Mad You Can’t Find Ammo? Don’t Blame The ‘Bullet’ Factories.
If hunting season is derailed because of ammunition shortages this year, hunters shouldn’t blame the manufacturers but instead should take aim at Covid-19.
WATCH: Alleged Robbers Flee When Homeowner Opens Fire
Police are looking for four robbery suspects who kicked in the door to a Phoenix, Arizona, home then ran from the scene after the homeowner opened fire.
Family of man allegedly shot by Kyle Rittenhouse sues Kenosha police
The family of a man who Kyle Rittenhouse allegedly killed during a nighttime protest in Kenosha , Wisconsin, last summer sued the city this week, claiming law enforcement "conspired" with armed individuals.
Honolulu Immediately Folds in Face of Gun-Rights Lawsuit
A Honolulu practice of denying gun rights to residents over non-criminal disorderly conduct violations was quickly felled on Monday.
Fact check: New Texas gun carry law doesn't change purchase regulations
The claim: New permitless carry law lets Texans buy a gun without a background check
Take A Look Inside Beretta Gallery, One Of The Last Gun Stores In NYC
Along Madison Avenue in Manhattan, well-heeled New Yorkers shop in luxury stores with famous names, buying their shoes at Manolo Blahnik, their diamonds at De Beers, and their guns at the Beretta Gallery.
Hunters beset by ongoing ammo shortage, price hikes
Minnesota hunters are scrounging for rifle ammunition and shotgun shells as harvest seasons approach in the second year of an unrelenting ammo shortage.
Intruder enters home in middle of night; shotgun-toting homeowner tells him to get out. When intruder doesn't comply, homeowner shoots him dead.
It was a quick exit for an alleged home intruder in Webster Groves, Missouri, late last week — but he didn't depart the way he came in.

ATF Sued By Trigger Manufacturer

ATF Sued By Trigger Manufacturer
One of the biggest concerns for gun owners with the current administration is that Joe Biden will try to use the regulatory powers of the executive branch to impose new restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms since he can’t get his gun ban plan through Congress.
Taliban Seizing Personal Weapons Because Afghans ‘Can Now Feel Safe’
Taliban jihadists reportedly began seizing personal weapons from Afghans in Kabul on Sunday, claiming civilians “can now feel safe” and no longer need the firearms because the terrorists had taken over the country.
Review of Indianapolis gun violence problem shows 75% of those involved in homicides known to criminal justice system
A recent review of Indianapolis’ violence issues, specifically involving guns, from March 2018 to February 2020 found around 75% of people had multiple arrests before the homicide. IMPD said on average, both suspects and victims had more than 5 prior arrests.
Sheriff Ordered To Pay Out Over Concealed Carry Permit Delays
North Carolina’s concealed carry permit system has some serious issues. Part of that is a Jim Crow law that gives sheriffs discretion as to who can get a permit and who can’t. That’s just one. Another, however, is one that they’re not unique in dealing with. In particular, how to issue permits during a pandemic.
Man shows off ‘ghost gun’ on Instagram, gets busted minutes later
A Washington, DC, man was busted with a homemade “ghost gun” minutes after he showed the firearm on Instagram, court documents show.
Trump Congratulates Missouri Gov For Pardoning McCloskeys, Who Defended Themselves From BLM With Guns
President Trump stands with U.S. Senate candidate Mark McCloskey and his wife Patricia
Everytown recruiting gun violence survivors to run for office
The Everytown for Gun Safety Victory Fund is launching a program to recruit and train volunteers and gun violence survivors to run for office and work on campaigns.
Mexico's Dishonest Lawsuit Against American Gun Makers
President Biden keeps telling Americans that gunmakers are “exempt from being sued. … This is the only outfit that is exempt from being sued.” Apparently, someone forgot to tell the Mexican government about that.
Incoming NY Governor Praised Gun Control in 2018, Pushed Red Flag Law
In 2018, New York Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) praised the “comprehensive” gun controls adopted by her state after the Sandy Hook shooting and pushed for the adoption of even more gun control via a red flag law.
Fourth Amendment Forbids Handcuffing Driver Just Because He Has Gun + Gun Permit
"Any contrary holding 'would eviscerate Fourth Amendment protections for lawfully armed individuals' by presuming a license expressly permitting possession of a firearm was invalid."
DC mayor supports criminal charges for armed suspect with ‘ghost gun’ punched by police in viral video
Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said Tuesday that she believes the suspect seen in a viral bystander video in possession of a "ghost gun" on his waistband as police repeatedly punched him in the face should have been criminally charged. 
Police: Triangle man shot and killed by Dale City homeowner in self defense tied to string of armed robberies
A 20-year-old Triangle man who was fatally shot last month by a Dale City woman in what police determined was a justified act of self-defense has been connected to five recent armed robberies at area 7-Eleven stores, police said Monday.

.22LR: The Most Popular Bullet In America?

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.22LR: The Most Popular Bullet In America?
During the Obama era when ammunition prices skyrocketed, many shooters turned to the more affordable .22 LR to use for a day at the range. History has largely repeated itself as shooters have again flocked to the small caliber round as other bullets have been impossible to find, while prices have reached levels never seen before.
Chicago police officers send powerful message to Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who blamed guns after officer murdered
Chicago police officers delivered a powerful message to Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) late Saturday after she entered the hospital where two of their comrades were transported upon being shot in the line of duty.
DeBlasio’s NYC: Shooter Assassinates Woman in Busy Street then Quietly Gets Back in Car and Drives Off (VIDEO)
Delia Johnson was assassinated this week on a busy street in Crown Heights.
PayPal whipped into cancel culture by woke police, conservatives say
PayPal has a new initiative to reduce hate and extremism that will result in nonliberal groups and individuals being banned by the finance giant, conservatives say, because it has succumbed to pressures to be "woke."
Guest opinion: Chipman is a radical gun-control supporter
President Biden has had little trouble getting even his most controversial nominees confirmed. Democrats, including Montana Senator Jon Tester, have all voted in unison.

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