Financial Blacklisting: Activists Pressure Mastercard Stockholders to Censor ‘Far Right’
​Left-wing activists have forced Mastercard to hold a shareholder vote on the creation of a “human rights committee” that would monitor payments to the “far right,” with a view to cut off disfavored individuals and political groups from receiving money from supporters.
House Panel Allots $50M to Study Gun Violence
​One of the most common attacks on the National Rifle Association is that it supposedly prevents academics from doing research on firearms. “[Academics] were forced to stop their work at the point of a gun—or at least at the insistence of National Rifle Association,” wrote the Washington Post of the 1996 Dickey Amendment. Susan Sorenson of the University of Pennsylvania believes that the loss of federal funding has “decimated the field.”
Watch: MSNBC Report on Venezuela Makes Case for Second Amendment
​MSNBC reporter Kerry Sanders unwittingly made the American case for the Second Amendment during a report Tuesday on the political upheaval in Venezuela.
Check Out the Kel-Tec KSG 25: The Best Shotgun?
While not for everyone, the KSG-25 provides unmatched levels of firepower. Shotguns are typically not what one would consider high capacity weapons.
Maduro turns to violent ‘mercenary’ colectivos to maintain order
​When rolling blackouts once again left millions without water and electricity earlier this month in Venezuela, President Nicolás Maduro called not on his military but loyal armed groups “to defend the peace of every neighborhood”and “every block.”
Valera: Venezuelan Conservatives Pursue Gun Rights to Free Themselves from Tyranny
​Venezuelans, abandoned by their newly sworn-in political elites and trapped in an asymmetric war zone, have begun demanding the individual gun rights they lost under late dictator Hugo Chávez.
Twitter thread on ‘Roof Koreans’ of LA riots hails Second Amendment importance
Amid the anniversary of the 1992 Los Angeles riots, a new thread on Twitter celebrates the efforts of Korean store owners who armed themselves to protect their property.
Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb signs bill strengthening 'stand your ground' law
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- The National Rifle Association is praising Gov. Eric Holcomb for signing legislation strengthening Indiana's "stand your ground" laws and removing the fee for certain firearm carry permits.

Continetti: Andrew Cuomo is ‘Being Dishonest’ About the NRA

Continetti: Andrew Cuomo is ‘Being Dishonest’ About the NRA
Washington Free Beacon editor in chief Matthew Continetti said New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D.) is "being dishonest" for claiming the National Rifle Association doesn't care if they sell guns to illegal owners.
Rabbi At Poway Synagogue Had Previously Asked Off-Duty Border Patrol Agent To Come Armed To Services
The off-duty U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agent who helped save the Jews at the Chabad in Poway, California, by chasing after the terrorist who began shooting at worshippers, had been previously asked by the rabbi of the synagogue to come armed to services.
The New York State Supreme Court Friday dismissed two SAFE Act charges against Benjamin Wassell who was previously convicted of selling a semi-automatic rifle to an undercover law enforcement officer five years ago.
Blogger Suspended from Medium After Pro-Second Amendment Post
Popular Twitter user and blogger “Kantbot” was suspended from Medium, a major blogging platform, after writing an article arguing that poor public school “mental health programs” are more culpable for school shootings than the availability of guns.
Suspect Opens Fire in Synagogue, Good Guy With Gun Shoots Back
A man opened fire inside a San Diego synagogue Saturday and a good guy with a gun chased him out of the building and opened fire on this fleeing vehicle.
President Trump Tells NRA Crowd, ‘I am with you’
President Trump took the stage at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum today to thunderous applause. He used much of his speech to the thousands gathered in the Lucas Oil Stadium to tout the latest economic results — the economy grew at a rate of 3.2% in the first quarter — and claim that his administration is draining the swamp “faster than anyone ever expected.”
NRA Sues L.A. for Requiring Contractors to Disclose Support for Group
The National Rifle Association filed suit against Los Angeles on Wednesday after the city passed an ordinance requiring contractors disclose their support for the gun-rights group in order to work with the city.
John Lott: Armed teachers can save student lives – Don’t leave children defenseless against school shooters
Twenty years after Columbine High School shootings in Colorado, in which 12 students and one teacher were killed by two students who then committed suicide, Americans are still looking for what actions to take to stop mass public shootings.
N.J. Center on Gun Violence Research wants ‘all hands on deck’ approach to stem shootings
“There are only two people in the world that can tell you the difference between what a handgun or an AR-15 does to someone’s liver. And it’s me and the coroner,” said Newark trauma surgeon Stephanie Bonne to a room full of researchers and gun-control advocates at Rutgers University’s New Brunswick Campus.
'I remember being excited when Castro made the revolution in Cuba': Video from 1986 surfaces showing presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders praising the late communist ruler
Senator Bernie Sanders was filmed giving a 1986 lecture in which he praised the Cuban revolution led by Communist ruler Fidel Castro.
Rapper Bun B shoots masked intruder in his Houston home after wife held at gunpoint: cops
Rapper Bun B got into an intense shootout with a burglar who held his wife at gunpoint and nearly managed to make off with her luxury vehicle, Fox News has confirmed.
Financial Blacklisting: YouTube Strips Ad Revenue from Second Amendment Activist Antonia Okafor
Conservative YouTuber and second amendment activist Antonia Okafor reports that her entire channel was stripped of advertising revenue by the Google-owned video platform after she uploaded an interview about self-defense with a fellow conservative.
State lawmakers hold public hearings on two gun bills, including
AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - Two proposed gun laws drew a crowd at the State Capitol Monday. People weighed in on a "red flag" bill that would let police, family, or household members ask the court for a temporary protection order if they believe a person is at risk of hurting themselves or others.

CZ to Build Plant in Gun-Friendly Arkansas

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CZ to Build Plant in Gun-Friendly Arkansas
Legendary Czech gunmaker CZ announced Tuesday they will be opening a new plant in Arkansas that will be their U.S. headquarters. During a ceremony in Little Rock this week, the company was welcomed to the state with open arms by Gov. Asa Hutchinson, flanked by local officials and representatives from the Czech government.
NRA: Supreme Court Should Move Forward on Gun Case Despite NYC Attempt to Undercut Suit
The National Rifle Association on Monday called New York City's proposed change to the gun law set to be examined by the Supreme Court a "feeble attempt to stop the lawsuit over the city’s unconstitutional firearm travel ban" that shouldn't prevent the Court from hearing the case.
Florida Senate approves bill to arm school teachers
The Florida state Senate has passed a bill that would allow for school teachers to be armed in classrooms. This bill, SB 7030, was put forward after the deadly massacre in February 2018 at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Owning a .300 Blackout Rifle is a No Brainer (VIDEO)

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Owning a .300 Blackout Rifle is a No Brainer (VIDEO)
Over the past decade, .300 Blackout underwent a transformation from a cartridge without much of an identity and into a major contender in the shooting world. Many of the early criticisms, though, were ones that came with youth.

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