

Locking Your Home-Defense Gun

Locking Your Home-Defense Gun
The type of lock you choose depends on your individual needs, but here are some pros and cons of the various options available.
Gun vloggers are flipping out at YouTube’s crackdown on their videos
This week YouTube will begin enforcing new rules restricting videos that facilitate private gun sales or link to websites that sell guns. For content creators Ian McCollum and Karl Kasarda, who make gun videos that were already being swept up by YouTube's new content policing technology, these new gun-specific rules mean they might have to quit YouTube altogether.

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