Joe Biden Shoots Down Self-Defense, Attacks Gun Owners
Tucker Carlson asked America, “How shocked are we that 17-year-olds with rifles decided they had to maintain order when no one else would?”
WATCH: Extremism at Kenosha ‘Justice for Jacob’ Rally: ‘If You Kill One of Ours, It’s Time for Us to Kill One of Yours’
A man who addressed the “Justice for Jacob” rally in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Saturday declared: “If you kill one of ours, it’s time for us to kill one of yours.”
“100% Antifa” Charged Militant Under Investigation in Portland Murder of Trump Supporter
A man who has referred to himself as “100% Antifa” is under investigation by the Portland Police for involvement of Patriot Prayer conservative demonstrator Jay Bishop on Saturday night.
N.J. Governor Uses COVID Crisis To Propose Gun Control Taxes
As the saying goes, “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.”
Leftists Bring Guillotine With Trump Effigy On It To White House During RNC Convention
Leftist protesters brought a guillotine with an effigy of President Donald Trump on it to the White House on Thursday, where the president delivered his speech on the final night of the Republican National Convention.
“Guardian” Stops Armed Intruder At Florida School
An armed staffer at a Florida high school ended up holding an intruder for police on Thursday after the suspect hopped a fence and entered the Leesburg High School campus.
Montana Dem Goes Pro-Gun in Latest Ad Despite ‘F’ Rating From NRA
Montana Democratic Senate nominee Steve Bullock is campaigning as a fighter for gun rights despite his past support for strict new gun-control laws—a record that earned him an "F" rating from the National Rifle Association.
No Compromise Gun Org Sues Washington State for Anti-Gun Ballot Initiative
Jordan Stein, Gun Owners of America’s Director of Communication, announced on August 19, 2020 that GOA, its legal arm Gun Owners Foundation (GOF), and plaintiff Kerry Stone are legally challenging Washington State’s civilian disbarment initiative, I-1639.
GOA: Media demonizes apparent self-defender Kyle Rittenhouse
Springfield, VA – Gun Owners of America (GOA) Senior Vice President Erich Pratt released the following statement on Kyle Rittenhouse’s citizen-involved shooting:
Minneapolis Riots, Looting Erupt Again After Suicide From Murder Suspect Approached By Police
Minneapolis erupted into a second wave of rioting and looting Wednesday night following the suicide of a male murder suspect when police approached him earlier in the day.
WATCH: Gang fires shots at Trump supporters during rally in Charlotte
A gang of three men fired shots from their vehicle at a group of Trump supporters during a political rally in Charlotte.
Lucas Gerhard Files Appeal, Sues Prosecutor for Being Charged with Terrorism for Posting Rifle Pic on Snapchat
Former Lake Superior State University student Lucas Gerhard, 20, is fighting back against the railroading that is taking place against him for posting a picture of his rifle on Snapchat last year.
WATCH: Democrat Rep. Says Gun Owners All Have “Small Genitals”
A Democratic Congressman prompted backlash this week after he claimed that anyone owning a gun in America has small genitals.
WATCH: 17-year-old arrested for murder and fleeing state after Kenosha shootings that left two dead
A 17-year-old Illinois resident has been arrested by police for first-degree murder after allegedly fatally shooting two Wisconsin protesters on Tuesday evening. 
USFWS Director To Recreational Shooters – Thank You!
The United States is blessed to have an abundance of wildlife and wild places for us to enjoy.
Huntress Saves Oregon Man From Kidnappers
Quick thinking on the part of a woman on her way to hunt bears helped save a man who’d been kidnapped and assaulted, allegedly by his girlfriend’s ex and two other accomplices.
Rioters Tried To Burn Alive Police, Sealing Door With Apparent Concrete Substance During Fire: Report
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has reportedly become involved in an apparent Monday attack on Seattle police officers by left-wing rioters, who allegedly sealed shut the door to the East Precinct with a substance suspected to be concrete and started a fire to the building.

Man Shot in Head at Kenosha Riots

Man Shot in Head at Kenosha Riots
A man was shot in the head in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday night, as riots swept through the city for a third consecutive night.
Armed Citizens Move to Defend Kenosha Businesses as Rioters Torch the City
Armed citizens moved to defend businesses in Kenosha Monday night as rioters torched the city, targeting businesses for the second night in a row.
New York Politician Introduces Bill to Criminalize (He Says) the Sale and Manufacture of Firearms
A politician in Brooklyn New York thinks he has come up with a brilliant solution to the crime wave currently sweeping through the Big Apple: Criminalize the sale and manufacture of firearms.
“This Dude is Shooting at Us!” – BLM Militants Run For Their Lives After Milwaukee Homeowner Fires Warning Shots at Protesters in His Neighborhood
Riots and protests erupted Monday night in Kenosha following an officer-involved shooting Sunday and the ‘protests’ began to spread to other cities.
Homeowner shoots, kills intruder in Polk County, sheriff's office says
AUBURNDALE, Fla. — A couple's night out turned deadly when a man broke into a woman's home to reach his girlfriend early Saturday morning, according to the Polk County Sheriff's Office.
Background Check Delays Affecting More Than 100,000 IL Gun Buyers
On Friday, we reported that more than 130,000 New Jersey residents have applied for government permission to exercise their Second Amendment rights so far this year, which is more than the number of gun permit applications in the state in 2018 and 2019 combined.
Rioters Throw Poop Balloons At Police, Trash Blazer’s Boys And Girl’s Club In 85th Straight Day Of Chaos
It appears as though the rioters in Portland have revealed Plan Number 2, as they’ve resorted to throwing balloons filled with feces at police, along with other objects including golf balls and rail spikes.
New York Politician Introduces Bill To Criminalize The Sale And Manufacture Of Firearms
A politician in Brooklyn New York thinks he has come up with a brilliant solution to the crime wave currently sweeping through the Big Apple: Criminalize the sale and manufacture of firearms.

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