Dems go full blown Propaganda
AOC gives a very dangerous misleading statement.
STEVE SEBELIUS: Sisolak signs good bills on gun control, voting rights
​Friday was the deadline for Gov. Steve Sisolak to sign bills passed by the 2019 session of the Nevada Legislature, and he did not slack off.
18 People Attend Eric Swalwall’s Gun Control Speech Near NRA HQs
Roughly 18 people attended Democrat presidential hopeful Eric Swalwell’s (D-CA) speech Monday near the National Rifle Association (NRA) headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia.
Harvard University rescinded admissions for Conservative Parkland Survivor Kyle Kashuv
Today, Parkland-shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv tweeted that Harvard University had rescinded his admissions offer after it discovered that he’d made offensive, racist comments in a private online chat when he was 16 years old.
Democrats: AR-15s ‘Aren’t Used for Hunting,’ ‘Not Viable for Home Protection’
​Two Senate Democrats falsely claimed Monday that the AR-15 is not used for hunting and isn't "viable for home protection" in a tweet promoting gun control proposals.
Gun Rights Made All the Difference for These Would-Be Victims
Contrary to the rhetoric of many gun control advocates, the Second Amendment’s protection of the individual right to keep and bear arms is not a malevolent, outdated barricade to peace that must be demolished or diminished in the name of public safety.
Git-R-Done: Trump opens 1.4 million federal acres to hunters, anglers
President Trump isn’t much of an outdoorsman, aside from golf. But maybe more than any president since Teddy Roosevelt he understands the importance of others getting outside to boat, hunt, fish, shoot, and hike and their demands for access to federal lands and waterways.

Will Texans Trade Guns for Pot?

Will Texans Trade Guns for Pot?
AUSTIN — For years, Joshua Raines has been using marijuana illegally to treat the epilepsy and PTSD he developed during his five years in the Army. His diagnosis was set off after suffering a traumatic brain injury during a bomb explosion while in Afghanistan.

Baltimore: More Gun Control, More Crime

Baltimore: More Gun Control, More Crime
Shootings are surging in Baltimore despite the presence of bans on “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines, two of the Democrats’ go-to gun controls.

Nobody 'Needs' a Pointy Knife

Nobody 'Needs' a Pointy Knife
‘If someone is grabbing knives out of kitchen drawers then they are a homicide threat. If there is not a knife handy in the drawer they will do something else. They could grab a rolling pin,’ says domestic abuse survivor.
Corporate tyranny: Meet the companies that promote transgenderism for kids
In case you’ve managed to somehow escape it, June is Pride Month, and a seemingly endless gaggle of corporations are scrambling to show their solidarity with the homosexual agenda.
Shock claim: Victim wanted to be armed but was prevented by GFZ
Gun-Free Zone Stopped Va. Beach Victim From Carrying Pistol to Work, Lawyer Says

Common Sense Gun Legislation

Common Sense Gun Legislation
Senator Graham Introduces Federal Firearms Licensee Protection Act of 2019
Major Firearms Company That Banked On Hillary Winning Files For Bankruptcy
On Monday, a major American firearms dealer which staked its future on the election of Hillary Clinton in 2016 declared bankruptcy and its intention to liquidate.
Twitter Suspends Project Veritas for… Journalism?
Twitter has temporarily suspended Project Veritas, a nonprofit organization that uses undercover journalism to expose corruption and unethical behavior in both public and private institutions.
YouTube Censors Project Veritas Video Exposing Anti-Christian Bias at Pinterest
YouTube censored a video from undercover journalism outlet Project Veritas featuring an interview with a Silicon Valley insider who revealed anti-Christian censorship at the social media platform Pinterest.
Democrats Introduce Bill Allowing Shooting Victims To Sue Gun Industry
House and Senate Democrats introduced legislation Tuesday they say will allow victims of gun violence to have their day in court.
In Ethical Investments, Porn Is a Bigger Taboo Than Firearms
​When portfolio managers try to run an ethical portfolio based on avoiding controversial sectors, they may find that investing in firearms, dirty energy and gambling can be more acceptable than adult entertainment.

Manufacturer leaving anti-Gun State

Manufacturer leaving anti-Gun State
This gun manufacturer is leaving the northeast for friendlier territory.
New Florida Law Will Stop Bloomberg-Financed Gun Control Petition Drives
Michael Bloomberg is worth an estimated $56 billion. He’s used a relatively small part of that stack of cash (tens of millions of dollars) to push gun control efforts in a variety of states around the country.
Koch Brothers Team Up With George Soros, Patreon and Airbnb to Fight Online Extremism
The Koch Brothers are teaming up with tech companies, universities and other fellow billionaires to combat online extremism.
Tech Insider Blows Whistle on How Pinterest Listed Top Pro-Life Site as Porn, “Bible Verses” Censored
​(San Francisco) Project Veritas has received and published documents from an insider at Pinterest. The documents, which include product code, Slack messages, and internal policies, reveal terms and websites that Pinterest apparently censors.
Now That YouTube Bans Everything But Twerking Drag Kids, The Right Needs More Than Just Yelling ‘Stop’
What do you do when you’re amidst a handful of activists determined to destroy the foundations of a society from within? You treat them like insurgents, and you root them out.
Georgia Home Owner Used Rifle to Kill Home Invader During a 3AM Break-In
​People have the right to defend themselves,” said Maj. Anthony Thuman with the Clayton County Police Department, “that’s the point we want to drive home, you have the right to defend yourself.”
DC Firm Working On Behalf of Foreign Country Demands Changes in Op-Ed
A prominent Washington, D.C., law firm has been working on behalf of the Qatari-owned broadcasting network Al Jazeera, prompting questions from a congressional office as to whether the firm has disclosed this relationship under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

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