Sport shooters say gun legislation overreaches
Proposed federal gun control legislation is rankling members of Thunder Bay’s sport shooting community, who fear it could mean the end of their sport.
Gun violence emergencies: Positive impact, or abuse of executive power?
In July 2021, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo implemented what media described as the first of its kind gun violence state of emergency.
David Chipman finally figured out how to define
He famously failed to do so during his confirmation hearing after being nominated by Joe Biden to head up the ATF, but gun control activst and former ATF agent David Chipman apparently had no trouble defining the phrase during a recent online meeting hosted by Everytown for Gun Safety and March For Our Lives.
Pics of
By now, you’ve probably heard that the IRS is going to start arming agents. The job listing stirred up the proverbial hornet’s nest recently when it explicitly sought those “willing to use deadly force.”
Hochul targets toy guns in bid to reduce New York crime
New York Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul signed legislation targeting toy guns that look real in a bid to fight crime in the state.
New York Uses Historic Gun Bans Against Native Americans, Catholics to Justify Current Restrictions in Court Filing
The Empire State believes its gun-carry restrictions are similar to racist gun bans from the past, and that’s why they should be upheld.
Smith & Wesson CEO Blasts Lawmakers, Activists Who Call For Gun Control While Feeding ‘Culture Of Lawlessness’
Gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson ripped politicians for demonizing guns and lawful gun owners to cover for failed policies that have led to surging crime rates.

California Sued Over Gun Show Ban

California Sued Over Gun Show Ban
New attempts by the Golden State to crack down firearm sales at gun shows have drawn a fresh legal challenge from a gun show producer and several gun-rights advocates.
CBS partners with anti-gun media to tout ATF's new
One of the biggest coups in the gun control movement over the past few years has taken place outside of the legislative arena.
California school resource officer disarms student who pulled out loaded gun during fight: police
A school resource officer disarmed a student who pulled out a loaded gun during a fight on Monday at a high school in Stockton, California, according to police.
Beto Ad Touts Commitment to ‘Protect Our Second Amendment’ as Poll Shows Ten Point Deficit
The Democratic nominee for Texas governor has swung back to a pro-gun message as he struggles to gain ground. Beto O’Rourke’s campaign released a new social media ad on Sunday featuring a gun owner endorsing him.

Ex-agent blasts politicization of ATF

Ex-agent blasts politicization of ATF
In recent weeks, I’ve written a good bit about the alarming direction the ATF is heading. While there’s always been something of an adversarial relationship between the bureau and law-abiding gun owners, the truth was that many of us realize most agents were good people trying to do a job and had no interest in folks like you and me.
Texas GOP congressman sends letter to IRS about agency ammo stockpile
A Texas Republican congressman led a letter to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about the agency’s ammunition stockpile.
ATF's attack on gun dealers, owners claims real victims
Recently, I’ve had a lot to write about with regard to the ATF. While the bureau is never going to be the favorite alphabet agency of any gun owner, it didn’t use to be quite this bad.
California Forced to Roll Back Extended Waiting Period for Gun Sales
A judge has ordered the California Department of Justice to stop delaying firearm transfers. In 2020, the state’s DOJ expanded California’s 10-day waiting period for background checks to 30 days during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.
NRA-affiliated fundraising event notches 'huge success' despite fierce pushback from gun control activists
An NRA-affiliated fundraising event that gun-control activists in Texas tried to cancel in light of its proximity to the site of the tragic Uvalde school shooting proceeded this weekend with banner results.
Polymer80 Hit With $4 Million Civil Penalty for D.C. Sales
The fight to crack down on so-called “ghost gun” distributors got a victory in court on Wednesday. Polymer80, a Nevada-based unfinished firearm parts manufacturer, was found to have “falsely and misleadingly” advertised “illegal firearms” by a District of Columbia judge.
Albany County passes law mandating warnings at gun stores
Imagine selling a product that everyone knows has the potential to be misused, but then be required to “warn” people that those products could be misused. Sounds kind of stupid, doesn’t it?
Attacks on
Chicago’s public transit system bans the carrying of weapons, even if you possess a concealed carry license, but violent criminals are ignoring that prohibition with impunity.
The 5th Circuit Considers Whether the Trump Administration Was Legally Authorized To Ban Bump Stocks
Three years ago, a federal ban on "bump-stock-type devices" took effect, transforming otherwise law-abiding owners of such firearm accessories into felons overnight.
Federal Appeals Court Upholds Bump Stock Ban
A three-judge panel on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled bump stocks are illegal machine guns.
Democrat-sponsored gun buyback rejects 3D-printed 'ghost guns' despite federal rule
On July 30 at the Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church in Houston, Democrat Mayor Sylvester Turner held a gun buyback event, which is said to have taken in around 150 guns. The city awarded gift cards to citizens who turned in their firearms.
Nevada poll on gun control doesn't match reality
Polls are often useful to get an idea of how the public feels about certain things. They shouldn’t dictate policy in and of themselves–rights are rights no matter how the mob feels about them, after all–but they can still serve a purpose.
New York Counties Begin Requiring Gun Stores to Post Warning Against Owning Guns
Gun stores in multiple New York counties will now be forced to warn people against buying their products.
Desperate California Anti-Gunners Wreck Junior Shooter Clubs
Organized youth shooting is disappearing in California as a result of a new law sold as banning advertising guns to kids but also potentially penalizes any promotion of firearms to minors.

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