Kyle Rittenhouse’s Vindication Proves Just How Important Local Elections Are
The victory of Kyle Rittenhouse shows that, even in blue-leaning cities in blue-leaning states, there are still enough heroic ordinary Americans whose minds are not corrupted by left-wing poison, capable of delivering a just verdict in an unjust case.
How the FBI Downplays Leftist Terror Activity
The investigation into the 2019 Dayton, Ohio mass shooting shows the Bureau cannot be trusted to identify left-wing violence.
Fake News CNN Claims 641 Mass Shootings in 2021 – Wait What? Almost Two Per Day!?
In an online story published Friday CNN admits they used data from the debunked Gun Violence Archive to claim there have been 641 mass shootings in the United States during 2021 – an average of 1.94 mass shootings per day.
Arizona State University students protest ‘killer’ Kyle Rittenhouse as possible student
Crowd chants ‘killer Kyle off our campus’ while rallying against Rittenhouse at ASU
Nevada Judge to Strike Down Major Portions of Nevada Gun Ghost Gun Ban
On November 23, 2021, in a huge victory for both Polymer80 and the Second Amendment in Nevada, the Hon. Judge John P. Schlegelmilch of the Lyon County, Nevada District Court stated he would be issuing summary judgment in favor of Polymer80
Are We Losing the Revolution, YES, But Only If You Let Them
Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man who was attacked by rioters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and fought back, has been found Not Guilty on 5 counts of Murder and Attempted Murder. That’s the good news.
Billionaire Backed International Association of Chiefs of Police Works Against Americans’ Gun Rights
The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) claims to be the world’s largest and most influential professional association for senior police executives, and like many of its members and major donors, it is devoutly anti-gun.
Washington State Lost Its Spring Bear Hunt to Political Overreach—And It’s Just the Beginning
Hunters lose when politics override sound wildlife management
Gun owner voices hope that gun bans will be overturned
Gun owners throughout California voiced concern after the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned two lower court judges and upheld California's ban on high-capacity magazines Tuesday.

It Is Way Past Time To Vet Candidates For 2022

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It Is Way Past Time To Vet Candidates For 2022
Before you know it, 2022 will be here. But there is a lot of work to be done before the November elections. In fact, how successful Second Amendment supporters are in 2022 could depend on what happens now.
Cook County records over 1,000 homicides in 2021, highest since 1994
The Cook County Medical Examiner's Office confirmed the county has had over 1,000 homicides in 2021, which is the highest in decades.
Gun Boom: FBI Ran 187,585 Background Checks on Black Friday Alone
The FBI conducted 187,585 National Instant Criminal Background System (NICS) checks on gun sales and transfers on Black Friday 2021 alone.
Carjacker sticks gun in woman's face. But victim is a concealed carrier — and she opens fire, sending crook running for his life: 'He looked surprised'
A woman told WBBM-TV she had just exited a Chase Bank on South Michigan Avenue in Chicago on Monday afternoon with some cash in hand when a heart-stopping encounter took place.
Now We Know There are Armed Good Guys on Our Streets
The mainstream news media sells shock and revulsion to keep us watching through their many advertisements.
CNN Pushes More Gun Control After Record Homicides in Philadelphia
Between Friday and Saturday, correspondent Brynn Gingras appeared on several CNN shows with a report relating that Philadelphia was on the verge of breaking its all-time record number of homicides.
Levi Strauss provides ‘racial trauma’ counseling, promotes gun control after Rittenhouse verdict
Levi Strauss is encouraging employees to get counseling and advocate for gun control after the Rittenhouse verdict.
Far-left students demand 'racist murderer Kyle Rittenhouse' be expelled from university, funds from campus police diverted to them
Liberal students at Arizona State University are demanding school administrators take action against Kyle Rittenhouse, who has been attending the school as an online student.
Biden Using  Veteran Suicide As Sick Pretext To Target Gun Dealers
The Biden administration is using the tragedy of veteran suicides to push additional gun control.
Kyle’s Law: How To Stop Abusive Politically-Motivated Prosecutions In Self-Defense Cases
It’s time to compel prosecutors to have skin in the game, to have something to lose if they bring a laughably weak, yet horribly destructive, felony prosecution in a clear case of self-defense, like happened to Kyle Rittenhouse.
When the Progressive Left Joins the Far Right in Supporting Second Amendment Rights
As I watched the Rittenhouse and McMichael trial broadcasts, I could not help thinking of a case before the Supreme Court right now, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, in which the petitioners have challenged a 110-year old law that requires New Yorkers to demonstrate proper cause if they want a permit to carry a concealed gun.
Gun Control Is A Political Loser, But Gun Grabbers Just Can’t Help Themselves
Two major polls came out this past week that show decreasing support for gun control among the American public.
Two court cases just blew apart the BLM narrative on justice in America
Those seeking to divide America over skin color have just been dealt two massive blows against their race hustling narrative. Justice does exist for people of color in the United States.
A Shooting Becomes Hate Crime When It Further’s the Approved Narrative
When is a racial hate crime not a racial hate crime? When it doesn’t advance the left’s, and the Democrats’, narrative.
Gun Control Groups Grasp At Straws Over Rittenhouse Verdict
Gun-control groups have gone apoplectic over the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wis. Looking at their statements, social media and reactions, gun control is no longer just gun control.
Police Could Take Guns from Troops Accused of Domestic Violence Under Proposed Law
Civilian courts and police could confiscate the firearms of service members accused of domestic violence by military authorities under a proposed law being considered by Congress.

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