Hunt for gang who ransacked knife amnesty bin

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Hunt for gang who ransacked knife amnesty bin
Police are on the hunt for a group who broke into a bin full of knives that had just been surrendered. The suspects were caught on CCTV hauling the weapons collected by police as part of a knife amnesty. Officers installed the ‘knife surrender bin’ following a 52 per cent spike in knife crime across area over the past year.
The Latest Scheme to Turn Gun Owners into Criminals
Gun-owners, they are coming: on March 21, a Fredericksburg man was prosecuted and convicted of the misdemeanor crime of merely holding a B.B. gun in public. I know because I was in the trial, as the attorney defending Mr. Wolff.
Swalwell running for White House on gun control: report
Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) will reportedly announce next week that he is running for president in 2020 and will center his campaign around gun control.
The Best Pocket Pistols in .380 ACP For Concealed Carry
Some people want to carry as little a gun as possible and some folks like having a small backup in case their primary gun fails. And plenty of gun owners just want to carry a pistol that’s small, light and slips into a pocket for easy concealment.

Strong Swiss gun culture faces EU pressure

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Strong Swiss gun culture faces EU pressure
Switzerland, where gun culture has deep roots, has managed to avoid the charged national debates over firearm ownership that have consumed other countries.
Pittsburgh City Council Takes Final Vote, Passes Controversial Gun Legislation
PITTSBURGH (AP/KDKA) — Pittsburgh City Council took a final vote Monday morning, passing a package of controversial gun laws introduced after last year’s mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue.
Gone is the traditional flintlock rifle and armed citizen soldier, a move one publication chalked up in part to “no tolerance” policies on the display of images of firearms in schools.
Pennsylvania Democrats Want To Register Your Guns
Democrats want to register your guns. It isn’t just something that universal background checks will eventually lead to. There is a push even in a “gun friendly” state such as Pennsylvania, where only antiques and guns owned by law enforcement would be exempt. Democrats in the state legislature and Governor Tom Wolf strongly support the bill.
A national gun control group was handed a defeat by a Delaware court in a lawsuit over a gun sold to a straw buyer that was later used in a crime.
Senate Banking Chair Warns Banks Against Targeting Gun Industry
The chairman of the Senate Banking Committee warned the banking industry on Thursday that it should not attempt to restrict legal gun sales by denying financial services to members of the gun industry.
Colorado sheriff says he’s willing to go to jail rather than enforce proposed gun law
WELD COUNTY, Colo. – Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams disagrees so strongly with a gun bill making its way through the Colorado legislature that he’s willing to go to jail rather than enforce it. “It’s a matter of doing what’s right,” he said.
He shot 4 men, killing 1, but turned down a plea deal. This month a Philly jury found him not guilty.
If you Google the name Jabir Kennedy, you will read about a fugitive wanted for gunning down four men, one fatally, during Christmas week 2017 in the Elmwood section of Southwest Philadelphia. You will read that the “armed and dangerous” fugitive turned himself in a week later and was charged with first-degree murder and three counts of attempted murder.
Gang bosses say weapons won't be handed back after Christchurch mosque shooting
A gunman apparently motivated by a white supremacist ideology killed 50 Muslims in two Christchurch mosques. In the aftermath, gangs like the Mongrel Mob and Black Power were criticised for trying to support the Muslim community. Their leaders cannot understand why. CARMEN PARAHI and FLORENCE KERR report.
Judge blocks California's high-capacity ammunition ban
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — High-capacity gun magazines will remain legal in California under a ruling Friday by a federal judge who cited home invasions where a woman used the extra bullets in her weapon to kill an attacker while in two other cases women without additional ammunition ran out of bullets.
Restricting Gun Sales Cost Dick's $150 Million Last Year
Last February, when Dick’s Sporting Goods boss Ed Stack announced he was restricting gun sales at the country’s largest sports retailer, he knew it’d be costly.
Glock's Best Gun: Why the Glock 21 Dominates on the Range (Or Anywhere)
In 2007 Glock released a new version of the Glock 21, the Glock 21 SF. Designed to compete for a Department of Defense contract, the Glock 21 SF (Short Frame) had a smaller backstrap to more readily accommodate smaller hands and ambidextrous magazine release. Despite this the Glock 21 has failed to make inroads with the U.S. military and law enforcement, likely due to misgivings about recoil and a smaller magazine size.
Soros Bankrolls Unverified ‘Hate Crime’ Database Used by Major Media Outlets
Liberal billionaire George Soros bankrolls a massive "hate crime" database that is used by more than 100 media partners—including Google News Labs, New York Times Opinion, and ABC News—to report alleged hate crimes, according to tax documents and interviews.
Bump stocks, which allow rifles to mimic automatic weapons, are now illegal to own, buy or sell
Owning, buying, selling, or otherwise transferring a bump stock, a device that allows rifles to mimic automatic weapons, becomes illegal Tuesday, when a federal ban goes into effect.

AOC's Gun Plan

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AOC's Gun Plan
After lauding New Zealand's government for taking gun control action in the days following last Friday's deadly mosque shootings in Christchurch, New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has shared a four-point plan of her own to address gun violence in the United States.
Former CIA Director Admits He May Have Been Wrong on Trump
A somber looking John Brennan suggested on MSNBC's Morning Joe on Monday that "bad information" may be to blame after more than two years of being dead wrong about Trump colluding with Russia.
Time to call out the Liberal Sleeper Cells in Corporate America
Conservatives are beginning to push back against what they believe is a concerted effort by the left to intimidate conservative media personalities into silence. One America's John Hines sat down with the organizer of the 'Stand with Tucker' campaign to learn more about what some are calling the "corporate shadow-banning" of conservative voices. Watch here:
Ocasio-Cortez, other Democrats squeeze big banks on guns, immigration, climate
More than a decade after Wall Street's crash wrecked the global economy, House Democrats are threatening to stigmatize the nation's biggest banks again.
Dems and Gun-Control Advocates Celebrate New Zealand Gun-Confiscation Plan
'This is what real action to stop gun violence looks like' American gun-control advocates and Democratic politicians took to social media to celebrate New Zealand's plan to ban and confiscate many semiautomatic rifles and magazines on Thursday in the wake of the deadly Christchurch mosque attack.
During an official state visit to Washington this month Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš presented President Trump with a beautiful specially made CZ 75.
Gov. Bevin signs permitless conceal carry bill into law
FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has signed into law an NRA-backed measure which will allow people to conceal carry without a permit.

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