Gun owners on the West Coast are investing in brass as additional regulations on ammo sales loom after the New Year.

The Death of Precision in Warfare?

Our recent commemoration of the centenary of the Armistice gave us occasion to reflect on a number of issues related to warfare, strategy, and the basics of humanity.
The Desert Eagle was never officially picked up by any major military or police force and is primarily the realm of gun enthusiasts and hunters looking for a show-stopping sidearm.
Eight months ago, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis created the Close Combat Lethality Task Force to right a generational wrong. A retired Marine Corps infantryman himself, Mattis understood that America’s close combat forces, consisting of less than four percent of those in uniform, had suffered more than ninety percent of American combat deaths since the end of World War II.
Concealed handgun carry reciprocity is about to die. It is about to die through deliberate inaction or callous indifference of the U.S. Senate. But we have a small window of opportunity: 21 days left to achieve the goal that has eluded us for years.
​Mexico will deport Central American migrants who attempted to storm the US border, its interior ministry said.
Prosecutors in Washington are demanding that minors be covered by the state's “red flag” law, which allows for guns to be seized with a court order, according to a report.
One of the few delayed roller blowback action handguns ever produced, the Czechoslovak military used the CZ 52 as their standard service pistol for decades.
​Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) vowed to veto a "Stand Your Ground Law" the state's House of Representatives passed last week, WTTE-TV reported. Under Stand Your Ground Laws, a person is allowed to use lethal force to defend themselves and others if he or she feels threatened.
​Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court has been widely predicted to plunge the court—and American law with it—into a new conservative era.
​New gun legislation proposes that anyone who wants to buy a firearm would need to submit their social media profiles and search history for review before buying a gun in New York.
​In the past, armoured vehicle designers could count on most threats coming from the frontal arc.
​Early reports from Pennsylvania’s statewide black bear season show a near-bumper harvest by Keystone State hunters including some very large animals.
Dressing around a handgun is a part of carrying a concealed weapon for self-defense. But it takes planning to find an outfit that makes the pistol accessible yet concealed.
A gun-rights group challenging a New Jersey law that lowers the number of bullets a gun can hold contended in federal court Tuesday that American homeowners want weapons with more capacity.
​A Washington mini-mart owner who has survived robberies in the past turned the tables on a would-be bandit last week.
​After Shopify banned sales of some semiautomatic firearms through its e-commerce platform earlier this year, retailers began flocking to friendlier industry players, like Gearfire and AmmoReady.
​The National Rifle Association is ramping up efforts for the 2020 election, according to NRA President Oliver North on Newsmax TV, who projects to double in size to protect gun rights and fight back against the burgeoning "Disarming America" movement.
Action News Jax is investigating a new Florida law, stripping away gun rights for certain people.
Starting off with a salvaged 20mm cannon from an F-16, a lot of work went into getting it working and mounted to one of Toyota’s hybrid electric go-carts.
The NRA and Second Amendment Foundation filed suit against the gun controls in Washington state’s Initiative 1639.
The firearm procurement process in Toledo, Ohio, is being used by Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz (D) to force gun makers to adopt more controls.
Federal law prohibits medical marijuana users from possessing or buying firearms and ammunition — even if state law allows the drug’s use.
The US is racing to devise the next generation of weapons. Will China beat them to it?
Washington state’s new voter-approved gun-control measure violates citizens’ Second Amendment right to bear arms, gun-rights advocates including the National Rifle Association asserted in a lawsuit filed Thursday.

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