Is the Mossberg Shockwave a Viable Home Defense Gun? (VIDEO)
When I first heard about the Mossberg 590 Shockwave shotgun I thought it sounded like a novelty. A fad that would pass on into irrelevance. Sure, it’s short. A taste of the forbidden fruit of an NFA item (though, the Shockwave is not an NFA item nor are short-barreled long guns “forbidden,” but they are hard to get).
Connecticut Dems Introduce Bill to Add 50 Percent Tax on Ammo
​A first-term Connecticut lawmaker wants to hike the price of ammunition in the state through the application of a special tax.
Hurricane Butterfly Shows Off
Washington-based gun maker Hurricane Butterfly showcased an HK416 — the weapon used to take out Osama Bin Laden — modified into as a pistol during SHOT Show 2019 in Las Vegas.
The Oh-So-Sweet German HK53 in 5.56mm (VIDEO)
The HK53, a shorty 5.56mm carbine reduced roughly to the same size as an MP5, was a disco-era classic that never really caught on but is fun at parties. Larry Vickers, who spent a lot of time in the 80s behind HK platforms, talks about the pluses and minuses of the design in the above segment.
Getting a Civilian-Owned 155mm Howitzer Firing Again (VIDEO)
​A classic artillery piece that was a staple of WWII, Korea and Vietnam, the M114 howitzer that Hamilton & Sons Firearms got working could be the largest caliber firing gun in civilian hands in the country.
Navy Taps Augmented Reality to Improve Firearms Training (VIDEO)
​The Navy is experimenting with a system that could help make those manning the fleet’s guns more ready to react to a threat.
Convenience Store Owner Who Killed Thief Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison
KOMO TV 4 in Seattle, Washington reports 01-23-19 in Spanaway, the results of a March 16 convenience store owner shooting a shoplifter.
New York is Truly Becoming the Empire State, Democrat Gun Banners Rape NY Rights
This week New York State took another drastic leap towards totalitarianism with eight new “progressive” gun laws that were passed by the government which is controlled entirely by the Democrats and will all become law as Andrew Cuomo, who pledged to sign them all once they reach his desk.
Kamala Harris Calls for Gun Ban, Reveals Logical Weakness of Anti-gun Position
​In her bid for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) has enlisted several former Hillary Clinton staffers. Harris also appears intent on using the failed 2008 and 2016 presidential candidate’s gun control playbook.
Prepared Home Owner Scares off Naked Man on Drugs
Delmarva Now reports 01-23-19 in Accomack, Virginia a naked man recorded on a surveillance video hosing himself off outside a Painter area home was found guilty of breaking and entering to commit a misdemeanor.
just Hanging Out With Some German Snipers (VIDEO)
​If you are a fan of Flecktarn and oddball German small arms, we have a video for you.
Republican State Rep Sponsors Red Flag Bill in Utah (VIDEO)
An Extreme Risk Protection Order Bill (ERPO) will be submitted in the gun friendly State of Utah. This illegal and unconstitutional gun confiscation bill has been sponsored by Republican Utah State Representative Stephen Handy under HB0209, entitled “Extreme Risk Protective Order”.
Full Auto Friday: Cold Enough for Suomi Edition (VIDEO)
During the Winter War in 1939, the masses of Red Army troops crowding into tiny Finland were met by a locally-produced sub gun that spoke 9mm with a universal translator.
Proclaiming innocence, Roger Stone denies knowledge of any Trump-Russia collusion
​Roger Stone reiterated his innocence on Thursday, telling a group of reporters he’s not accused of Russian collusion in any capacity and has no knowledge that the president was involved in such activity.
South Dakota becomes latest state to allow concealed handguns without permit
​South Dakota has become the latest state to remove permit requirements for gun owners to carry and conceal their weapons.
Strike Industries Displays SIG Prototype, Other Pistol Accessories (VIDEO)
Strike Industries is known for innovation, not to be outdone by the long guns, they brought that same spirit to the pistols at SHOT. Josh Reed, a Strike Industries rep, started us out with the Glock G3 and G4 Mass Driver Comp.
23 States Back Concealed Carry Lawsuit to Supreme Court
​A group of states are encouraging the highest court in the land to take up the case of a New Jersey man who just wants to get a carry permit but can’t due to the Garden State’s “may issue” laws.

Have Gun, Can't Travel

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Have Gun, Can't Travel
The first time the Supreme Court defended the Second Amendment, it overturned a Washington, D.C., law that made it a crime to keep any sort of accessible and operable firearm in the home for self-defense.
Kamala Harris’ Anti-Gun Rant Has ZERO Merit (Just Like Most Gun Control Laws)
California Sen. Kamala Harris (D) has been a long-time outspoken gun control advocate. She's not quite on the same wavelength as her colleague, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, but she's a close second.
Maxim Defense's 5.56 or 7.62x39mm PDX is Just 18-Inches Long (VIDEO)
​Developed from a 2017 requirement by SOCOM for a compact personal defense weapon, Minnesota-based Maxim Defense had their all-new PDX at SHOT Show last week.
Illinois: Dem Files Bills to Ban 'Assault Weapons,' Search Gin Owners' Social Media
​Democrats in the Illinois General Assembly are moving forward with proposals that would fundamentally change gun laws in the Land of Lincoln.

New XTech Tactical Products | SHOT Show 2019

New XTech Tactical Products | SHOT Show 2019
XTech Tactical stole the show among the accessory market during SHOT Show, unveiling a slew of new products for 2019.

The Progressive Race to the Bottom

The Progressive Race to the Bottom
The old Democratic party championed the working classes, wanted secure borders to protect middle-class union wage earners, and focused generous federal entitlement help on the citizen poor. Civil rights were defined as equality of opportunity for all.

Red Flag Law a bad idea

Red Flag Law a bad idea
I am a defender of the Second Amendment. I firmly believe it is the one constitutional amendment which guarantees all the others. The first role of government is to defend our rights, not pass laws that further infringe upon them.
A sorry group of Democrat presidential candidates
The sudden transformation of the Democratic Party into a dogma-driven left-wing political enterprise has resulted in a wave of apologies and even abject groveling from candidates seeking the 2020 presidential nomination.

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